Friday, February 29, 2008

My Birthday Happenin'

I am sharing to you guys my birthday bash yesterday.
Prepared by my best colleagues in the whole world :)

Below, you can see me being ecstatic like a kid as I had my Lollipop cake! :)
if you can count the lollies, you'll know how old I am :D

Blowing my birthday cake ;) See how everyone was trying to have something pink in them?
Pink is my favorite color by the way *hihihi*

I'm flushed, overwhelmed, with emotions.
I know I know...but aren't they just too sweet???

I hope you guys had fun sharing "a bit" of my special day in the office :)
Dreams to come true, no matter how big or small they are :D

Your askmewhats,

Mascara Application for Longer Lashes

A tip I found from the FASIO website for good mascara application. I tried it, and it works! For more make up products and tips checkout

Firstly, tissue off the excessive mascara on the tip the wand

Second, hold a wand,horizontally.Apply mascara from the root to the end of the lash,sliding the wand right and left.

Thirdly, with the tip of the wand,apply mascara carefully from the root to the?end of the lash,each and all.

Your Askmewhats,

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Birthday Wishes!

Today is my birthday! Yay!!! I'm now officially 18yrs old! hahahaha You guys know I'm joking right? Well, if you guys insist, I will always be 18 for all of you! hehehe

Since it is my birthday today. I am posting my wish list as I believe that being positive will give you good results! Meaning, I will have these soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Make-up traincase
I want to have this make up traincase as this looks just the right size and I can put in all the products I will bring if my officemates want me to make them up :)

This will also be a push for me to study make-up classes after I finished up my hair cutting classes!

**photo courtesy of

2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30
I'm an NC35, to cover up dark circles, I have to use one shade lighter and I believe that is NC30 :) to cover my undereye circles. I am really interested with MAC concealer as the Studio Finish compact works really well on me. What's stopping me for now is that I still have a couple of concealers I just need to finish up...or at least use half of it before I purchase a new one!

** photo from

3. MAC Brush 187 Duo Fiber Brush
Yes, yes, I'm a make-up brush collector. I still a couple I still want for my collection, but my next brush in line would be the famous Duo Fiber Brush 187 which is great for liquid foundation, I heard foundation would be "air brushed" look with this brush!

**photo from

4. MAC Sculpt and Shape
A duo-pan shaded compact featuring a contour and a highlight powder in shades selected to complement each other. I believe this is a product of MAC Pro. I am so intrigued to use this Sculpt and Shape duo to highlight and contour the facial features!

**photo from

5. Smashbox Flawless Finish Skin Perfectors Kit
The kit includes photofinish foundation primer in full size and travel size
Also includes the Photo Op Under eye Brightener
I just want a Smashbox face primer! That's it! But if it can be in a KIT with a cutey travel size, why not right? ooooohhhhh Love love love this!

**photo courtesy of

6. Trip back to Hong Kong!!!
Well, I guess I'll shop more!!!!

You know what? What the heck? I am happy with anything!!!! I believe those I posted above are just my "to buy if I have extra moolah" list! hehehe

Here's my Ultimate Birthday wish (topped my list above) ---- > My family to be of good health. And just be happy the way I am now, being married to my Husband and Bestfriend!!! Keith!!! *blushing*

Well, I'm sure I'll be happy today no matter what!!!!

Happy birthday to me and to the rest who shares the same birthday with me!!! YAY!!!!

Your askmewhats,

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fasio 3D Airtech Mascara Review

Long, thick lashes. *sigh* That's one thing my mom forgot to order at the take out counter when she gave birth to me! :) hehehe I don't blame her though, with my Asian background, I've got the normal short , puny and non-existent lashes.

If only I'm good at putting on fake lashes and It isn't that much of a hassle, I'll do that each and every day!

I've curled my lashes and I am afraid of extensions as I hate the "uncomfortable" feeling of making sure it won't fall off. I just want simple lashes, simple yet vavavoom ones! hehehe

So off Nikki goes for the perfect mascara! I started using mascara (or started putting on make up) when I was abroad teaching in China, I looked so young and immature that time, so I depended on make up to make me look professional and mature!

Mascara is one of the most challenging product I've tried buying. I used almost EVERY MAYBELLINE mascara available in the market as I've heard Maybelline was the first manufacturer of mascaras (don't quote me on that...i just HEARD or read it somewhere) hehehe

Anyways, I bought one mascara that I want to specifically give a space to my blog as I snobbed this brand too many times that I felt too ashamed as this works so well!!!

Here goes the mascara of the year...

** photo from website
approx Php395 in leading department stores

Without much chitchat, let me show you a pix of my "embarrassing" lashes. (tee hee, I guess I'm just showing you guys my eyes, I can't even see my own lashes below!)

Adding up to my embarrassment, I did the side view one.
hey! I can see some lashes! But it's just too fine (opposite of thick, not fine=good) !

With just 2 coats of Fasio 3D Airtech Mascara,
I can see the shadow of my lashes!!!! (photo below)

Side ways look, see???? It works!
FYI, I just put the mascara on top, didn't put any on my bottom lashes

Again, let me stress out the differences

Fasio Says ---

  • Features advanced comb brush for easier application and coverage.

  • Lifts and separates lashes for extra volume curl.

  • Also contains volumizing polymers for thicker lashes with real presence.

  • Curl setting polymers and micro screen polymers hold the curl longer, while the water proof formula ensures the look lasts and lasts.

Askmewhats says (in simpler terms) ---

  • It does give you the fake lashes look
  • It made my lashes longer
  • It is indeed smudge-proof, waterproof, and long lasting (for waterproof ones)
  • Affordable!
  • The applicator is unique, you use both sides, one side to apply mascara and the other side to comb it
  • This is made from Kose, the famous japanese brand for skincare and cosmetics (at least, this is from an established manufacturer)


  • If you applied it on a bad "lash" day, it clumps, and it can clump really bad!
  • Speaking of clumping, you have to use a lash comb to separate to clumping
  • It is sooo hard to remove, trust me, I used the Maybelline eye make up remover plus my Shu Uemura Cleaning oil (both of them!!! just to remove this hard headed mascara)
Will I repurchase?

Your askmewhats,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila Review

Crowne Plaza Galleria is the "it" place for weddings, for hotel bookings as it is very near Robinson's Galleria Mall. Aside from this, this is one of the newest hotel in Metro Manila area. I've always been curious how to room looks like as it has been a buzz for quite some time.

My hubby took a couple of photos for me and I'll let you guys have a look.

This is how the entrance looks like.
With coffee maker (bring your own coffee) or
you can request for an instant coffee from the housekeeping.

This is what I love about Crowne, they have huge mirror and a nice seat.
Best for hair and make up during a special event.
Look at the comfy sofa as well

Sorry I forgot what type of room this is.
But the bed is comfortable, nice presentation, good lighting
The lights above the bed can be dimmed.

I LOVE the mirror attached with a good magnifier (great for eyebrow plucking hehe)
Their soaps are exquisite
A lot of towels and towelettes available

More bathroom photos hehehe
You guys wouldn't expect me to gush about the toilet right? (giggles)

Askmewhats says ---

What I like
  • just comfy hotel room and easy access for shopping! (expect to spend your moolah!)
  • clean clean clean!
  • housekeeping is quite punctual with your requests
  • the room is well furnished and it looked like the interior designer particularly designed the room for the guests' comfort
  • they've got slippers! and it's not the cheap cardboard type slippers but the fluffy one! YAY
  • A Kiddie Korner is available at the 3rd level of the hotel, next to 7 Corners Restaurant. Children can enjoy educational games and activities while parents dine.

What I don't like
  • really SLOW MOVING elevator! (no joke, I have to wait for at least 5-10 min)
  • they have coffee maker but no coffee available, they don't even have the instant coffee (have to request! request! request!)
  • swimming pool is surprisingly small (sorry, didn't have the chance to take a pix of this)
OverallI will definitely come back. There are minor glitches, but hey! No one (not even a hotel) is perfect! I have an overall good feeling with this hotel!!! Love it!

Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila
Ortigas Ave. Cor. Asian Development Bank Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines 1100
+63 2 6337222

Your askmewhats,

Monday, February 25, 2008

Affordable E/S Review Part 3

In2it Longwearing Eyecolor(approx Php319.75)

In2It has always been available in the Philippines for quite some time. But I never bothered to look at it as there are a whole lot make-up brands more famous than this. I don't know why, but I'm now in the mood to try on different brands and with the 20% sale at Landmark, I've given in and tried on their shadows. I am so happy to do a review on this as this is one good BUY! Read on....

This is how it looks like with flash.
Again, for a "first time" purchase, I tend to buy safe colors first.
The e/s is on the brown tone with a bit of glimmers.
If you're wondering where the applicator is, well,
my neat-freak side wanted me to keep it as I use my brushes with application,
(Tip: keep those free applicators and you can take it with you on a travel or use it to clean up those eyeliner mistakes)

This is how the back side look, again, the colors aren't named but numbered

This is how the color looks like with flash
Left one is more on a brownish earth toned color
The right side has more shimmer with tiny gold specks

My famous "arm swatch" hehehe
The color in the palette and the swatch looks almost identical!

In2It says --- (well, not really In2It but the Beauty adviser says )
  • Long wearing
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to apply

Askmewhats says ---


  • Pigmented
  • Affordable!!! (especially with the 20% off, I bought it for less than Php200)
  • Easy to blend and apply
  • Indeed long wearing!!!
  • the packaging is really durable
  • In2It doesn't have much color selections
  • Some of their duos' combination are so much alike

Tip ---
Do not use this duo together, the colors will be washed out. I use one on each time, and put some highlights or I even use a gold e/s with it. Looks great!

Will I repurchase?
YES! Definitely!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Affordable E/S Review Part 2

Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eyeshadow in Fresh Spring
(approx Php 430.00 )

This was the color I chose as this is so cute!
The blue, the green and the yellow looks so "spring-y"

Color in Fresh Spring

This is how the actual color looks like without flash

My arm-swatch

Maybelline Color Trio says ---
  • Wears all day
  • Intense Color
  • Dermatologist and Allergy tested

Askmewhats says ---

  • Affordable
  • Cute colors in one pallette

  • Not too pigmented,have to reapply several times for the colors to come out
  • Be careful with application as this tend to build up on the crease, apply an eyeshadow primer or make up base for the colors to show up
  • After several use, the e/s in the palette tends to be a bit "wet" looking and it gets really dry and hard to use

Will I repurchase?
Not too eager to repurchase. But if there's a huge sale, I might :D

Your askmewhats,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Affordable E/S Review Part 1

A lot of eye shadows of different brands ranging from expensive to not-so expensive to cheap nowadays. With ladies like me spending quite a lot on different make up tools and products, e/s is the last thing in mind to over spend. Especially with a lot of us out there who are quite unsure on how to apply shadows. That is why I thought of doing a bit of my personal research and reviews on affordable e/s and how well they perform.

VOV Eyeshadow in Color No. 0201
(approx. Php 89.75 prices depends on sales promotion and discounts)

This is how it looks like the back side, they don't have the color names
but the sales lady do have their own names written

I rubbed the e/s using my finger and this is how the color looks like on my skin

My hand as a swatch below....

Askmewhats says ---

Ok ok, if this is a BLAH color for you guys, well let me explain (defensive eh? hehehe). The reason why I bought this color because, I want a neutral color to serve as my E/S base. And of course, this is a first for me to purchase VOV, just in case this won't work out, at least, it's still a safe color to use.

Pros ---
  • Very affordable
  • Have a lot of colors to choose from
  • It's packaging is simple, yet it doesn't look cheap
  • Blends easily
  • Lasts half a day (based on dry skinned test)

Cons --- (I really don't have much right to complain because of its affordable price, but, I still do have something to say, hehehe spare me...)

  • As seen in the photo above when rubbed with my finger, there's a bit of bumps so its not TOTALLY smooth, but in VOV's defense, if I used an e/s brush, it's application is quite smooth.

Tips ---
  • With this nice neutral color, you can use this as a highlighter (for the eyes) applied just below the browbone
  • You can use this color as an overall highlighter for the face as well
Will I repurchase?
Yes, different colors

Your askmewhats,

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dior Kiss-able Lips

I've been a lip gloss person since the lip glosses came out! I've tried tons and tons of glosses but I never finish up one tube. I will definitely post more glosses soon but for now, I am going to show you guys my Dior Kiss gloss in RED CURRANT.

Here's how it looks like. (below) This one is in their limited edition tube 8ml - 7.6g. This was bought at the Duty Free Shop for a pack of 5 different shades for $36.00

Look just how glossy it is and it has tiny sparks of gold specks.

When applied, it doesn't look too reddish as seen in the packaging. It has just the right amount of shimmer and gloss and it's not too sticky. Tastes yummy.

Taken with flash, look how shiny it is. It reflects the light and it doesn't look too made up!

Askmewhats says ---

This is nice, I will definitely finish up this tube (I can feel it). First because it is not too big..hehehe..and second, it tastes wonderful, third, it just felt so right! Felt like lip balm

Tip ---

Just because you're using a gloss, please do not skip your HG lip balm to protect and moisturize your lippies.

Will I purchase this again? ---
Yes, if I manage to finish up the rest and buy a new shade

How about you guys? Any glosses you found that deserves attention?

Your askmewhats,

Thursday, February 21, 2008

With sadness, there's always something that'll make you smile

As I was just telling you guys awhile ago, I felt so down with what happened to my grandma and with my dad's health not getting well, everything seemed to be just down the dumps.

When I opened up my mailbox, I got an email from our wedding photographer sending us the pictures he took from our wedding last year. This one is one of my favorite! Looking at this picture makes me feel oh-so-warm and fuzzy inside. This time, it's not just about remembering the "special day". This time, it's the feeling of feeling loved and cared for, for more than a decade (yup, he's my high school sweetie and my first love). He was always there for me, to support me, to listen, to lend me his shoulders to cry on.

I'm feeling better now, as I have my hubby, my bestfriend. Thanks sweetie!

My Grandma Passed Away...

It was sad, it was heart wrenching, my grandma passed away yesterday and it was a shocking news to me and my family. The only thing that is making us accept this is the fact that my grandma passed away during her sleep and she was quite calm and peaceful-looking.

I am praying for her to rest in peace. We love you grandma!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Soft Skin

In today's world of whitening products, everyone is just crazy with all the whitening soaps. I myself changed soaps so many times I can't even keep track on the brands I've used. I am suffering the consequences today, for taking care too much of my face but not my body!

Since temperature isn't that bad and weather is a bit cool the past months, I have always been scratching my legs, my arms, my tummy, my back. And since I've got sensitive skin, I've always been blaming my allergies. I really do have allergies but this time, my anti-allergy medication doesn't work.

After 2 or 3 months of scratching, I have finally realized the root of all evil. My dry skin! I have been using whitening soaps, germicidal soaps, or any soaps that smell soooo darn good. I didn't even realized I am the "devil".

I've then decided to invest my time searching for the right soap, I wanted something Simple, Basic and Pure. And the answer wasn't in soap form...

JnJ says ---

With one third baby lotion to leave skin perfectly baby soft.

Best for Baby
Johnson's baby softwash is a gentle No more Tears baby wash moisturising the skin to protect its perfect baby softness whilst washing.

Best for You
New softwash will make your skin feel baby soft every time you wash While washing the gentle moisturisers of the baby lotion will help to restore skin's moisture balance for perfect baby soft skin

* gentle and effective cleansing
* contains baby lotion
* pH balanced

Askmewhats says ---

You know what? This for me is my HG! Simple moisturizing cream that is good for the skin yet, it has it's added factor of smelling OH SO GOOD! I don't care if it doesn't whiten my skin, I don't care if it's a bit more complicated to use. This product, in just a couple of days stopped my flakiness, stopped my itching and I literally can skip lotion application (which is unusual as I apply my Victoria Secret lotion religiously every morning and evening).

I don't need to type in Pros and Cons as this..for a PRO!!!!!!!! For all you "itchy and scratchy" gals out there, give this a try. It won't hurt for such a good price.

Your askmewhats,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Face Shop : The Flower Silky Make Up Foundation Review

** Available at all The Face Shop stores available in NB21 and NB23 for approx Php 795.00

The Face Shop (TFS) has already been in the buzz for quite sometime now and I believe almost everybody who's into make up especially in ASIA would know or have already tried at least one or two of TFS products.

I myself was a Face Shop addict, I even had TFS goodies for my bridal entourage as I love their products so much :) Funny thing? I've passed the stage but I'll do some product reviews on the products I've used as I've finished them up anyways.

TFS Says --

For all skin type
The name ‘THE FLOWER’ comes from its ingredients. Made with mineral-enriched edible flowers such as Rose Jasmine Chamomile and more these flower petals have been grinded into micro-pigments with an advanced technology to provide flawless moisturized and luminous skin.

Skin-friendly natural wax extracted from Olive protects moisture loss and provides silky finish. Skin looks comfortable and naturally beautiful.

Askmewhats Says --

I honestly used the tester and applied it all over my face and neck and waited for more than 10 minutes to check if I'm allergic to this product or not. I strongly recommend everyone to TEST the product (that's what testers are for) and do not be pressured into buying. As you will be spending your hard earned money and you want to make sure it's going to be worth it!

Pros --

  • Very nice packaging
  • Have a faint smell but isn't strong enough to make you sneeze
  • True to their word, it is Skin Friendly!
  • Very light and doesn't cake
  • With the right shade, it looks natural and doesn't make you look too made up

Cons --

  • Not for heavy coverage. If you have scars or acne, concealer is needed
  • Because of its "dewy" look, OILY skinned peeps out there, BEWARE hehehe. (joking, you only need to pat loose powder to set the look)

Will I repurchase?

*evil laugh* bwahahahaha I'm not even halfway done with this bottle. I'm using a new liquid foundation now *arrrghhh* I KNOW! Why can't I just finish (just ONE) product? hehehe Don't get me wrong, I love this but it was Cover Girl's fault they have a new liquid foundation that I like. hehehe

Additionals --

Sample photo from my engagement party. It is indeed "dewy" looking. And it was more than 4 hours later :D It did stay put :D

**aawww, reminiscing this moment. The day was 7-7-07, my Eva Longoria moment :P

Your askmewhats,