Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something New: Lorys Hair Cream + Contest (Contest Closed)

When it comes to hair care, there's no high end or low end brands for me.  As long as it works!  My first ever hair treatment was not expensive at all and I bought a whole tub of it leaving it on my hair for weekends for the whole afternoon with a shower cap!  Those were the days I have enough time to really treat my hair while I study!

Recently, the distributor of Lorys Hair Cream contacted me for a wonderful giveaway for AMW Readers!  I got really excited when I learned the facts about the brand.  I'm sure you will too!
  • Lorys is made in Brazil
  • Lorys can be used as a hot oil or as a conditioner
  • If used as hot oil, Lorys must be placed on the hair and scalp for 15 minutes then rinse and proceed with shampoo application
  • If used as conditioner - apply shampoo first then apply Lorys from root to tip for 2-5 minutes, then rinse.
  • Lorys is cost efficient as conditioner and hot oil as 1000 grams (1kg) costs Php349.75 (approx $8.00)
  • Lorys is currently available at Watsons and PCX, in which you can find them easily on most malls!
There are 5 variants to choose from for different hair needs!

Lorys Shea Butter
The Hair Cream Lorys Shea Butter was developed to deeply treat and condition the curly and dry hair

Lorys Fruit Cocktail 
The Hair Cream Lorys Fruit Cocktail was developed for the care and the condition all types of hair

Lorys Duo Chocolate
The Hair Cream Lorys Duo Chocolate with thermal activated silicone was developed for the intensive care of damaged and sensible hair.

Lorys Snake Oil
The Hair Cream Lorys Snake Oil Effect was specially developed to protect, restore and condition damage and chemically treated hair.

Lorys Ceramides
The Hair Cream Lorys Ceramides was developed to deeply treat and condition the opaque and damaged hair.

Great news!  These Lorys Hair Cream will be given out for FREE to 5 lucky AMW Readers!!!  Sorry, I have to offer this to my local readers for now as they are quite heavy to send out  internationally!
  • For Philippine Readers Only
  • Comment together with your name and email address and answer: "Why do you deserve to win the Lorys Hair Cream?"
  • One comment per reader, no duplicates please!
  • 5 winners will be randomly chosen via fruit machine.
  • Contest starts NOW until September 10, 2010 (11:59pm local time)
Share this contest to your friends!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

AMW Reviews: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

After my series of gel liner reviews, I've given it a rest as you know how long it takes to finish up one!  Out of all the gel liners I've reviewed, I have to admit, I haven't finish even ONE of it.  I've thrown away my Stila Smudgepots in Black though because I have 1/4 left and it has finally dried up after 2 years! 

I know the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner have been creating a buzz over the gel liner world!  I finally had the chance to test, making sure it's worthy to be part of my makeup traincase!  Read on for my in dept review...

Shade 02: Brown

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner says ---
Only our oil-free formula can hold highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base
  • So color is more intense and lines resist wear for 24 hours
  • Smudge-proof and water-proof
  • The most intense line for lasting drama
  • Removes easily with soap and water or Eye makeup remover
Net weight: 2.8g of product

AMW says --- 
  • I actually like the very cute packaging.  Quite unique as compared to other gel liners
  • Glides on smoothly, no need to tug my lids
  • Quite pigmented, no need to go through the same area again and again
  • No eye irritations
  • Easy to remove with a makeup remover as compared to other gel liner brands
  • Free brush is actually good quality!  The brush stays the same even after usage and washes

  • The length of the handle of the free brush is actually just right as compared to other brands who gives free 2-3 inches handle eyeliner brush which makes it difficult to apply
  • If you are into natural eyeliner: this 02 Brown shade works really well for daily use minus the exaggerated eyeliner look
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used on the lower lash line without getting eye irritations
  • Do last for the whole day if you're not the type who rubs the eye too much!  I applied this on the upper lash line and I had an almost 24 hours makeup shoot and it stayed until I got home!
  • It smudges!  If you constantly rub your eyes, this will definitely smudge!
  • Personal preference: I like my gel liner like black and brown to have matte finish, this has a tiny hint of shimmer
Out of all the gel liners I've used, I would say the quality of the Maybelline Gel Liner is almost the same as the ELF Studio Creme Eyeliner I've used.  They are both very creamy and easy to glide on lids!  Though a lot of people find that this is tad too tiny, I think it's the best size for a gel liner as a little goes a long way and there's no point keeping gel liner for a long time as it gets dried up easily!  The price is inexpensive and wroth the purchase especially for first time gel liner users!

from Maybelline
  • Defined Look - define in small strokes, glide liner across lash line from inner to outer corner
  • Dramatic Look - define in small strokes, glide liner across lash line from inner to outer corner
  • Enhance - to extend and thicken line from outer corner up towards brow; wing out for extra drama

from AMW
  • You can apply using your favorite angled liner brush 
  • Can be used to apply think/thick liner.  Can also be used as an eyeshadow base for smokey eye looks
  • Twist the cap tight after every use to prevent product from drying up easily
  • Try not to rub your eyes if you're a gel liner user to prevent from smudging
  • You can apply an eyeliner sealant (ex. Makeup Forever Eye Seal) to prevent liner from smudging
  • Maybelline have sales or discounts regularly, you can purchase this 10-20% off so watch out for sales
  • If the gel liner smudged in the middle of the day, a quick run through with a cotton bud will lessen the smudges.  
  • You can also use an eye brush to go through a setting powder on top of the gel liner to prevent it from smearing or smudging.
Will I repurchase?
I'd love to give black version a try

Where to purchase and how much?

At Maybelline counter for Php449.00 (approx $10.20).

Bottom of the packaging
Made in Korea

A closer look on the free brush, some people fine it quite difficult to apply gel liner using this brush but I found a great way to use this.  Apply using only the tip of the brush for that thin liner look

Here's how the free brush after several usage and wash.  Not bad quality!

Applied on hand with 2 strokes.  Thin line to thick line can be achieved.  Checkout the shimmer it has.  The 02 brown shade has this medium, bronze-y brown look.

Waited for 5 minutes, used a cotton bud to go through the line and you can see it smudged!  In fairness to the Gel Liner, I went through the cotton bud quite hard.  We don't usually do that on our eye area.

Wet the gel liner, no smudges

Harshly rubbed the gel liner with water and fingers, it took a couple of harsh rubbing before the gel liner "almost" disappeared.  This proves how easy the gel liner can be removed with makeup remover/soap and water. What I like about this experiment is that the liner gets disappeared instead of smudges like crazy which will create a panda look!  

Applied on both upper and lower lashline

Any gel liners out there worth giving a try next?
I hope you find this review helpful!

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Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

AMW Reads: For the Month of August

August was a busy month for me!  Though every month is busy, there was something about August that I wasn't able to really STOP!  I am not complaining though, I love being busy and the month of August was the birthday month for both my dads!  (Dad and Dad-in-law).  So much has happened for me this month!  But I'm glad staying positive paves it way to having positive things really happening to me :)  Thank you Lord :)

And no matter how busy my schedule gets, there will always be beauty reads from my dear friends from Malaysia who literally adopted me to be their sister! :P  With their post, I get inspiration...

When Jenn of Lipglosseater posted about My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask, I seriously went through my stocks and searched for masks lying around somewhere.  I haven't been using masks lately and my skin needed the extra  TLC after such a busy month of August!

I love bags!  And I'm glad Bee of Beetrice's Reviews posted It's All About Bags because I got inspired to keep all my bags in a dustbag!  I tend to just chuck them in the "bag cabinet"!  Just like her, I have a lot of memories with each bag purchase that I have!

When Paris B of My Women Stuff asked her readers "What brush do you use to apply blush?"  I had to look into my brush collections and told myself I have to be adventurous when it comes to blush brush!  I tend to use just ONE blush brush!  Using different brushes to apply blush gives a nice change on the usual routine.

I haven't been touching my mascara for quite some time for this month.  Kahani of So Loverly blogged about her new find Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara, which she loves.  She reminded me that I bought myself a tube way back and I am actually using this!

Since my husband bought me a new bag for "Just Because He Loves Me"... sweet huh?  I got inspired to purchase a new bag organizer as I remembered Xin of Prettybeautiful posted about her Neon Green Bag Organizer from Guardian!  I needed something like that, inexpensive, yet looks really cute!

I have always been confident in choosing my own foundation shade as I know my skin tone quite well, but Yani of Red Luscious Lips talks about Foundation 101, I can't believe I still get to  learn so much still and I am sure others will, with her simple yet straightforward tips!

Have a lovely Sunday night!
And to our local readers, keep reading as there's no work tomorrow!
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Weekend Food Tripping at: Army Navy and Yogi Berry

What will it be today?


That's the tag line of Army Navy Burger + Burrito when I passed by Glorietta 5 for a quick burger fix.  Everyone's having burrito as well but we wanted our quick fix of burger so we ordered burger instead!  Burrito?  I'll taste you next time! <--- doesn't this sound so malicious? hahahahaha

I was greeted with a lovely counter once I got in to look for seats.  They were jampacked by the way!

We were not in our adventurous mood so we tried the basics!

Classic Burger
Php135.00 (approx $3.00)
Classic single quarter-pound beef patty.  It's not outstanding yet, its not bad!  
I just need more ketchup and mustard please!

Starving Sailor Steak Sandwhich
Php225.00 (approx $5.10)
I call this their Philly Cheese Steak.  You can opt for Chicken or Beef.  We tried the Beef instead as that's what steak should be!  Taste is ok, a bit bland for our taste but still, it disappeared after a couple of minutes :P

Freedom Fries
Php60.00 (approx $1.50)
Seasoned thin-cut fries which makes it really crispy!  I love this!

Army Navy Burger + Burrito
Level 2, Glorietta 5

Self service, you go to the counter order your food and they give you a number and wait for your number to be called!

And I have to take a shot of the cute walls!  Simple posts on the wall can zest up the whole place!

I've also discovered a new yogurt place at Greenhills Shopping Mall.  I got attracted to the cute place and name!  Yogi Berry Frozen Yogurt! 

Self service, I had plain and strawberry flavored yogurt in one tub!  I think its Php25.00/grams and this tub costs Php120.00 (approx $2.75).  I love my yogurt plain and I can eat this everyday!!!

Ahhh had a wonderful weekend and I've been waiting for this as I've been super busy over the week and the week to come!  Good, comfort food can really perk me up!

For local readers, do not forget to join the Happy Kainan contest with Coca-Cola to get a chance to win Manila Peninsula Family Package!  Smile and click HERE to join!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Contest Time: Happy Kainan Saturday with Mr. & Mrs. AMW (Contest Closed)

If I am asked to create another blog, I will not think twice to create a food blog.  Why?  If you can overhear my conversations about food with my husband, you will be amazed on how we talk about it  with such passion and you can see the sparkle in our eyes and hear the grumble of our tummies!

And you wonder why I started to talk about food and it's not even my regular "Weekend Food Tripping" post?  Here's the reason why.  Coca-Cola recently launched its "Everyday Kainan Happiness" (Everyday Dining  Happiness) campaign.  In that case, we are to share how every food tripping we encounter turns  into a very special moment having Coca-Cola around! Of course, Askmewhats share this space to YOU, my dear readers, to also share your own "Everyday Kainan Happiness" and get a chance to win something for you and your family!  Isn't that exciting?

Before we talk about the contest, let me share to you my experience of Everyday Kainan Happiness.  This time around, I won't be talking about myself but the love of my life!  No one is as addicted to the "Food + Coke" combination the way Mr. AMW does.  (Sorry Hubby, I have to share this to the world!)  I will share to you our happy travel, food-tripping moments together with the Star of this post --- Coca-Cola!

Happy Malaysia
This is our first "out of country" trip.  We backpacked Malaysia together with my College Friends. We toured on a budget!  Stayed in a friendly hostel, walked a lot instead of taking a cab, had our friend who works in Kuala Lumpur to be our tour guide. 

What I love about Kuala Lumpur is that most of the sites are available for tourists to visit for free or with a minimal entrance fee.  Lining up early morning to have the chance to tour on top of The Petronas Twin Towers was a breeze with early morning chats as we talk about the different people we see!  For Keith, having a bottle of Coke even as early as 7:30am keeps him alive and awake!

It was super hot and humid when we visited KL, so a stopover at a fast food restaurant will always be appreciated.  Keith loves the Fries and Coke combination, he just can't stop eating, even while taking photos!

Happy Hong Kong

A quick trip after we got married to take a breather from the post wedding stress. Hong Kong never fails to give us the "natural high".  What we love about Hong Kong is the fact that they have convenience stores on almost every corner and MTR stations!  Keith gets the excitement to look for different Coke packaging as we taste on chips, Hotdogs and sandwich!

Happy Shenzhen
I worked and lived in Shenzhen as a teacher for 3.5 years.  Keith did not get the chance to visit  me during my "work years", so I've decided to take him to this place for him to get the feel of what my life was back then.  We walked around the city like we were locals!  Took him to restaurants and street food stalls that tourists do not usually go to!  Though Shenzhen was only 2 hours away from Manila, Keith gets to see such cultural differences!  How about food differences?  Nah, there wasn't much, they all tastes good....

One thing I can't forget about this trip is when we got so hungry in the middle of the night and we're too tired and lazy to go out.  We bought some frozen dumplings from the supermarket and we used the water heater to steam!  The dumplings came out weird but still, it filled our hungry stomach and Mr. AMW has his trustee Coke (in different sizes) to complete our midnight snacks!  He kept the container and took them home!  We have them on display right this very moment in our room!

Happy Shanghai
My brother works in Shanghai as an Architect. Instead of him coming back to Manila to visit us, we visited him for a change!  I missed Shanghai, such a bustling city and there's just so much to do!  While we walk along the busy streets of Nanjing Road, we were lucky enough to bump into a ONE DAY FOOD FAIR!  We get to try different kinds of Chinese street food!

Happy Everyday Moments
Now, don't get me wrong, we don't only go around looking for Coke when we travel, we actually do that even when we're back home!  Birthday parties, Christmas Parties and on days we get so stressed from work and we just want to reward ourselves from long day's work!  We celebrate it by eating our favorite food! 

For us, scrumptious, enjoyable meal does not have to be expensive.  The simplest form of  food happiness comes from sharing --- sharing the food you love, sharing stories on how each others' day went and of course, having something you crave for the most on top of the table!  In that case, with such happy moments, hubby never fails to scream for "COK!" (Coke).  Good thing, I'm not a jealous wife! *winks*

It's your turn to share your Everyday Kainan Happiness and get the chance to win a family package at Manila Peninsula (where me and my hubby stayed when we got married) worth Php10,000!

Here's how to join:
1. For Philippine Readers only. (sorry international readers)
2. Answer this question: "What's your sweetest moment with Coca-Cola around?"
3. Type in your answer by commenting on this post together with your name and email address.
4. Contest runs from today until September 11, 2010.
5. No duplicate entries please!
6. ONE winner will be chosen via judges.

Keep smilin'
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Friday, August 27, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Use Accessories To Convey Your Fashion Statement?"

Fashion?  I have a very simple fashion statement!  I've always grown to love clothing that I know works on my body shape and does not stand out in a crowd.  Comfort has always been my "key" in choosing my own style.

Recently, I've found myself falling in love with accessories.  Simple clothing can turn into nice, fashionable pieces when mixed and matched with accessories!  I recently hoarded purchased from my favorite online store (also from a dear friend of mine) Shannaholic Online Shop.  You can checkout her Facebook page HERE.


Dainty pink pearls with a soft flower.  I love using this on top of a plain tee!

Cinderella necklace that's too cute to resist.  
Dangling bag, mirror, airplane and a high-heeled shoe!
I don't know why there's an airplane though! *laughs*

A camera necklace inspired by my hubby who loves photography!

Eiffel Tower necklace which is one of my favorite and I love wearing this on regular days!
Love the big and small Eiffel Tower with a nice ribbon finish! 

Earrings are wonderful pieces that can totally change your look!
I have a certain "Length" requirement for dangling earrings and this is the perfect length for me!
Nothing screams "chic" than a pearl and flower combination!

And obviously, this is not my face! *laughs*  Isn't she adorable?

This is my ear wearing the white version!

And the black version

Another proof to show you how much I love flowers! 
A very dainty clothed black flower to be worn on your wrist! 

I Wonder:
"Do you use accessories to convey your fashion statement?"

Click comment and share to me your favorite key pieces!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vaseline Road Trip Summarized in a Video

Hi Everyone!  Last May has been one of the most exciting month for me as I, together with Hannah and Ada were chosen to test Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 Triple Lightening Lotion.  Along the way saw and appreciated the wonderful sites our country can offer and at the same time,  met a lot of wonderful people from different walks of life.

Here's some behind the scenes on our "almost" 1 week Roadtrip Adventure up North!  I love the Philippines!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!