Thursday, December 31, 2015

What I'm Thankful For - Year 2015

Continuing the series of "What I'm Thankful For - Year 2014".  Let me share to you what I'm thankful for this year!  The year 2015 was an amazing one!  I have to thank YOU guys for continuously supporting AMW and for embracing the changes!

Speaking about changes, let's not forget the Big change of look and layout on my blog!  THANK YOU guys for being so welcoming with the change!  It was a difficult goodbye for me because I have been so accustomed of my dark blue background but hey, people change, people grow and my blog needs to grow!

Aside from the "physical change", I also added another segment on my blog called "AMW COOKS" in which I share my simple home-cooked recipes that is so easy to do you don't have to worry about measurements!  All you need to do is your taste buds and taste as you go along!

 This year also marks my first-ever event attendance as a mommy with my son during New Pampers Baby Dry Launch.  It was difficult for me to juggle taking photos, listening to key speakers while making sure my son is alright!  So kudos to mommy bloggers out there who does it with flair!  But seriously, attending events with my son is the best events for me because everytime I go out without him, I missed him dearly!

 This year was also the first time I ventured into workshops quite different from the usual skincare/makeup and beauty talk!  I was actually invited to be a guest for Personal Branding workshop with Freelance Blend and Manila Workshops!  I was able to share my knowledge on how to be a freelancer not only once but twice this year!

It is also a first for me to share my tips about Blogging through a Podcast interview.  If you missed the long and fun interview, you may visit My First Podcast Guesting Ever.

Since we are on the topic of Personal Branding, I was able to score a nice collaboration with Girl Stuff Polish (my favorite safe polish brand) and they created Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection Polish and AskMeWhats is  part of the 4 unique shades for Summer 2015!  

If you ask me, I can wear this polish shade over and over again!  Please support and grab yours!  Less than Php150.00 lang!

Aside from that, I also went in and do Brand Consultancy jobs for brands like GirlStuff, Solique, Cozy Nails and Neo Day Spa!  I am so happy with what I do and I want to thank the owners who believe in me!  And I am not a bad host guys! :P

Cozy Nails VIP Event 
Girlstuff Elite Bloggers Collection Launch
 Solique Gel Polish Launch

And of course, all thanks to various brands who trusted me for my "workshop services".  I worked with brands like Benefit, Shiseido, The Body Shop and Philosphy to do in-store makeup/skincare workshops which led me to meeting more people!

And one of the most unforgettable moment?  Being one of the key speakers for Female Network's FIRST Beauty Con!  

Ah, there are so much more to be thankful for!  And this year, my mom and dad's health are doing good and we get to see each other often and they get to enjoy Kyle's company too!

I pray for an equally wonderful 2015 as I can't ask for more but guidance, good health for both me and my family!

Happy New Year AMW Friends!
I can't wait to share more of my adventures!!!!  Please receive this tight hug from me!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Happy New Year dearest Nikki!! And Congratulations on all your success! You're still my inspiration - thank you for being you!!! :) May the new year continue to bring you all things good and wonderful! :)

    1. aww thanks Jenn, happy new year to you too! I hope to meet you!!!!

  2. Happy New Year! Congratulations for everything and I wish you more success and projects this 2016!

  3. Happy New Year poh!!! Congratualation!!! You deserved it because you are very kind, very generous, very humble. More success pa poh in year 2016 Good luck poh and Godbless!!!

  4. Happy New Year!!! Congratualation poh you deserved it because you are very kind,very generous, very humble, More success poh for 2016 Good luck poh and Godbless!!!

  5. Happy, happy New Year Nikki!

    Love reading your makeup reviews. Learning a lot. More blessings neighbor. Hehe :)

    1. Thanks Neighbor! I hope to see you around during events ! :D I'm so happy to have met you last year :D Happy new Year too!


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