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My Ladies' Special Experience in Seoul, Korea (Part 2)

So you've read My Ladies' Special Experience in Seoul, Korea Part 1 and I hope you enjoyed my story-telling and will enjoy reading Part 2.

In Seoul, though it is the Capital of South Korea and probably appears like any other cities across the world when you Google photos online.  Seoul has an innate beauty waiting to be explored.  Once you visit the city, you'll long to go back.  The feeling is just unexplainable and definitely beyond K-Dramas and K-Pop artists. 

As promised, here's Part Two of the Ladies' Special arranged by Korea Tourism Organization, JG Summit Holdings, Inc. and Cebu Pacific Air I hope I inspired you to want to visit the city too because I'll definitely go back with the family!

6. Grévin Seoul Museum
1 adult pass to enter Grévin Seoul Museum costs 18,000KRW (around Php588.00 local currency) and you can spend half a day inside max.  The Grévin Seoul  is a waxwork museum established recently (year 2015 to be exact). If you think this museum is only found in Korea, you are wrong (okay fine, we are wrong!)  Musee Grévin is France's famous beeswax museum and they have branches in Paris, Montreal, Prague then the first in Asia which is located in Korea.  

What makes Grévin Seoul unique from the ones you're used to seeing?

They added a slew of South Korean hallyu celebrities like Psy, G Dragon, Kim Yuna (figure skating star), plus historical figures such as King Sejong and General Yi Sun-Sin.

Of course, they added world renowned stars like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

Religious icons

and AskMeWhats!  *hahaha* Just joking!
I like it that they have a small corner similar to our trick-eye museum.

Of course, my  Grévin Seoul visit was complete when I had a "moment" with my favorite Lee Min Ho.  Seriously, all my photos have this "kilig" face and I am NOT acting at all!

Feel free to purchase items from  Grévin Boutique as souvenirs.

With the PH Crew

Grévin Seoul Museum
23 Euljiro-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: 02.777.4700

7. K-Style Hub
Everything you want to know about Korea, you find it here at K-Style Hub.  At least half a day is needed to enjoy activities and information available inside.

I highly recommend to go straight to the K-Star Zone to pick up maps and information pamphlet about specific places you plan to visit in Korea.

You can also view ANY tourist spots of Korea like you have your personal Drone.

Ahhh, looking at this big screen with a top view of a beach relaxes me so much.

There's also Korea 360 degrees Virtual Tour with a cool capsule rooms and VR machine.  I of course went ahead to the K-Star Zone and get the feel how it is to be in the same room with Korean Stars.

Note from AMW:  They don't print out photos so you only need to take a photo of the screen to have your very own copy.

With Raiza and Pax.  Can you find them?  
Love 2NE1!

And of course, the Korean Cultural Experience won't be complete without dressing up in Hanbok (Korea's Traditional Clothing).  This is a free Hanbok Fitting experience and you are allowed to roam the building to take good photos!

We didn't have much time so I just took a photo with a nice backdrop!
What do you think?  Do I look Korean?  

Then if you're a foodie traveler like me!  You will enjoy a visit at the Korean Food Exhibition Hall.

Then a quick visit at the Medical Tourism Information Center will give you a brief idea on what type of medicinal tea would suite your body.

You can also have your face analyzed with a high tech machine, an overall body check-up can also give you a rough idea on how stressed your body is!  I personally didn't avail all these due to time constraint but it would be fun to learn about your body and health!

K-Style Hub
40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
+82-2-729-9457 (2F, 3F, 5F, group reservation)

8. Sulwhasoo Flagship Store
If your body ached after days of travel.  You may want to stop and have a relaxing Face and/or Body Treatment at the Sulwhasoo Spa.  According to Sulwhasoo, this is a place for experiencing the holistic beauty with Asian wisdom and I agree.

From Red Ginseng Foot bath and treatments using exclusive Beauty tools like Jade, White Porcelain.  You get to be treated using Earth's natural energy.  And of course, after every treatment, you also get to experience the Rituals of Sulwhajeong - choice of Korean herbal medicinal aromatic oil to enhance 5 senses.

That's me trying the Body Treatment using Sulwhasoo Body Oil and I almost fell asleep!

Now let's head on to The Sulwhasoo Flagship Store.  It is situated at Gangnam district is a five-storey building that is the largest.

The interiors of the whole building is an architect's dream!  I can imagine my brother taking loads of photos in here!  

The store is filled with gold brass made in cage-like cabinets.  I find it very overwhelming at first but you'll get used to it after walking a couple of floors.

In this Flagship store, they hold VIP events which happens in this room.  From Tea Class to Culture Class. VIP clients get to bond and talk over their love for Sulwhasoo.

Going up to the top floor, you also get a nice view of Gangnam District.

The Flagship store also offers special packaging service.  The cloth wrap makes the gift more precious and some are made of silk!
They offer Bridal Set Bojagi which is designed to remind the bride's Hanbok.  The Knot Tied symbolizes how the couple ties the knot!

I wouldn't mind receiving this set even if I'm married!  #lol

Our English Speaking Sulwhasoo Flagship store guide holds Good Fortune Bojagi perfect for Brides-to-Be.
And of course, what's a Sulwhasoo store visit without getting to know and understand their beauty products?

From the Bestselling First Care Activating Serum EX.  You can look into the Ginseng Skincare Set which is a local favorite according to our guide.

It was a nice surprise to see makeup line right in front of me.  From Perfecting Cushion to Foundation, Whitening Essences, Makeup Balancer,  ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact, Radiance Blusher, Essential Lip Care and a whole lot more!

We tried to feel how Sulwhasoo VIP Clients feel by sitting, relaxing and chatting inside this corner.

Our whole team bidding goodbye to Sulwhasoo Flagship Store staffs after a relaxing Face/Body Treatment and a whole lot of skincare and makeup trials.

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store
Address: 18, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 
Tel. No. 02-541-9270

9. Kakao Friends Store and DDP Sum
In the Philippines, we use WhasApp and Viber a lot, but in Korea, they heavily rely on Kakao.  That's why I am not surprised Kakao is a "star" in the said country for Kakao characters fanatics.

Walking inside the store turned me into a Kid because of various cute merchandise from stuffed toys to mobile phone cases, powerbanks, speakers and a whole lot more!

Kakao Friends 
Address: 305-7 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Gangnam, Seoul 
Tel. No. +82-(0)2-6494-1100

Now also in the same building is DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza).  This is known to be the cultural hub for ALL ages.  This is the biggest 3 dimensional atypical building in the world.

This area is where most fashion editorials were shot.

It was so dark so I had my own crew!

And my photo still turned out this way.  
Sorry friends, as much as I love you all for the effort, this won't make it to the cut! :P

In D3, you may find SM Town Stadium where you can purchase EXO goods or SM Idols.

And of course, you can never miss a stroll at Myeong-dong Shopping Street.  The Beauty Blogger in me was so satisfied to see all my favorite Korean skincare and makeup brands in a strip!  I can never get tired of strolling the streets even at 12am! 

I am so happy to be part of this Ladies' Special Tour Group because it is a type of tour I've never tried before!  It is unique, fun and culturally satisfying!  Again, thanks to the wonderful group of people who created such wonderful tour!  

Photo taken by: Mimi Tiu

Korea, I love you, this isn't goodbye!  I'll see you soon!

P.S. Thanks Cebu Pacific for flying us all safe and sound!  One of the smoothest ride I've experienced! 

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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