Saturday, May 31, 2008

Reader's Corner: My Wedding Photos

To my dear Yummy411, here's some photos from my wedding last Oct 2007 (the happiest day of my life). Enjoy :)

And since this is a make-up blog, below is a close-up of my very simple eye make-up.

For my married readers, how's your wedding day?
Any wedding pictures to share?
For the single readers, do you have any dream wedding?
My wedding wasn't a perfect wedding,
but given the chance to go back in time,
I would do the same over and over again!

Your askmewhats,

My "Nessasarymakeup" Haul Arrived!!!!

Dear Nessa,

Thank you so much for helping make-up addicts like us who don't have full access to cosmetic shopping! Thanks so much for being such a sweetheart and patiently answers my queries though I know how time-consuming it is. You just don't know how much happiness and excitement I had when I opened this package. It's a mini haul! It broke my wallet, but I'm darn happy!!!!

I do appreciate this and I will be hauling from your online shop soon!! Can't wait and more powers to you!!!

1. Mac Pro Palette (15pcs e/s)
2. Mac Aquadisiac
3. Mac Sushi Flower
4. Mac Carbon
5. Mac Amber Lights
6. Mac Bright Sunshine
7. Milani Storm
8. Milani Shock

Sooooo Happy!!!! I don't need to depot as they are all from the Pro Stores and are sold in refills!!!! Love it!!! Mac Philippines, please have these refills here!!!! Please!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Your askmewhats,

Friday, May 30, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Our Wedding Motiff" Look

Note: Thanks to Lurve for letting me know this entry wasn't posted at all :) I didn't even know!

I got married to my wonderful bestfriend and highschool sweetheart last year -- October.
We got a lot of stuffs in mind and the wedding motiff isn't even a big issue to us.
He loves blues and I adore pinks
We wanted to blend them both and it looked wonderful on our wedding day.

With eye make up, aside from practice, experimenting is the key to a good eye makeup.
I tried the blues of my hubby and the pinks of mine and I added up my next favorite..

By the way, I used all NYX products here
Here's my EOTD...

Products Used (eyes only) ---
  • Vaseline (for the loose powders to stick)
  • NYX single e/s Atlantic
  • NYX single e/s Cherry
  • NYX pearl mania in Turquoise (on top of the NYX Atlantic)
  • NYX pearl mania in Purple (on top of NYX cherry)
  • NYX Chrome Shadows in Queen (as highlight)
NYX Chrome e/s and Pearl mania are all loose powders and I find it a bit messy to apply, I pat on loose powders just below my eyes (as an e/s blanket) so it's easier to clean up the mess.

You wouldn't see me wearing loud colors, but don't get me wrong, I love vibrant colors :)
Hope you guys like it
It did brought me down to memory lane...
Wedding bells...

Your askmewhats,

Askmewhats Reviews: Accupleasure Head Massager

** available at Rustan's for Php195.00

This looks like a factory-defect egg beater right? LOL Your askmewhats venture not only on beauty but also anything that would interest me.

INTRODUCING.... Accupleasure Head Massage.... I believe is made in Japan. This weird thing is available at Rustan's mall. I was searching through make-up sponges when I saw this product. I can't help but give it a try as they have the "tester" just right in front of me. Who else should I use it to? (of course not to me silly but to my wonderful hubby..bwahahaha). I was surprised with the effect it did to him, I thought it was over acting! He of course said he's not and showed me his goosebumps!

So to return my favor, he used it on me and...OHMYGOODNESS!!!! I gave out screech and nearly ran out of the building! (Keith is not exaggerating!) hahaha

Here's how it should be used.... (much better if you ask someone to do it for you)
Step 1: Put it on top of your head

Step 2: Push the entire thing downwards

You'll go "brrrrr" promise!

It really does tickle your head and there's a certain "accupuncture without the needles" feeling. You can start at the back of your head or on top of your head, and me and my husband ended up using this to play and just get back at each other running around circles chasing each other!

This is a very "entertaining" product, but after several uses, you will loose the goosebumps and ticklish feeling! So now it ended lying around the room NOT serving its purpose! hahaha

It is indeed a product worth playing but not worth going crazy for. It does gives the "relaxed" feeling especially after first use. But it gives you the NUMB feeling after.

Will I repurchase?
No, if only I can use this as an egg beater...hehehe

Any crazy product you've seen and wanting to try?
Go ahead! As long as it's not too expensive!

Everything in this world is worth trying for...

and oh......murder?

and.... stealing?
OK OK, a lot of things are worth trying for!

Your askmewhats,


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Purple Rain" Look

Remember the first time I ventured into purples?
It took me a bit of courage and TIME...
I don't want the "black-eyed" look,
I don't want the "cried before I sleep" look...
So I have to practice....practice...blend and blen....

Check out my previous purple looks by...
Smiling! and clicking
Violet Blooms Look
Cotton Candy Look

Products Used ---

  • MAC NC35
  • Arezia Powder (on top to lighten up)
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium (as base)
  • NYX e/s Champagne (all over lid and as hi-lighting color)
  • Monna Dolan e/s E12 (this is dark purple color crease area)
  • NYX e/s Beauty Queen (outer corner of the eyes til mid part)
  • KATE Gradical eyes sparkly pink (inner corner of eyes)
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black (to line the eyes)
  • Sorry, no Mascara used
  • Cherry Culture Lip Gloss

And you want to go back BEFORE the "purple rain"?

Brace yourself for a silly girl...
no MAKE-UP at all..
I looked so ...colorless hihihi

Aaawww, my guy loves taking shot of me while getting ready for work!
By the way, the brush I'm holding is the BE (Bare Escentuals) Flawless Face brush
Will do a separate review on this brush soon!!!!
(Maybe sooner if you guys want me to...but be nice to me ok? *winks*)

How's everyone today?
Hope you have a great mid-week!
Your askmewhats just can't wait for the weekend!

Your askmewhats,

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cover Girl Enhancement Application

Before we start off. I have written a review on my Cover Girl Eye Enhancement Quad previously. One reader asked me to use this quad and see how it looks.

I bought this product for a very neutral or simple day look, for those days you don't want to have too much color on your eyes but you want to have the "depth". Especially for Asian eyes like mine, small and puffy at times. I've noticed that when I used this product, it isn't too strong and I can put the focus on my cheeks or my lips :D

Here's a step-by-step guide on Askmewhats version of using this product. You guys can be creative and do your own thing...

1. I chose the 4th color called Mocha, brush it lightly with my crease brush/blending brush

2. Sweep it lightly all over your crease (creating a depth)

3. Use a smaller crease brush and tap on Coffee (the darkest color of the 4 shades)

4. Swipe gently to the outer corner of your lids with a (<) sign, to create a deeper set of eyes look

5. Using a regular e/s brush, brush on the shimmery beigy color called "Mink"

6. Swipe "mink" on your lower lids to create an "awake" and "shimmery" look everytime you blink ;)

7. Swipe on the lightest color, called Barely Beige with the other side of your e/s brush (make sure not to mix up the previous colors you used)

8. Use barely beige as a highlighting color. You can also tap some excess gently in the inner corner of your eyes to create a "Blooming eyes" look.

Please do not forget to BLEND BLEND BLEND!

VOILA! Here's my before and after shot, you wouldn't see much differences but it does make me more "made-up" and ready to go :D

Hope I serve the purpose of letting you guys know how I use the CG Eye enchancement quads.
Want to check back my review on this product?
Smile and click Here!

Your Askmewhats,

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tip for the Day: Fuller Lashes Look

**UPDATE: A better photo below to show the area to tightline :D

One thing I love from attending "make-up sessions" or "presentation" is I always leave the place learning a tip or two.

I went to the CAS (Center for Aesthetics Studies) open house sale last month and I joined in the Paul & Joe (my ultimate favorite make-up brand) make-up demo. I learned a lot of tips but one tip that crosses my mind and I really use it and vouch on this is one from Ms. Lanie Acedillo. She is the Associate Make-up Artist of P&J.

One thing I would ask my mom if I could get back to her tummy and be born again, is to ask her to have my lashes trimmed to have fuller lashes (true or not, I wouldn't mind trying) *winks* But since i can't do that, I would settle for alternatives to make my lashes fuller (aside from applying mascara).

I'll post 2 versions, one from Ms. Lanie and the other one from yours truly. (which means: The LAZY version)

Disclaimer: I don't claim that I invented my own version, there could be a whole lot of people doing this out there, but what the heck? I just learned this... hahaha

Paul & Joe Version Tools needed --
1. Mascara
2. Eyeliner Brush

Steps ---

1. Use your favorite mascara and get the excess mascara by patting it on your hand

2. With an flat brush or angled liner brush (whatever your heart desires), lightly brush the "brush" on the mascara

3. Pulll your eye upward and walk through the brush through the roots of your lashes. Move back and forth (imagine like you're tickling your eyelashes). Not creating a line but adding some mascara on the roots. (photo courtesy of

Askmewhats Version tools needed ---
1. Soft tip eyeliner (black)

Step ---

Look at step 3 above and instead of a brush, use a SOFT tip pencil. Gently move back and forth concentrating on the roots of the lashes. Again, you are not creating a line but fill up the gaps to make the lashes "seems" thicker.

It really makes my lashes look fuller! :)
I can't seem to take a good pix of it as it just doesn't show up on pictures.
But I swear! It made my eyes look bigger and lashes fuller :) here's how it looks

Love the tip? You want more?
Smile and click HERE for more tips!

Your askmewhats,


Monday, May 26, 2008

Beatrilicious' Corner: The "Braid-y" Show

A follow up on my first post. Just previously, I shared with you beauties out there the "headband" trend. Now, you can try this one if you are more experimental with your looks – the braids!

of Glitz & Glamour, you were asking on other alternatives since you can’t handle the headband, I think you can try braiding your hair instead! Lots of ways, and styles you can try on. One tip I learned is that braids will stay longer if you do not condition your hair, because the tendency is that it will easily slip from the grip.

The braid trend has been spotted on young hollywood’s tresses lately, which includes Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson just last Friday! (see pics below). The Oscars 2008 red carpet also showcased the braided up-do courtesy of Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway. I’m a real sucker for chick flicks on the boob tube (a.k.a Gossip Girl and The Hills) so I always see Lauren Conrad in her braids for the longest time already. She has done many versions from the braided headband to the soft braids on the side.

I’m going to share with you a couple of pictures I have during my last two out-of-town trips, sporting the braid! Now, get some elastic bands and make yours!

Lindsay Lohan as seen sporting this braid 'do ---

Beatrilicious version ---

Ashlee Simpson sporting a cute braid 'do with headband recently ---

Beatrilicious version ---

Want to checkout the first post of Beatrilicious for the Hottest Accessory for Spring/Summer? It's easy, just smile and click here

Your Beatrilicious, Bea

Askmewhats Version: the "Falling Star" Look

The "Falling Star" look was inspired by my MAC Falling Star eyeshadow. MAC Falling Star looks so much like the NYX Rust! I have been using my NYX RUST so many times that I have to use my MAC Falling star!!! Have to use all your make-up right?

The "Falling Star" look consists of the sky (blues), the sun (yellow) and the soil (falling star, rusty browns).

Here's how the eyes look like....

Eyes closed

One eye, side view
(note: didn't use any mascara yet...see how INVISIBLE they are?)

One eye, opened

Crazy face shot.
With PATRICK!!! (Where's Spongebob?)
Thanks dear Weng for the lovely Patrick!!!

Products Used ---

  • MAC NC35 (it honestly looks dark on me, oh well, it's summer, so its a bit tanned look)
  • MAC Sculpting Powder Shadester - to contour nose
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium for blemishes and dark undereyes
  • Lancome white e/s (all over lids as bas)
  • MAC Falling Star
  • Maybelline e/s in Yellow
  • Fashion 21 Lagoon (waterline)
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • Revlon blush in Wine
  • Clinique (sorry forgot the color, and the sticker was gone!)

Have a great start of the week everyone!
I hate Mondays, I still do...
But what a girl to do?
But read beauty blogs....teeee heeee

Your askmewhats,


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Las Paellas Cafe

What is "Paella"?

Paella is a typical Valencian Rice dish from Spain. Paella is usually garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood. The three main ingredients are rice, saffron and olive oil.

Too technical? Well, worry no more, this is how my weekend food tripping went. Lovely Paella meal at Greenhills' Las Paellas Cafe!!!

Note: You have to order 30minutes advance as this really took such a long time to arrive....and it looks like this..who would get angry if it is this cute???? (well, to answer my own question, a Hungry person would....)

This is the famous Valenciana Paella worth Php450.00 (approx $10.00)

Wooohhooooo....this is good for upto 4 servings...yummmmeeeehhhh!
I'm allergic to seafood, but I pop on a pill just to EAT THIS! hahaha

The lovely seafood platter. Sooo worth it!!! Everything is just scrumptious! This is worth Php265.00 (approx $6.50)

The Baby Back Ribs for Php260.00 (approx $6.00)

This is on the house!!! The lovely staff from Las Paellas Cafe gave us a free piece of cake that was made of egg whites (sorry we forgot the name) :P

It was a great dinner, all the food are wonderful and yummy. And most of all ? AFFORDABLE
No complaints on their staffs, all are super friendly and wonderful.
Calls everyone Senor/senora/senorita --- CUTE!
Thanks for the wish everyone, I know I didn't have a good experience on my previous meal, but this one ROCKS!!!!
Sorry if I made you guys hungry, I can't help it! I have to share!

Wanna check out my previous "not so good" food tripping? Smile and click here

Lovely weekend everyone! *hugs* *group hugs*

Your askmewhats,