Friday, October 31, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: YuMei Nano Whitening Deep Cleansing Oil

Mineral Oil, PEG-12 Diisosotearate, PEG-8 Diisosterate, PEG-10 Isostearate, Water, Camellia Kissi Seed Oil, Isostearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Butyl Paraben

YuMei Nano Whitening Deep Cleansing Oil Says ---

  • Based on main ingredient of Camellia Oil with excellent skin affinity, this cleansing oil clearly wipes out effete matters and make up remains deep in your skin without irritation
  • This oil not only works for perfect cleansing, but also gives the effect of treatment with face washing, making your skin clean and clear
  • Nano tech allows the cleansing oil quickly spread to your skin and deeply cleanse every pore.
  • Makes your skin soft with treatment effect as well as cleansing effect.
  • No irritation on skin.
  • Keeps your skin healthy and moist after cleansing and sufficient water-retention effect

Askmewhats Says ---

  • imagine water that does the "oil" cleansing
  • very light to the skin
  • easy to emulsify
  • removes eye make up without stinging the eye
  • easy to wash off
  • I didn't break out using this
  • packaging is simple yet it works, I actually like this pump better than Shu


  • not available in the Philippines
  • there's a very tiny hint of scent which I can't explain but bearable


I was sales talked by the sales lady at the Bonjour Shop HK when I was looking for my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. She told me that this product is also made in Japan and has a milder formulation compared to Shu Uemura. After 10 minutes of sales talk, I gave in because of it's price, yes, almost half the price of Shu Uemura and I kinda told her I'll be going back to her and return the product if it doesn't work! (of course I won't go through buying RT airfare to return this but I just want to check out her faith on the product she's selling) lol

Anyways, I would say, this product didn't fail me. I find it works just like Shu, but the oil is not as potent as the Shu Uemura. It felt lighter on my skin but the effect is the same. It doesn't sting on the eye area.


  • be careful not to wet your hands or face before use
  • pump out proper amount of oil on your palm, apply it over your face and massage using your fingertips.
  • If you have waterproof mascara on or very dark make-up on where you like to clean it well, use a cotton to wipe the area thoroughly
  • Massage your face in outward motion with lukewarm water until the product emulsifies
  • Wash your face with warm water making sure to clean all areas.
  • If you experience spots, swellings, irritation , STOP using the product
  • Store this product in cool dry place.
Will I repurchase?

Yes, but not online, shipping is too expensive! I will probably wait for friends who'll be going to HK and ask them to help me purchase :D

Where did I purchase and how much?

Hong Kong Bonjour Store for approx HKD 232.00 (USD33.00)
For people outside of HK you can purchase this at
To check out the YuMei product sold in this site, smile while your wallet frowns and click HERE

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Dearest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I go for TREATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: "Devil Loves Gold" Nails

This is another inspiration for Halloween. Definitely no ghosts or spiders or any Halloween related icon but I used the color of darkness..... BLACK!

Step 1:

Paint 2 coats of darkness (in my case ELF Black nail polish from my Angel Toma)

Step 2:

Using a yellow colored polish, paint in lines, imagine French tip but you paint the lines in different location. Doesn't have to be perfect and you'll see why as we scroll down.

It'll look like this
Make sure it must be the same as the other hand

Step 3:

Using a white polish, paint in white color just below the yellow lines. Now this reminded me of a flag!

Step 4:

Everything looked flat, so I've used Alyssa's Art Deco Gold Sparkle polish to paint over the yellow polish. (Reason: sparkle polishes covers mistakes and imperfections)

Step 5:

You guys know I hate leaving the spaces, I've decided to draw a quick design on the thumb. Someone like my Hot Pink Fireworks Nail Art look but simpler.

Step 6:

Let dry, top with clear polish/top coat to protect the nail art!


I bought a Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat last week.
I've used it on my current polish,
we'll see if it does make a difference with the way my polish lasts...
or if the base coat will help reduce "yellowness" of the nails
We at the office will be celebrating Halloween!!!
What are you going to be this Halloween?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Gift from a Dear Friend

I've said it once, and I'm saying it over and over again. There's just so many generous people out there! It is amazing how I've met a lot of cool people online!!! You gals know who you are! *group hugs*

Anyways, everybody knows Oct 27th was my 1st year wedding anniversary. Me and hubby went out for a dinner with my family. When and I got into the car, Keith was holding a cake with candle (FYI: he was just holding the candle and it isn't lit) but the car smells like smoke! LOL It was too cute, he doesn't have a lighter so he was trying to lit up the mini candle with the car lighter I guess he saw me coming and was in a to make the long story short, he wasn't successful in surprising me with a candle but he definitely surprised me with his sweetness!

And I thought that's were my surprise would end. When I got home, stressed from work and really tired! I got a package !!! You may think these packages look ugly but for me, it looks like it was wrapped in a wonderful gift wrap :P

Who is this from?

I love it that she neatly wrapped it with a lovely note!

The handwriting is own by a fellow beauty blogger, Beetrice! Beetrice is a lovely person whom I met in the beauty blogging world and she is the author of Beetrice's Review. Bee and I have been constantly communicating on meeting each other one day and of course, she has her responsibility to feed me and stuff me into a FAT Turkey while I'll be her best tour guide she'll ever meet! (I guess I have to be the tour guide first before she stuff me into a big fat turkey coz I'll turn into a big fat tub of lard-y tour guide! lol)

Anyways, one day, she emailed me telling me she'll be sending me a surprise gift because I am smart, pretty, beautiful, sexy, glamourous <----- I'm sure she won't remember she said that, but I her mind hahaha! Seriously, she wanted to send me something to make me smile and be happy and yeah, that's how sweet she is! Thanks girl! I did read her note first before I opened the gift, I am really touched on how much time she took even to write the letter and explain to me why she gave me those stuffs!

Eye Candy!!!

Let me break it down

1. Eye Masks

Purederm Refining Korean Herb Mask, Collagen Essence Sheet Masks in Super H2O and Green Grape, Watsons Rose Water and Watson's Lavender Facial Masks

Perfect timing, I may not be blogging about facial masks but once in my life, I was addicted to face masks and I've been using face masks religiously for more than a year! I stopped ...because...I honestly forgot why I stopped lol Anyways! So this is a perfect timing for me to get addicted to masks again!

2. Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen and I don't want to use this becuase, it's too cute! LOL

3. Meow Cosmetic Prim & Preen: Primiere Puss Primer Combo Meow Cosmetic Firefly Blush : Flash Meow Cosmetic Ideal Eyes: Lazy Purrl Meow Cosmetic Crystalline Cat: Morganite

Can't wait to try them, never tried MMU from this company

4. Natio Anioxidant Face Moisturizer

Natio Ultra-Shine Fruit Gloss in Cherry

Natio Moisturizing Vitamin E Lip Balm

Natio is an Australian made product and I can't wait to use this. Will be my first time ever!

5. NYX Round Lip Gloss in Deep Red

NYX Round Lipstick in Herades

Who doesn't love NYX??? My first time to try on the NYX Lip Gloss and the Herades color is something different! I don't have this shade yet!

6. Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eye Shadow in Fresh Spring

She things I'm one of the brightest people she knew! Aawww, definitely a color that brightens anyone's day!

7. Magicboo One-minute treatment sachets

Hair products!!! Hair products are my next favorite thing after make-up!!!! I can't wait to use this as my hair SERIOUSLY needs conditioning!

8. Badger Sleep Balm

I do share the joy and gave this to my mom-in-law who has a hard time sleeping!!! She's super happy to give this a try and I would report back on how it helps her sleep at night :)

And the next is the best

She included post it flag notes and she said it reminded her of ME! Because of the dots!



I felt touched that she understood and knew my personality so well! I am dead on colored pens, stationaries, highlighters, POST ITs addict!!! So this is perfect non make-up/skin care related stuff!

Bee, thanks so much for the lovely gift!!!!
I was smiling when I read your note and saw your gifts!
Thanks for putting a big smile on my face!
I'll use them and do a proper review in the future!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tag Time: Knowing Askmewhats

Thanks to:

Rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve answered the questions on your blog.

10 Years Ago (1998):

1. I'm in Freshmen College (uh oh, I'm an oldie)
2. I am a nerd!
3. Enjoying my weekends going out on a date with my "then bf" Keith

5 Things on Today’s “To Do” List:

1. Work! I have a feeling I'll be stressed today LOL
2. Play "Patapon" PSP game (I'm addicted to this)

3. Visit home (mom, dad and bro)
4. Play with my nails?

5 Things that I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Travel around the world!
2. Share with my family, friends and people in need
3. Open up my own beauty salon!
4. Buy cool gadgets that my hubby wants
5. Buy all the make-up I want and do FREE makeovers to everyone

5 Places I have lived:

1. Sta. Mesa - When I'm still single
2. Lin'an, Hangzhou, China - first teaching job in the university
3. Shenzhen, China - learning Center, 2nd job

5 Jobs I have had:

1. Reservations agent in an Airline
2. Interpreter
3. Business English Teacher
4. Part-time Tutor
5. Talking dictionary "voice" and talking bear "voice"

I have seen a lot of these tags going around!!!
So I'm tagging "YOU" who has a blog and hasn't been tagged :)
I would love to learn more about YOU --- YES! YOU!!!
Take care!!!

Askmewhats Version: "Halloween Whore" Look

Thanks everyone for wishing me and Keith a wonderful 1 year wedding anniversary! :)
We do think time flies super fast because we acted like we're boyfriends and girlfriends and always enjoy the moment we have together! Thanks for people who wishes us for many more years! I'm sure we will!!! We won't let you guys down!!!

Anyways, let me get back to "beauty related" post....LOL I have to inform you my dear readers that this post could probably shock whoever who knows me....or I may lose readers from after this! hahaha

I know almost everyone's doing a "Halloween" look and I wanted to jump in and do one myself. But, I am not that creative and I can't draw my face! I'll probably try in the future but I'm too lazy! Sorry!

Anyways, this year, I wanted to think out of the box. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. So that's when I got inspired to do a "Halloween Whore" look because I can never PULL off a "whore" look and I still can't! :P But you can't blame the girl for trying!

Here's my close up eye shot!

Yeah baby! I've got full lashes! :P

(Thanks to sis Shen for the lashes)

Both eyes....
*wink wink wink*

A mix of Twiggy inspired eyes
Trying to create an illusion of deeper set of eyes
(I did say "trying")

I got inspired from the METRO magazine issue
Trying to create a subtle look that packs a major punch
(in my dictionary, this isn't subtle and you'll see why lol)

Yes, because of the super RED lippie!!!
This will probably be the first and last time you'll see me pose like this! LOL

And THIS!!!

Products Used ---
  • MAC Paintpot in Soft Ochre
  • Coastal Scents 78pcs palette in White (thanks again to Digital Angel for this)
  • MAC Carbon eyeshadow
  • Stila Smudgepots in black
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara in Black
  • MAC Coquette - to fill in eyebrows
  • The Face Shop Flower Silky Foundation in N02
  • Stila Illuminated Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 1 - mixed with foundation (thanks B)
  • MAC Sculpt and Shape Shadester
  • Thevi pink e/s as blush
  • In2It lipstick in Scorcher

And will I ever finish this post without making you smile????
I was doing this hugging myself like someone's hugging me
and hubby took a shot of it!
I tried so hard but damn you TAG! Damn you for showing!

Yeah, I did managed to embarrass myself!
And I still am.... *blushes*
Happy Halloween in advance!
It honestly takes a lot of effort to click the PUBLISH POST button!
Hug me please! LOL

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: The Fridays!

October 27, 2007

A very special day for me as that was the day I got married. I can't believe time flies so fast and our 1 year anniversary is here!!!

How did we celebrate our first year anniversary as married couple and upcoming 12th year anniversary as bf and gf? We decided to de-stress and spend our weekend at Holiday Inn Hotel. (The reason why I didn't have the chance to post yesterday!) We chose the hotel as we never stayed there and it's connected to the Robinson's Galleria Mall. :) Best way to de-stress is to shop too! LOL

Anyways, it's weekend food tripping post once again! We haven't had the chance to really go out and eat since we got sick! As soon as we got better, we've decided to celebrate and dine in our favorite restaurant called The Fridays....and everyone knows I love FRIDAYS -- as a day of the week too!

We like to keep it simple, here's my ultimate favorite salad of all time!

Chicken Salad

Their dressing is the best!!!
Their chicken tastes wonderful too!

approx Php400.00 ($8.50)

Cajun Chicken Fingers
They offer Regular Chicken Fingers and Cajun Chicken Fingers I love Cajun chicken fingers as it's crunchy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. I love the taste of it's Cajun spice wrapped around the chicken! PLUS, the fries, I love Fries from the Fridays! Doesn't taste like those frozen potatoes

approx Php280.00 ($6.00)

Pinoy Steak with Rice

Steak is juicy, not much fat.
Dip it with vinegar, you are in heaven!
Love the vegetables that came along with the meal
and the rice is just perfect!!!

I am not a dessert person. I don't like to eat much sweets! But if you do dine at the Fridays, make sure to order this ultimate dessert!


2 warm chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice cream with nuts When you eat it, it just felt warm and cold at the same time and melts lovely inside your mouth


And before I say goodbye, here's the hotel room we stayed over the weekend

I would say it wasn't outstanding but it wasn't bad either. It was a great weekend though because I spent it with someone I love :)

Happy Anniversary Keith!!!!
Many years for both of us!
I Love you!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joppa Minerals Samples are Here!

Hey everyone! Remembered I posted on my blog as seen here about Joppa Minerals having a free first class shipping worldwide? Well, I grabbed the opportunity to try on their foundation samples as Mhean talks so fondly of them and I trust her when she says it works!

Actually I've had my shade ready on the "wishlist" and I am just waiting for the free shipping promo before I transfer it to BUY NOW! :P (Am I bright or am I super bright? lol)

I've checked Mhean's site and also Nessa's site as both of them have tried Joppa MMU foundation! After giving a lot of thought, I've decided to try on their 3pcs Mini Sampler starter kit as I don't need any of their eyeshadows or blushes as I've ordered them all in their first free shipping promotion! (you can check it out here)

I did my order last Oct 17th and I received this Oct 22nd!!! Less than 1 week! That is a Guiness Book of Record!!!

A lovely Joppa Name Card and I didn't make a mistake! I said I tried their 3 pcs mini sampler but I ordered the sampler 2x! LOL

What I ordered ---
(all for $7.00, free shipping)

  • Medium Light #2 Full Coverage (I have a strong feeling this is my color so I ordered 2 of these, and...I AM RIGHT!!!!)
  • Medium Light #3 Full Coverage
  • Nutmeg in Simple Radiance
Finishing Silk
  • Original Sheer
  • Simple Radiance Sheer
Swatches Time!

I've used the Medium Light #2 since the moment I received it and I have to say, I am very impressed! Together with the finishing silk, it is a match made in heaven! Don't keep my word yet as I've only been using this for 3 days! But I am really happy I've tried them and because I am so happy with the result and I love the coverage and the way it glides on smoothly on my skin.

And you know what I did? It was the last day of "Free Shipping" promo and I gave in ordering the 3pcs Large Sampler (20g jar) which includes 2 foundations and 1 finishing silk! It costs $24.00! And best of all, I typed in the code "TEN", and I get a 10% off!!! I should have typed in the code on my first order right? But it's ok !!!

Sad to say, for you gals who are interested, Free Shipping promo is over! But I'll definitely keep you guys posted if there's more promotion coming in the future!

I can't wait to get my larger samples! I'll definitely report back to all of you who wants to read a more in-depth review on this!

What makes you smile today?
Me, it's knowing that stuffs in life works for me!
Yes, even mini samplers that matches my skin tone makes me happy!
And knowing you guys are reading my posts makes me even happier!
Thanks ! *muwah*!

Askmewhats Reviews: In2It Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner

Friends, countrymen, aliens :)
I have been talking about lining the eyes yesterday so I guess it is just the right timing to pull out the liner I've used! I think this is the best time to do a review on this product because I'm almost done with this and I'm ready to throw this out! (you can see in the photo below just how much product is left)


And here's the Vital Stats..

You twist the product and the eyeliner will come up
In this case, that's the only product LEFT lol

Let's check out the "butt"

A Sharpener!!!

In2It says ---

This retractable eyeliner combines the ease of an eye pencil with the long-wearing hold of a liquid liner. The ultra-soft textures draws a clean and precise line. It glides on smoothly & effortlessly for a precise & intense result. Without dragging the delicate skin around the eyes.

Askmewhats says ---

  • does glide easily
  • lasts whole day (but I don't have very oily lids)
  • free sharpener (which helps a lot)
  • packaging is nice, I would say it's not made of cheap retractable plastics
  • doesn't give out a raccoon eye look (you will know why when you read further below)

  • easy to finish up as the eyeliner is a bit short
  • the sharpener is great but hard to clean up because it's too small


I can't seem to find In2It's website, and I don't think they have any. To be honest, I am still unclear up to now on where In2It is originally from. (any help on this? Feel free to comment)

Anyways, back to the In2It eyeliner, for people who hates to sharpen their eyeliner pencil, this is going to be a good product for them as you ALWAYS have the sharpener together with the product. I find this easy to use and I would recommend this to a first time eyeliner user!

  • if you have super oily lids, you can always dust a loose powder gently on top of the eyeliner to prevent it from smudging
  • refer to my post on how to apply pencil liner here
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

All SM Department stores that has In2It booths, Landmark for Php375.00 (approx $8.00).
Available in black and brown.

And before I finish this review,
Let me show you a Smudge Test
Let's see how well it can handle the "Punisher!"

Here's In2It retractable waterproof eyeliner applied in think and thick lines

As you can see, you wouldn't smudge your eyes the way I did on my hand, so it did passed my test, instead of creating a messy and dirty look, it'll disappear.

I'd rather have a "disappearing" eyeliner rather than an eyeliner that creates an unwanted "smokey" look LOL

Anyways, I hope this review helps for most Asian countries who has In2It products selling in beauty stores. If you're using this too, let me know how you like it!

I will be off for a relaxing weekend spending time with my honey as it's our 1 yr Wedding Anniversary this coming October 27th! Time flies so fast!

Want to check out other In2It products I've reviewed?
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