Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AMW Makeover: Mothers of the Bride and Groom

Hi AMW readers!  I hope international readers aren't swamped with the birthday giveaways!  I am still "high" on my 33rd birthday because I'm telling to the universe that this is MY YEAR!  Well I announce that every year but who cares?  It is our choice to make our lives worthwhile!  And I'm going for the positive path!

I am very thankful to God for wonderful blessings!  I've had a good share of makeup gigs and a lot I cannot post due to clients' request and I respect their decision :)  But nevertheless, you guys know who you are and I'm thanking you for the trust!

Mothers of the Bride and Groom

We all know the important role they play on any wedding day!  They meet and talk to a lot of guests while the Groom awaits the bride and while the bride is waiting inside the car.  With that thought in mind, I take care of the MOBs and MOGs with the same care I give to all my brides and grooms.

Skin type: normal
Request: Nothing
One of the most quiet MOG I've met.  She does not have any preference on her makeup.  As I touched her face (with clean hands of course!), I can't help but compliment her soft, supple skin!  She has smooth skin to start with and she suffers only a few sun spots (almost invisible to the eye).  I moisturized her face with an oil-free moisturizer and applied Paul & Joe Cream Foundation on her.  

Her lids are semi-hooded so I applied a good amount of eyelid primer, as eyeliner tends to smudge with hooded lids.  On to the eyeshadow, I applied a matte neutral colored e/s to make her eyes appear "awake" adding up a lighter e/s color on the inner 1/4 of her lids and finished up with mascara and eyeliner application.

I love her natural cheekbones so I enhanced it with contouring powder and I did not forget to contour her nose too!  A peachy, healthy looking blush was applied for her to have a healthy glow with a matching peach colored lipstick.

Left photo taken in front of bright lights 
Right photo is her actual skin color :)

*hair by Kim
Skin Type: Normal, Acidic
Request: Make her look picture perfect!

MOB obviously takes care of her skin on a daily basis so I did not have a hard time choosing the type of foundation on her. I applied a good amount of moisturizer prior to foundation application patting her face with clean hands for the skin to absorb the moisture.  

I chose 2-3 shades lighter foundation from Calvin Klein because client suffers from skin acidity (meaning, foundation turns 2-3 shades darker a couple of minutes after application).  As I wait for the foundation to oxidize and match her neck, I created darker looking eyes as MOB gave me the signal for heavier makeup application.  With her eye makeup, I used the Beauty Pro Sweet and Smoky Palette  (on client for the first time) and color payoff was really good and I'm  happy with the result.

For her cheeks, a very light matte pink blush which, as expected, turned a bit darker after the color oxidizes, the shade was my intention and I am happy with the way her cheek color complimented the red lips!

To keep her lip color stay longer, I applied red pencil liner all over the lips before I applied MAC's Red She Said, blotting a bit of the moisture with a tissue and re-applied. 

*hair by Kim

Is your mom or mother-in-law into makeup?
My mom, surprisingly, isn't!  But I'm glad she looked so good on my wedding day!  Having naturally gorgeous genes must run in our family!  *winks*  hahahaha  Just agree and just think of it as your post-birthday gift to me! hahahaa

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Tech Review: Tangram Smart Case 2

Tech Review is back!  I recently tested a Smart Case 2 designed by Tangram which is made in Korea by the way!  The casing was with me for a good one week ++ and here's my honest to goodness thoughts on this!

Back part of the casing

Tangram iPhone4/4s Smart Case says ---

More thin, more light, more unique!
A “Smart Case” is different from the average iPhone case. It does more than simply protect or add style. It was designed with the lifestyle of the user in mind. Its biggest feature is that it lets the user carry up to three credit cards. And it not only carry credit cards, it can carry any type of card, be it a membership card, ID card or even a card-type mirror or money clip.

Material: Polycarbonate
Height: 117mm
Width: 61mm
Depth: 12mm
Weight: 9g

AMW says ---
  • Easy to attach and detach to your phone.
  • Once attached, it fits perfectly.
  • Very light and it feels like you're holding your iPhone without the casing.
  • The extra metal clip on the back side is perfect to clip calling cards (though I'm not comfortable with credit cards or ATM cards).  I find this very useful especially when I attend events.
  • Not all sides of the iPhone 4 or 4s is completely covered. 
  • The color white can get dirty easily.
This is perfect for anyone who likes the "feel" of the phone minus all the bulky accessories.  The added metal clip on the backside is smart and I think guys would use this more than girls!  

  • Since the screen of the phone is totally exposed,  it is advisable to have a screen protector.
  • It helps to put a protective sticker at the backside too before sliding the metal clip to prevent accidental scratch.
  • Though the clip is perfect to clip a lot of stuff, be careful if you plan to clip your money, credit cards or ATM cards.  The lesser we expose, the lesser the temptation.
Will I repurchase?
Since I don't change my phone case that much, I will continue to use the current one I own but I wouldn't mind using this in the future.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who likes to retain the "slim-feel" of iPhone 4 or 4s.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Beyond the Box, E-Central, Power Hub, Digital Hub -CDO, Technoholics, Switch, iStudio for Php1,500.00 (approx $35.00).


Is your current phone casing bulky or slim?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Tester product sent for review.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Strip Gives: Bare Necessity --- CLOSED!!!

Okay, since today, I just turned 18 *winks* I am mature enough to talk about the Bare Necessity!

In this generation, waxing "down there" isn't something we need to whisper about as it is also for hygiene.

The reason why I'm mentioning what's "Down There' is because I will be continuing the good vibes care of STRIP.

STRIP Philippines teamed up with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and a bold campaign was born --- unFURgiveable message.  The event was launched via an exclusive photo exhibit done by acclaimed Fashion photographer Miguel Miranda.  He presented photos of various personalities Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Isabel Roces, Phoemela Barranda, Nina Estaco, Kylie Padilla, Ornusa Cadness, Roshni Hemlani, CJ Jaravata, Xtina, Kit Barraquias, Laureen Uy, Xeng Zulueta and cheeky Radio Djs Sam YG, Slick Rick and Toni Tony of Boys Night Out were captured in next to nothing but lavish jewelry, bags and accessories created by Martin Bautista, Gabriel Martel, Nicole Whisenhunt, Joyce Makitalo, Trousseau by Reshma, and Princess Peacock. The shoot was styled by young but talented stylist Gerick Ortiz

Win Brazilian All Off with Peace Ampoule

  • Like ARC Marketing and PR on Facebook (as they were gracious enough to send me this gift certificate to giveaway to 1 winner.)
  • Comment ONCE together with your name and email address.
  • Answer this question: "Why do you want to try Strip's Brazilian All Off Waxing?"
  • Contest starts Today ends March 15, 2012.
  • ONE winner will be picked via Fruit Machine.  
  • Please make sure to join the contest if you can visit STRIP Ministry of Waxing Serendra or Greenbelt Branch.
  • Please follow voucher terms and conditions.
  • ONE winner will be picked via Fruit Machine.  Winner will be announced and an email notification will be sent!  Voucher will be sent via courier.
"From January 13 until March 31,2012, STRIP will donate Php50.00 to PETA for every Brazilian wax treatment done. First-time customers enjoy a special discount on Brazilian waxing treatments for supporting the anti-fur movement too!"
STRIP: Ministry of Waxing is located at 2/F Serenda, Bonifacio High Street T19010892 and 4/F Greenbelt 5 T: 5013997. Visit for more.  For info on Peta, visit www.Peta.Org

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Snoe Gives: Cool Snoe Products --- CLOSED!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with the girls from Snoe Beauty  at Cafe Mary Grace and it was supposed to be a short meeting turned into coffee with long lost friends!  Well, that's technically how I felt and I'm glad to have met the people behind the brand.  

The business started out with whitening soaps under the Snoe White Label until they expanted to body scrubs, GlamJam lip and cheek tint, then off to prepare us for the summer with their Sunblock with SPF45!  

Are they safe?
Well, Snoe made sure to secure their BFAD and FDA license to operate and all products are registered and I believe them when they say, each packaging is eye-catching and designed to please our senses!

Now, you ask me how their products are?  I am still testing on a lot of them but I am definitely in love with EMU.THOLOGY and it helped lessen and ease my rashes from allergies!  While I am having fun testing the Proudly Philippine-made products, I am sharing a loot to ONE lucky AMW reader!  


Snoe White
Extra Strength Glutathione Whitening Powder Mask
Our masks are made with the finest whitening ingredients, essential oils, fresh fruits and veggies, deep cleansing clays and nutrient-rich herbs to whiten and correct skin imperfections.

Snoe Magic Apple
Whitening S-rub
A scrub, a mask, a rub.
The S-rub is a wonder product that does all of the above

 Snoe S Skin
SPF30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream
Tested by independent, reputable labs to ensure and guarantee sun filtering.

Happy White Ever After
Sleep, relax, unwind...whiten!
Snoe Laboratories made it possible what others only dream of.
Massage your way into perfect skiN!
I am so tempted to try all the products above but I'll leave that to Lucky AMW reader to let me know his/her experiences on using the products!  

Here's how to join ---
  • Like Snoe Beauty on Facebook.  
  • Comment ONCE on this blog post: "If you were in front of the Snoe store, which product would you spend your hard earned money on and why?"  Feel free to check out their products in THIS site .
  • Include your Name and Email address.
  • Open to Philippine Residents only.
  • Contest starts today ends March 15, 2012.
  • One winner will be picked via Fruit Machine and will be notified via email.
  • Products will be sent via courier.
Click Comment away and I can't wait to see which product you would want to try!  If I'm joining this contest, my answer would be the Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil!

Thanks SNOE for prizes!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Avon Gives: Avon Naturals

Avon, the brand, can bring back loads of good memories!  I used to borrow an Avon Brochure from a colleague and would take a pick on either a nice lipstick or blush and pay my colleague on pay day!  I am sure a lot of you have shared to same "Avon sentiments" with me!  

A month ago, our dear friends from Avon sent me 3 sets of Avon Naturals housed in a vibrant, fresh and super cute packaging!  I wanted to use them all but since it is my birthday week, I'll be giving away the 3 set to 3 Lucky AMW readers instead!  :)  

Avon Naturals Rose and Rose Hips Whitening Skin Care
These products are made to give you a natural, rosy white glow! They immediately brighten the skin and lighten skin tone over time. The key ingredients, rose hips and rose extract, are rich in vitamin C and help provide a natural whitening benefit to bring out the skin’s youthful glow—all in a romantic, feminine scent.

Left to right ---
  • Avon Naturals Rose and Rose Hips Whitening Cleanser (Php139.00)
  • Avon Naturals Rose and Rose Hips Whitening Toner (Php129.00)
  • Avon Naturals Rose and Rose Hips Whitening Cream SPF 15 PA ++ (Php159.00)
  • Avon Naturals Rose and Rose Hips Whitening Cream (Php159.00)

Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Skin Care 
These products work deeply into pores to reduce oil production and bring away impurities. Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea extracts contain Vitamin C & E that give the oil control benefit while leaving skin shine free all day long, with a refreshing scent. You’ll feel fresh, oil-free, and worry-free!
Left to right ---
  • Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Cleanser (Php139.00)
  • Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Toner (Php129.00)
  • Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Mask (Php169.00)
Avon Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Skin Care
Formulated to deeply nourish the skin and leave it feeling soft and supple all day long,  these products bring together honey extract and milk protein that smoothen rough, dry skin, and provide long term moisturizing benefits—all wrapped in a sumptuous honey and milk scent.

Left to right ---
  • Avon Naturals Honey & Milk Nourishing Cleanser (Php139.00)
  • Avon Naturals Honey & Milk Nourishing Mask (Php169.00)
  • Avon Naturals Honey & Milk Nourishing Cream (Php159.00)
How to join:
  • Like Avon Philippines on Facebook
  • Comment ONCE in this post by filling the blanks: "I want to win (insert which of the 3 Natural Product Line above) because (insert reason)".
  • Comment together with your name and email address.
  • 3 winners (for 3 variants) will be picked via Fruit Machine.
  • Contest starts today ends March 15, 2012
  • Open to Philippine residents.
  • It helps when you stay positive! :)
To those who can't wait for this contest, the all new & improved Avon Naturals products are available since January 2012, contact your avon lady to find out how to contact your Avon representative.

Thanks Avon Philippines for the nice goodies for wonderful AMW Readers!

P.S. Today is my 33rd birthday!  To celebrate "me" getting old, I am hosting giveaways so feel free to check back anytime today!  :) 
 **Yes, at the age of 33, I still prefer kiddie cakes! *lol*
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Something New: Products Worth the Second Glance

There are a lot of new products in town that I'm sure a lot of you may be interested in, so feel free to read and understand how lucky we are to have so many choices in life!  Life is really good...yet super let's seize every moment and use products that works for us!  Okay?

*Slashes wrist* BLOOD COMPACT!  eeewww  *laughs*

I was gifted 4 soaps early this year and I asked for details right away because these cuties aren't pricey and they target specific skin needs!


Coffee : exfoliates and heals blemishes 
Oatmael: for dry and scaly skin (Definitely what I need!) 
Rose Water: tones and regenerates skin cells, good for pimples. 
Tomato and Carrot: anti-aging, prevents wrinkles.

Ingredients: 100% Palm Oil, LYE Solution

Price: Php55.00 (approx $1.30) each, can be shipped or picked up from Unit 705 Astoria Plaza Escriva Drive, Ortigas Pasig
Tel. no: 0922-830-3900

After the "soap talk", let's talk about body wash and lotions.  One of my favorite lotion from Avon was the Skin So Soft variant in Signature Silk!  I've purchased and repurchased and even had my mom addicted to the scent!  I do not know why I didn't get around to really talk about this but once I took a whiff, it reminded me so much of the "dating Keith" days!  *yeeheee*
 **priced at Php290.00 locally

Though I am still happy with the scent, I was a bit surprised that they finally decided to come up with different variants or am I not just aware as I've always been focus on this ONE variant?  Sue me! :P

Left to right ---
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & White Intensive Whitening Hand and Body Lotion Php330.00 (approx $7.70)
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & White Whitening Body Wash Php330.00 (approx $7.70)
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & Renewed Age Defying Renewing Body Moisturizer Php330.00 (approx $7.70)
  • Skin-So-Soft Soft & Sensual Whitening and Firming Hand and Body Lotion Php330.00 (approx $7.70)

The best part is, they have Body Washes available on each variant!  I just wonder when will they make a body wash version of my favorite Signature Silk?  (A girl can always wish!)

Hey, watch out for my series of birthday giveaways starting tomorrow! :)
Share to me new products you've encountered recently!  I'd love to dip my dirty hands on them! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Mary Kay Gives: "Glam Up Your Lips" Promo --- CLOSED!!!

Happy Monday!  I am creating good vibes this morning Monday by posting a Giveaway!!! Today is a day before my 33rd birthday!!!  Happy Birthday to Me, and to jumpstart the HAPPY Vibe, Mary Kay Philippines is sponsoring a giveaway for AMW Readers!

Our dear blog, AskMeWhats, was chosen to host an online promotion called "Glam Up Your Lips".  Here's the lovely promotional poster!

What's in store for the winner?  Php2,650.00 (approx $62.00) worth of prizes! 

Limited Edition Ocean Breeze Colors Set
Php1,850 (approx $43.00)
This Limited Edition Mineral Eye and Cheek color set combines the goodness and features of two amazing products that will look beautiful, feel natural and provide skin-enhancing benefits to any woman. Its mineral base features oil-absorbing properties, ease of application, and provides intense coverage in just one sweep. Plus, it includes vitamins A, C and E to help protect against wrinkle-causing free radicals.
 Once you open, instructions and gorgeous colors appears in front of you

Nourishine Lip Gloss (Shade: Pink Diamonds)
Php650.00 (approx $15.00)
The Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss has a superlight formula that delivers maximum comfort with maximum shine. It smooths, softens, and never feels sticky. It is totally saturated with moisturizers and conditioners – more than 80% - so lips feel amazingly soft and supple. It’s also fortified with vitamins A and E that help form a protective defense against wrinkle-causing free radicals and exposure to the environment. 

So, I guess you are waiting for the promo mechanics, please read instructions well!

*please click photo to enlarge
I will be choosing ONE LUCKY winner via my ever loyal Fruit Machine (because it's cute!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Best Food Forward

Best Food Forward, is a grand summer benefit food fair which will happen on March 24-25, 2012 at the NBC Tent Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Together with the rest of the Nuffnang Bloggers, Mr. AMW and myself were invited to have an intimate food tasting at the comfort of someone's home!  Imagine, wooden tables laid out inside the living room with the view of "running squirrel" *laughs*, plus the smell of wonderful food, I was excited, happy and hungry all at the same time!

Ms. Gwen Carino, GJC Public Relations, welcomed everyone with a gorgeous smile!  We were told that Best Food Forward is on its 2nd year due to its success last year!  The purpose of this affair is not only to savor the best food but as we all know, food can strengthen family ties, promote new businesses and of course, for us to appreciate local delicacies, talent and creativity!

I'm sure you are all excited to know who are part of Best Food Forward this year!  You will read nothing but real reviews and feelings when I first tasted all the food that was made available for us who are on digital media!

P.S.  All the food available here were tasted by Mr. and Mrs. AMW for the FIRST time in this special event!

Mr. Pierre Marmonier expressed his love to offer consumers 100% natural, healthy, luxury food products using local resources to make several jam collections. 

He brought in a couple of their brand specialty and we were able to try some on crackers.  For someone who's not a jam-person, both Mr. AMW and myself enjoyed his Mango Guyabano jam.

The real-life sweethearts love sweets and they wanted to spice up their favorite French and Filipino traditional sweets and savory dishes by sharing the wonderful cookies and bars, cakes and pies, savory quiche and a whole lot more!

I am so happy they chose to bring this cake for the food tasting as this is, no doubt, one of the best Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake I've tried to date!  The cake was made with pure Belgian chocolate, dark chocolate cake topped with two layers of creamy chocolate mousse. 

I promise you, it is not so sweet and one slice is seriously NOT enough!  My birthday is coming up next week and I requested for this particular cake!  I am so happy Mr. AMW obliged! :P

According to the owners, a good. homemade ice cream is difficult to find these days so they've decided to make their own ice cream using all "homemade" ingredients!  
Each of these homemade ice cream are made in small batches and in order basis to ensure freshness!  I've tried 4 of their exciting flavors and each of the blogger have their own "vote" or favorites.  Here's my ultimate "3"!
  • Roasted Pistachio (still thinking about this at this very moment!)
  • Honey Roasted Almond *salivates*
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough *wipes drool*

Yet, a lawyer, told us a wonderful story on how he left the corporate world to do what he love to do!  As we all know, the Philippines was once a major cacao producer, unfortunately, production had fallen to make way for other more lucrative crops.

I'm glad someone like Yet and Diane Andin would help bring back the Philippine cacao to its former glory.  Various cacao and non-cacao products were showcased at ChocoATBP and once I put some inside my mouth, it brings back great childhood memories!  This is the best time to say: "I love to be in the Philippines!  I love being Pinoy!" 

Suman with cacao sauce

Various cupcakes and brownies all made from cacao

Tiltilan is to Kapampangans as sawsawan is to Tagalogs. Super Tiltilan by Patit's, a Philippine homemade product which can be used in appetizers, as a dip, added to pasta or other sauces. It is a flavorful blend of the choicest local fish eggs or roe, garlic, and spices. MSG or artificial flavorings or preservatives have NOT been added to this product.

Carlo's Kitchen
I am not a fan of crunchy pork or whatever "fattening' beauty of it and I am glad to be this way until I have tried Carlo's Kitchen Crunchy Belly.  At once bite, I gave Mr. AMW a thumbs up sign and told him: "Your diet is OVER!"

Thinly sliced pork and remained super crunchy and not oily at all for the rest of the afternoon til night!

Photo of the owner of Carlo's Kitchen
Though I can't seem to find their website, you can enjoy Crunchy Belly from Carlo's Kitchen during the Best Food Forward event!  Definitely a MUST try and diet later! :P

The kebabs are served with cumin flavored rice!  Each skewer has a bite size of tender pork and chicken together with eggplant, red and green bell peppers!  The flavors are wonderfully mixed together with the rice!  This would be a perfect meal on days you are tired from work as the different flavors would play up inside your tongue making you awake and energized!  ---->  that's just me!  *laughs*

Though Manang's Chicken have opened up their visible restaurant at SM North EDSA Annex and Glorietta 4 food court, I haven't gotten the chance to taste the glorious "Fried Chicken ng Pinoy" so I'm glad they are part of the Best Food Forward 2012.

I immediately tried their double deep fried Soy Garlic Sauce chicken and the spicy version!  I love both but my love for spiciness will always win!  The cook apologized that the spicy version isn't as crunchy as we'd like them to due to some circumstances.  Nevertheless, I'd love to give the Spicy Chicken a second try on one of their branches!

Coming from a family who owns chicken business, the owner's family have decided to go Vegetarian and it was a huge household change!

We were served different types of pizzas from Full Moon (2 cheese pizza), Tuna Pesto, Norther Mix (Artisan Ilocos Longganisa and Kesong Puti), Classic Margherita and a Vegan-friendly option with whole wheat, high fiber crust.

My favorite is the simple Full Moon pizza as well as Classic Margherita.  Most vegetarian dishes would make me go "Bleh" but this one's totally different, since the ingredients were served as natural as possible, optimum taste and freshness was rather enjoyed!

3 Mini Quiches were served!  I am a bit excited as I love quiches which I usually purchase from coffee shop!  The owners told us that they also sell these frozen which I was tempted to buy immediately but they do not sell during the food-tasting event!  (darn!!! I want some on my ref anytime of the day!)

Mini Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiche
Earthy and flavorful fresh button mushrooms and dried shiitake make wonderful harmony with sour cream

Mini Quiche Spinach, Feta and Sundried Tomatoes
Your favorite mediterranean flavors in egg custard baked in puff pastry shells

Mini Quiche Lorraine
Classic combination of Tyrolian Bacon, Parmesan and Gruyere cheese in egg custard baked in puff pastry shells

Butter Beer 
Correct me if I'm wrong but the person who magically made this drink is a 12-year old girl who's a Harry Potter fan! 

2 types of Butter beer are served, alcoholic and non-alcoholic!  Since I wanted to enjoy the rest of the food "sober", I went for the non-alcoholic version and it tastes surprisingly sweet, flavorful and very yummy!  Imagine the taste of "Butter ball"? 

For more information on Best Food forward sponsorship opportunities, media partnership and joining, please contact 0917-887-1933, 211-9644 or email them at  Please visit for more details or click the name of the restaurant above as I have linked them straight to their website or facebook account!  I am so happy to announce that Best Food Forward is for the benefit of the Unang Hakbang Foundation as supported by various organizations including Nuffnang!

Thank you so much to the wonderful concessionaires who were super gracious that day to let us sample their food and explain to us their love to serve good, quality food!  Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for inviting us and I can't wait to taste them again!  It was all GOOD!

Best Food Forward
March 24 and 25, 2012
The NBC Tent - Bonifacio Global City (Taguig)

Which would you like the try among the various food I mentioned in this post?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!