Thursday, June 30, 2011

AMW Bulletin: F21 Turns 1!

Dear Philippine Readers:

Remember last year when I reported about the opening of Forever 21?  Yes, a year has passed and the store is getting better than ever!

And as Forever 21 celebrates its first anniversary in Manila, you can definitely expect more great finds from July 1 to 9 on its SM Megamall and SM Makati stores.

The shopping frenzy begins on July 1 as Forever 21 Mastercard holders are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on all items with a minimum purchase of Php5,000.

Aside from that, you can avail of an early pass at 9:00am on that day by simply presenting your card and valid ID at the J.Vargas entrance at SM Megamall and the Forever 21 entrance facing the Intercontinental Hotel in SM Makati.

All BDO Credit card holders also get 5% rebate with a minimum purchase of Php5,000 from July 1-3.

Information loaded?  I'm not done yet!
Add Forever 21 Philippines on Facebook for more information!
Happy F21 Shopping!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

AMW Bulletin: Mystery Body Lotion

If you have a list of Beauty Blogs to read on a daily basis, you have probably seen the Mystery Lotion that promises to Repair 8 Signs of Dry Skin!

What inspires me to write about this mystery lotion is because it covers "Itchy" and "Peeling" problems of the skin which I actually have especially when I'm in an air-conditioned room for long hours! 

I personally have an idea what the brand is base on the bottle shape!  Check out the photo below to give you more idea. 

Hint: The color of the background used is the same as the colors used on the bottle!  I even wanted to guess the "underwear" brand of this model!  It's just me!  *laughs*

What's your guess?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

I Wonder: "What's Your Survival Kit?" - beauty edition

I'm a make-up artist, who doesn't bring make-up on a regular day!  Try raiding my bag and all you can see is a face powder, lip balm and lipstick of the day!  Seriously, I've been blurted out with this sentence a couple of times: "What kind of a make-up artist are you?" hahahhaa

A lazy one..and don't you dare agree!!! *evil look*

So many palettes out there that promises to give you a nice makeover but I haven't found a complete one that satisfy at least half of my needs!  Until one angel gifted my mom-in-law a make-up kit and she gave it to me as she doesn't use make-up!

P.S. I'm not a smoker! 

The Victoria Jackson Survival Kit is the name of this super cool and unique make-up kit!  The product itself is the size of my hand.  As you remove the cap, you see the world of beauty!  *info-mercial voice* hahaha

There's 4 g Black Mascara
Haven't tried this yet, I am currently loving my


A lip pencil and black eyeliner pencil
I don't use these 2 much as I'm not a lipliner person
and I have my own favorite eyeliner brand!

2 compartments housing 10 earth-toned eyeshadows 
I actually tried using these without eyeshadow base and it stayed on my lids for the whole day.  It's not as pigmented as compared to other brands but it works if you're a natural makeup kinda girl!

5 Different Lipstick shades with mirror
The 3 shades at the center are the more pigmented ones!

A Pink and Peach colored blushes,
also with mirror on the other side

And you'd think you covered everything?  There's another tiny compartment housing the tiny brushes!  The brush quality isn't good, the only useable brush for me is the sponge tip applicator!

I believe we have local distributors of Victoria Jackson cosmetics, I am not sure where I can buy them for now!  I'll let you guys know if I get some information!  I researched Victoria Jackson online site and the Survival Kit sells for $39.95 (approx Php1,800)  not sure if the local price better or not!

So, at the moment, this is my ultimate Survival Kit on a daily basis!
I Wonder:
"What's Your Survival Kit?" Beauty Edition?

Click comment and share me some more brands out there!  Oh!  Speaking of Survival Kit, I definitely need this today!  Went home late because I watched the Premiere of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.  I was so excited for this installment!  The movie was definitely action packed, so many fight scenes and I can't help but whisper "Who's that?"  When they turn into robots, you know they all look almost the same! 
 **photo taken from Google Images
I won't talk much as I don't want to spoil the fun for readers who are planning to watch!  I want to thank Nuffnang Philippines and PLDT myDSL for making this event possible!  You guys rock!  My joy multiplied to 10 times when I saw mascots of Transformers!  I was able to get Bumble Bee join us on the photo booth!  He's cool!
 **Taken with Trixie from Nuffnang PH

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: The Jolly-Bee!

Happy Nail Art Day!  

Over the weekend, as I was looking at my nature inspired nails (click HERE to see the previous design), I was again inspired to do another nail art related to things I see in the garden!  Well I don't actually see a lot of bees in person and there's only 1 bee I saw in our garden decades ago!  In my dreams though, my garden will have butterflies, gorgeous colorful flowers, and just ONE bee!  One because I'm scared of the sting!  I'll probably just take care of 1 or 2 just in case the 1 gets lonely!

I know!  I'm blabbering non-stop!  The point is..I've done butterflies and I don't plan to do "caterpillar" or any "worm related" nail art!  So next cutest thing would be Bees!  Think about our local fast food chain Jollibee! :)  That's why I call it the JOLLY BEE!

Step 1:
Protect your nails with your preferred base coat.  I am using ZOYA base coat in this tutorial.  Let dry and apply 2 coats of Caronia Sweet Surprise Frosted Nail Polish.

Step 2:
Once the base color is completely dry, let's go back to gradient nail art steps and used an OPI Dress to Empress or any reddish orange polish with a patting motion using a sponge concentrating at the middle portion of your nail.

Step 3:
Once you're done with step 2, proceed with the third color which is called OPI Electric Eel.  Or much better, you can go for true green polish as "leaves", I don't have a good green polish so I settled on this!

Step 4:
With a brighter colored yellow polish, I dropped an inverted 'almost teardrop' shape in the middle of the nails.  Looks weird for now but you'll understand what's the point of this as read on.

Step 5:
Making sure the yellow inverted teardrop is completely dry, draw 3 lines on it with L.A. Colors Art Deco in black.  This will be the body of the bee!  Yes, you read it right, body of the bee!  Not yellow carrots! :P

Step 6:
Using a White 2 Way Nail Art Pen, drop 4 dots beside the "body of the bee".
Do not forget to drop 2 tiny dots on top of the body for the eyes too!


With a needle, extend one end like how we do on creating flowers.  This will be the wings! 

Step 7:
With a Black 2 Way Nail Art Pen, draw the "eyes" of the bee!


And to make the most distinct feature of a bee, use the same black 2 Way Nail Art Pen to create it's "behind"!  Do not forget the sharp, pointed "butt" :P

Step 8: Optional
Because I was born to be "glamorosa", I applied more glitters on the tip of my nails with Chic Gold Glitter polish.

Step 9:
Rest for a bit, stretch your legs and arms and when you are 101% sure that the nail art designs are completely dry, apply your favorite top coat!  I am using ZOYA Anchor Top Coat.

Let' the BUZZ-ing begin!!! :)

I am hoping my nail art design for the week could at least put a huge smile on your face!  Come me some teeth :D

Happy Humpy Wednesday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AMW Version: Toned Down J.Lo

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Did you jump  start your week with a super positive vibe?  I did!  And I am staying positive that the week will go on smoothly because I say so! :)

When it comes to make-up looks, I usually do not get inspired by singers or actresses as I'm always leaning toward to natural look.  When I was watching J.Lo, as a judge, on American Idol plus her recent music video I'm Into You", I'm inspired to use the following J.Lo material --- Silver eyeshadow, False Lashes, Bronzed-cheeks, nude lips plus super glowing skin! 

Note that I won't be ending up  looking like J.Lo as she's the Goddess and I'm her....old shoe?  *laughs*  Seriously,  this is a look inspired by the colors that makes J.Lo who she is now....

Toned Down J.Lo a la AMW :P
Sounds like a new dish right? *laughs*

Zee AMW Diagram
(Still sounding like a dish) :P
Step 1:
Prime your lids first with your favorite shadow primer, I am using Etude House Proof 10 Eyelid Primer.  I took out my Sleek Graphite Palette and used a bright silver shadow and applied on the inner 3/4 of the lid including the inner lower lash line!  Remember to do this with a flat shadow brush on a patting motion.  Add the color as you go on!

Step 2:
J.Lo likes to apply an extra pop of earth toned shadows above the crease on the hollow of the eye socket (if that's the way you call it) *laughs*  You can use any brown shades but I've decided to "girl it up" a bit and used a plum shade eyeshadow from my Victoria Jackson Survival Kit.

Step 3:
Deepen the look of your eyes with matte black eye shadow.  I've used a pencil brush for the colors to show up more.  I also used the same brush and eyeshadow to apply a bit on the outer thirds of the lower lash line.  This gives a nice "shadow" and create bigger looking eyes.

Step 4:
Lined my upper lash line with Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black.  Optional to use pencil liner to line the water line.  Do not forget to fill in your eyebrows but I tried making them look as natural as possible as I want my eyeshadow to be the focal point.

On a regular day, just curl your lashes and apply coats of your favorite mascara.  In this tutorial, I've re-used my GlamBox Mink Fur Lashes.

Step back, remove fall outs or clean excess shadows with cotton bud

Scroll down to know what's on the rest of my face

For the Face:
INuovi Litebase 3Y
Kate Mineral Powder OC-C

For the Cheeks:
L'Oreal True Match Blush in Apricot Kiss

For the Lips:
Awake Lipstick in Apricot Cream

I forgot to take a pix but I used some of my favorite highlighters on my face!  
Move on J.Lo! I'm the new Asian J.Lo!!!  *JUST JOKING!* :P

Who's your icon for the  moment?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Readers' Corner: Ask AMW

Happy Monday!  I've been lagged with questions and I answer most of them directly!  There are 2 questions that deserves a space here because I've been asked multiple times for the same questions!  These are my opinions and you can share yours in comment box! :) 

Ask AMW#1
Hi Sis Nikki!
Could u tell me the best way to keep nail polish bottles for long lasting storage. Is that true that if we keep them in the fridge, it will be the best? Coz I have lots of nail polish bottles but rarely use them.That's why I afraid to become spoil.  Thanks.

AMW says ---

 **photo from Source

You will get various answers from nail polish addicts out there.  Personally, I own a good number of polish for more than 4 years!  Most of them are dried out because I'm almost done with it while some that I bought more than 5 years ago works just as fine right this very moment!

Putting polish inside the fridge is good but it depends on the temperature of your fridge, I would suggest to put it at the side racks and put it out 30 minutes before you plan to use it as the polish tends to thicken a bit in consistency!

I would say, the best advise that I can give (base on experience) is to store your polish inside a box or traincase, include Silica Gel (which you can find at hardware store) the polish box in a dark place without direct sunlight!

Added tips:  Do not shake your nail polish but roll the polish bottle between your hands to warm up the polish!  Never apply polish in front of a fan and always close the cap tightly!

Ask AMW#2
Dear Ms. AMW,  
I am also a make-up artist like you but I'm just starting up.  I will be having my first gig soon and I am getting nervous and excited.  What do I need to bring and how do you organize them when you're at the make-up location.  Thanks and more power to you and your blog!

AMW says ---

Okay, here's a photo of how I "fix" the make-up station if I'm on a make-up gig!  Sorry I didn't have a good photo of my "set up" without the distracting photo of me stooping to get alcohol!  (Blame it on the photographer, I didn't know I was included on his test shot :P)

No matter how big or small the make-up area given to you, you have to be flexible and creative enough to put each tiny space to use!

1. The Mirror - usually, there's a mirror available for you to use so you don't need to bring your own!  In my case, I've done make-up inside a room without ample sunlight which makes it difficult for me to apply make-up on other people thus matching their shade will be a huge challenge.

2. The Makeup Brushes - I lay down my make-up brushes between the client and the mirror, easier for me to get the right brush as I need and put the "used" brush on my brush "tool belt".  If you have enough space on the table, you can opt to put a mug or cup where you can set your used brushes aside!

3. Various Liquid/Cream/Powder Foundation - I have a separate bag for all my foundation as I don't want to lug a super heavy train case!  The blue rectangular-shaped pouch was made with "insulating foil" (not sure how do I call it!  LOL)  to prevent the foundation from getting too warm or cold!  You can also add up a face mist to keep clients awake (just joking), the facial mist is used to prepare the skin for foundation application!

4. Various Sponges, Cotton Pad, Cotton Buds, Mascara Brushes and Lip applicators - All of these are housed on a clear case for me to see right away where I can get the right tools I need!  Clients not used to eyeliner application on tears?  You have a cotton bud right in front of you ready!

5. Make-up Train case - If I was given a huge table, I wouldn't worry putting this beside number 4, but since the table is small and space is limited, I used a chair instead to keep my train case close to me! If I may add, it's a MOVING train case table! *laughs*

6. Alcohol/Alcogel - Before you touch the faces of your client, it is very important to spritz your hands with alcohol just for hygiene purposes.  Clients will appreciate the extra mile!

Additional tips?  Information worth sharing?
Do share and we're all excited to read what you have to say!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Chelsea with the Girls

Thank goodness Typhoon Falcon left our country!  I know there's another one coming but this is one of the scariest typhoon after Ondoy!  I just realized how powerless we are when it comes to natural disasters.  I hope everyone stays safe and dry ok?  

The dinner for Sophie's Birthday finally pushed through!  We were messaging each other wondering if we should go ahead or not!  And I'm glad we did!  I'm thanking the Rain Gods for making the rain stop just for everyone to enjoy such a lovely weather with friends and family!

We had the post birthday celebration of Sophie spent inside Chelsea, Serendra.

 Free bread to munch on while you wait for your food

 Bottomless Iced Tea
I love the iced tea served at Chelsea!  Not too sweet, just right!

Single Serving Iced Tea
I have to add this because of the cute glass!  Phoebe said she'll gift me one on my birthday!
*lol* I'm waiting for it Phoebe!

Grilled-Roasted Herb Chicken
and Crispy Bacon
Baby Romaine Lettuce with toasted almonds, very crispy bacon on Caesar dressing!
Very filling and tasty!

 Chelsea's Oven Roasted Clam 
and Sundried Tomato "Vongole"
Various seafood on creamy tomato based pasta sauce

Truffled 3 Mushroom Cream Fettucine
Double smoked bacon "lardons" with fresh basil and Parmesan shavings
The scent itself is worth it!  I like this pasta and will definitely order again!  I may have to add that I love mushrooms!  If you're not a fan of the said ingredient?  Skip this :)

1/2 Roasted Prawns & Prosciutto, 1/2 Duck Confit & Chorizo Bilbao
 16" pizza in which you can choose 2 flavors to try out which one you like best!
Out of the 2, I prefer the Duck Confit & Chorizo Bilbao, unique and tastes good!

1/2 Duck Confit & Chorizo Bilbao, 1/2 All Meat
We had another round of Duck Confit & Chorizo Bilbao because it was a hit, the All Meat tastes good as well.  Pizzas here are served thin-crusted and very crunchy.

  Roasted Whole Garlic-Rosemary-Lemon Chicken
Wild rice pilaf, olives and roasted organic vegetables are all present in this lovely plate!
The chicken is cooked perfectly with a hint of rosemary spice!
Definitely good for sharing!

It was a very fun weekend full of stories, laughter and a lot of crazy antics!  Missed Dang and Tara, but I'm sure we'll see each other again for another food fest!
L-R Shen, Jheng, Sophie, Me, Phoebe, Liz and Jamie

I hope you guys are safe from the Typhoon!
How are you spending your weekend?

Thanks Shobe Sophie for the wonderful dinner!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!