Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Askmewhats Revisits: Clinique DDML

Askmewhats Revisits time!
It's another product that I'll be featuring that I've used up or almost used up! :)
Should I repurchase? Or not?

Introducing Clinique's
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

also known as DDML

Final thoughts on the product ---

  • works well even on super sensitive skin as mine, I got face allergies in the past and I still continue to use this, did not aggravate my face
  • no more dryness on my skin, no flakiness
  • pump is wonderful, very hygienic
  • unscented
  • absorbs easily to the skin
  • though expensive, this product lasts a long long time! (photo proof below)
I purchased this product last year
February 9, 2008

  • when you're close to finishing the product, it is difficult to pump it out, so I have to twist this open to get the product out
  • no SPF
  • a bit expensive if you plan to purchase this full size (but totally worth it if it works for you)

This is a product that's been loved and hate by many. I am one of those lucky ones because this works for me. I suggest everyone to never purchase a full sized product without testing them first. I went in to purchase the full size because my Aunt gave me a trial size of this and it works well on my dry skin. I use this daily and I love how my skin changes from flaky to normal!

I don't see any anti-aging properties or see any significant changes on fine lines, I would say this works best as Moisturizer. It gives the skin the moisture it needed! :)

Will I repurchase?


Let me leave you with a question..
"With the current moisturizer you're using,
are you going to repurchase after you finish the product?"
Let me know!
I may learn a thing or two! :)
Stay Happy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Askmewhats Report: My Lancome Club Launch

March 25, 2009

Marks a lovely night for Lancome. Me and fellow beauty bloggers were invited for MyLancome launch.

The elite Parisian beauty club that has delighted luxury consumers worldwide is now available to Filipinas who love luxury and beauty -- the MyLancome Beauty Club.

This exclusive club help share with us the vision of beauty, the commitment of Lancome to making each member someone who is totally unique.

Here's how the beautiful the event greeted us!

Me and Shen of Kikay Pinay
working it out!

Allison Salvador from Lancome
Joined the camwhorers! lol

Each lady attendee
was given a single white rose

Though it drizzled,

the event went on

with wonderful looking umbrellas!
Here are the people from Lancome Philippines
with the Women of Lancome

Sis Jheng and Sis Jamie
joined Shen and I
for more camwhoring!

What's the details from the event?

Lancome Paris joins the writing of love story through Lancome Weddings. Packages that will help prepare the beautiful bride for the most important day of her life.

There are 3 packages to choose from for the bride to have the most luxurious pampering to prepare her for the big day (for more details, see contact details below).

In cooperation with the famous bridal couturier, Frederick Peralta, showcases his collection of elegant evening gowns together with the Lancome Makeup Expert, Jenny Malayao, Lancome Makeup Artists Sabs Hernandez, Tatin Yang, Stacey Tan Gana- Bravo, Maris delos Reyes, and Lancome Chief Makeup Artist, Gela Laurel-Tehmeier in a fashion show which highlighted the world famous Lancome Bridal Looks.

Here's Mr. Frederick Peralta
with his model wearing his Bridal Gown
after the wonderful fashion show

*whew* Airconditioned place!
We went to visit
the newly opened
Lancome Boutique

And we can't help pose again
for another Lancome Boutique shot!

(sis Jheng wants to eat the flower!)

Customers and guests
checking out Lancome products

Before I end this post
Let me leave you a crazy shot! :)
(L-R Jamie, Jheng, Shen and I)

Lancome Paris Flagship Store
Ground Floor Greenbelt 5, Phase 2

tel nos: 729.9394/729.9395

Have a wonderful week ahead!
I had a looooooonngggg weekend!
We had a guest who came over so me
and my colleagues are her tour guides!

How's your weekend?

Stay happy!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Figaro + 2 New Brushes

Hello friends! :)
Weekend is busy! I've got a colleague from our China office came over for a visit, so me and the colleagues will be guiding her around Manila and of course! Shopping :)

Weekend food tripping came in early because I had to share my love for coffee. A little bit of background, me and the hubby, when we were bfs/gfs, we love to stay at coffee shop and talk about anything!!! When we got married and we live quite far from all the wonderful places of shopping! LOL We decided to reminisce and have a nice quiet meal at Figaro.

Here's what we had for drinks :)
Hubby goes for Caffeine Free Iced Chocolate
Php95.00 (approx $2.00)
and mine is Mango juice!
Php125.00 (approx $2.60)

And I wonder why we were dining at a coffee shop

without COFFEE! LOL

Their Specfialty Pasta

called Pasta a la Carlo

Php199.00 (approx $4.15)

Smoked Farmer's Ham Sandwhich
Php179.00 (approx $3.73)

The Restaurant does not have a lot of food choices but hey! It's coffee shop! What I love about their coffee place is their ambience, simple, quiet and a nice place for a lovely date! :)

We dined at:

Figaro Coffee Company
2nd Floor Glorietta 3 Makati
Tel: 892.4279

I also wanted to add the 2 MAC brushes I bought over the week. If you are on my twitter list, you'll see that I posted a query to choose between the MAC242 and the MAC 239. I've been lemming for both but I wanted just one because I was telling myself (or trying to) that I don't need both.

Liz, a wonderful twitter pal and friend, advised me that MAC242 is great for cream based e/s or any cream based products, while MAC239 is great for powdered e/s. I've decided to buy 239 because I am a powdered e/s user.

But decisions aren't always final! LOL I gave in and bought these 2 because I know these 2 brushes will haunt me forever!

My happy purchase :)

Top: MAC239 Php1,495
Bottom: MAC242: Php1,495

Close up shot

Both are WORTH IT!
They join in my "must have" MAC brushes together with my MAC217.
I heart! I am so happy!!!
In-depth review soon!
I have to take a look
if I can find any CONS from these 2!

Stay happy!!! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reader's Corner: Q&A with Askmewhats


Since you are a beauty blogger, how do you wear your makeup everyday?

Askmewhats Answers:

Surprisingly, well not surprisingly to most who has seen me, I don't wear so much makeup daily. First, because my work does not entail me to meet anyone so I try to wear the least makeup as possible to help maintain my "youthful" skin! LOL

Of course I do change eye makeup color but my favorite neutral look would look like this!

Yes, boring neutrals!
What more can I say? lol

Eyes open

It is my signature look to have
shimmer on the inner corner of my eye!
Yes I need wide awake look

Contour my cheeks
since I'm on a neutral eye makeup
I do play with bright lippies :)


"How long does it take for packages to arrive in the Philippines if I ordered online?"

Askmewhats Answer

So many readers have asked me that question and I think the answer deserves it's own space on my blog.

Again, packages arriving in the Philippines depend on the local postal office. Bigger PO takes longer because it takes time for the worker to write down details on the notice card. I have packages arrived months after and some packages arrived as early as one week.

Some tips you should know:
  • try to choose "unregistered" post, I know this sounds weird but registered post (no matter how small the product or package be) needs you to pick them up at the postal office. They will NEVER deliver registered packages straight to home.
  • try to suggest to the seller or the sender of your packages to pack the packages in small to medium sized bubbled envelope, it tends to be delivered straight home that way.
  • boxed items usually takes a month or more to arrive, sadly, in my case and my friend's case, packages at times get lost! *sigh*
  • do not jump to conclusions at once and demand refund or action from the seller, embarrassing to say, I've received packages that are stamped to have arrived in our postal office weeks earlier before they decided to send the notice card of the packages.
  • if you don't have patience: online shopping is not for you
I hope my tips help :) Feel free to ask me questions if you have any! But bottom line, everything boils down to the mood of the P.O. worker! :)


"How long did your EYEKO orders arrive, did you receive any confirmation email from them?"

Askmewhats Answer

Since a lot of my readers has asked me about the EYEKO orders, I've emailed the company directly for answers. Quote: "If you have made an order and it says 'Pending' on the website this means that it has been sent. Please allow up to 10 working days for your order to arrive"


Most of the queries left at cbox or my comment sections are answered directly. I will be including questions for Reader's Corner: "Q&A with Askmewhats" if the queries have been asked more than once :)

Thanks for all the trust on my blog. I will do my best to answer them with the best of my knowledge. But of course, I am human, so any additional or corrections you may add, feel free! :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!
Stay Happy!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Changpo Hair Coating Essences

Hello my dear friends!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am really happy that a lot of my readers appreciate my reviews. It means a lot to me because eventhough blogging is extra work, it feels really great to know that I am helping people out! :) Keep the smiles coming! :)

Our crowning glory!!! Another hair product review for everyone! :)

Changpo Hair Coating Essence says ---

Changpo (Iris) is very well-known plant which Korean women have been using for ages to replenish moisture silkiness and shine. Formulated with Iris extract this hair care line improves damaged hair due to frequent perms or harmful pollutants.

This non-sticky essence helps prevent knots in curly brittle hair for greater manageability. Silicone polymers coat cuticles and split ends for silky smooth.

Askmewhats says ---

  • non sticky
  • hair feels smooth
  • smells wonderful
  • affordable
  • product lasts a long time!
  • nice pump packaging, no spill or wastage
  • right size, easy to carry around
  • none

Everybody knows how much I love my TFS Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair isn't magically straight because of it but my hair is shinier and softer. After my success with the Shampoo and Conditioner, I've decided to use a serum that's on the same line. It is worth it because it's non-greasy and works really well. Hair smells great and soft to the touch.

  • squirt once for short to medium length hair
  • squirt twice for long hair
  • rub the product on your palm first before spreading the product onto the mid section down to the ends of the hair
  • store in cool dry place
  • in my opinion, I prefer applying this serum on semi-dried to dry hair (effect is better compared to applying on wet hair)
Will I repurchase?


Where did I purchase and how much?

At The Face Shop stores for Php345 (approx $7.00)

Visuals time!
A packaging so nice

It fits the hand and easy to take along

Pump is very use to use
no spillage

Please click to enlarge

if you want to read the details
at the back of the bottle

Here's how it looks like :)

Here's my hair after application
Changpo Hair Coating Essences


I got my happy package for my 2nd order from the Makeup Mix Shop! So happy it came straight my home! What did I get?

  • CS Gel Liner in White
  • Ecotools Bamboo 5-pcs Brush set
  • Ecotools Bamboo eyeliner brush
  • Freebie -- Makeup Masala Mineral in Sada

I am happy with my purchases! :)
Have a wonderful day!
Stay Happy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something New: L'oreal Revitalift Eye

Note from Author:
Products posted under "Something New" does not mean that the auther own these products. This is a post that tackle on products new in the market and the Author would like to hear the thoughts of the readers who have experience using the products posted. This is an open forum post and a great place to share your thoughts for readers to buy or not to buy! Thanks! :D

L'oreal Paris Dermo-Expertist
Revitalift Eye

The elastin fibers represent less than 5% of the fibers int he skin, yet they are essential to its elasticity. AT 35, the elastin fibers decrease in number and their network fragments. The skin becomes less firm and less elastic, wrinkles begin to mark.

Fine and fragile, the eye contour area is more prone to the appearance of the signs of aging: Wrinkles and fine lines, permanent dark circles, eye bags appear.


For the first time, introducing a L'Oreal Paris skincare with elastin, to life wrinkles and give back the skin its elasticity.


Anti-wrinkles efficiency:
Pro-Retinol A stimulates skin regeneration to thicken the epidermis. Wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Firmness efficiency:
The formula is enriched with elastin, bio-compatible with skin. Moreover, its patented protective active, resuilt of 5 years of research, protects elastin fibers from degradation: they ae more numerous and more resistant. Day after day, REVITALIFT EYE firms skin and strenghtens its' elasticity. Your look is brighter.

Dark cirlces and Eye bags efficiency:
enriched with draining active, REVITALIFT EYE visibly dimishes bags under the eye, the skin becomes more luminous, and the dark circles diminish.
** test in vitro


Immediately, the skin around your eye contour looks revitalized.
  • In 2 weeks, dark circles and eye bags diminish, eye contour becomes more luminous
  • In 4 weeks, crow's feet around the eyes are visibly reduced: -37.1% **
** score evolution percentage is evaluated by a dermatologist, tested on 37 women.


The skin is thickened*
The elastin fibers are more numerous and resistant*
*test in vitro

The light melting texture of REVITALIFT EYE penetrates rapidly into the skin.


Use daily in the morning and at night.
Apply delicately from the inside corner of the eye outward.
Then tap gently with fingertips back towards the inside corner of the eye to make it penetrate.

No perfume. Suitable for contact lens users.
Tested under Dermatological and Opthalmological control.

Retail Price: Php770 (approx $16.00)
Available nationwide: SM Department Stores and Watsons Beauty Stores, PCX, The Landmark, Robinson's Department Stores, Shopwise, Mercury Drug Stores, Gaisano Metro Department Stores.

I want to check this out for my mom!!!
Price is affordable and Elastin sounds wonderful! :)

What are your thoughts?

Stay happy!

Askmewhats Reviews: Nivea Lip Care Repair and Protection

To some who remembered, I had my dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago. I went to the dentist thinking that I'll be going back home to prettify myself before I go out for a date with hubby. It took me longer at the dentist as expected due to my retainer's "tightening" and also the teeth cleaning. We decided to go out straight after dentist!


I don't have ANY makeup on!
What's bad?
I did not bring my makeup bag!
What's worse?
My lips are super dry and chapped from all the cleaning and gargling!
What's even worst?
I can't stop licking my lips, which everyone knows causes it to dry even more!

I was in PAIN!
Hubby told me to purchase another lip balm. I was super hesitating because I have loads at home. But I gave in! I have to purchase one as I'm not even enjoying the date! That's how severe the dryness of my lips can get! So yeah, I changed my mind, if I get trapped in an island, one beauty product I have to bring aside from sunscreen? MY LIP BALM!!!!

What did I purchase?
This one!!!

Nivea Lip Care Repair and Protection says ---
  • Effectively protects sensitive lips before they crack.
  • Strengthen lip skin barrier functions.
  • Contains natural ingredients: Bisabolol and shea butter.
The result is highly protected and healthy looking lips.
NIVEA Lip Care innovative moisture store effect – highly effective formula based on skin’s own Hydramine and Grape seed extract, supports the natural moisturization of the lips for longer.

Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.

Askmewhats says ---


  • moisturizing, without the yucky feel
  • no scent, no minty feel
  • it helps soothe chapped and painful lips (tested)
  • have so many variants to choose from, depends on your preference
  • affordable
  • fits the pocket or makeup kit without problem
  • you can get a lot of product from this


  • the cap can be lost easily if you're not careful
  • that's it! :)

Nivea lip products haven't failed on me. You can see my other Nivea Lip Product by smiling and clicking here. I love it that it's affordable and yet, you get what you pay for, and more! They don't work like those top brands out there, you need to re-apply after an hour, but it definitely help soothe my super chapped and dry painful lips. I am glad I picked this up because it works for both me and hubby. I made sure he uses it! hahaha

I bought this because I planned to give this to hubby! But I changed my mind, it's now on my bedside and it's our nightly ritual to apply before we sleep. I SAID WE! hahahah I do know how to share you know! *winks*


  • apply this all over your lips and go a bit beyond to protect the sides of your lips
  • leave this at night so you wake up with moisturized lips
  • do not twist it too long during application
  • store in cool dry place, this will melt a bit if you store it inside a car or hot area

Will I repurchase?


Where did I purchase and how much?

At Watson's Store for Php89.75 (approx $2.00)

Visuals time

I call this hardened petroleum jelly on stick Why? Because this looks like petroleum jelly, works like it It's nice to have this around as my hubby can use this as well, no color, no scent and it doesn't look like he has lip protection on :)

Here's how subtle it looks
if swiped on hand

(encircled part)

I wish everyone to have a great day!
Stay happy and stay free from dry lips!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Askmewhats Version: Gradient Nails with Love

Hello everyone!!!!

Happy humpy Wednesday! I am presenting another gradient nails for my lovely friend Yumeko, she has wonderful nails herself and she wanted to see more gradient nails from me! I hope you like it!!!!
Here's the final nail art I've created

I had Manicure and Pedicure Spa with my mom over the weekend. I chose the color that I know I can work with for my nail art. I chose Frosty Lavender. I forgot the brand name, but this was done by California Nails & Day Spa. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues who gave me and my mom a gift certificate for my 30th birthday. Me and my mom definitely had QT! (Quality Time!)

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of any base color you desire. Make sure to apply a base coat to protect your nails from the harshness of polishes.

Step 2:

I chose a glittery red nail polish from Elianto, name of the polish is Shimmer Burgundy. Apply a thick French Tip.

Step 3:

While wet, use a base coat that's runny in consistency to feather down the polish color. Again, does not have to be perfect.

Step 4:

Using my pearly white nail art pen color, apply 5 thick dots on dried gradient nails.

Step 5:

Use my favorite needle method to create flowers.

Step 6:

You can change colors to apply neighboring flowers or bees if you want (Mine came out looking like bees lol)

Needle the yellow dots if desired

Step 7:

Apply green dots at the center of the yellow dots to create bee-looking creature.

Step 8:

Dot in any clear polish at the center of the main flower

Step 9:

Put rhinestones to create a more 3d look :)

Step 10:

Making sure all the dots are dry, top the nail art with top coat

Voila! It's time for my fingers to do the posing!
*camera flashes*

Before I end my post, I want to give a special shoutout to Toma, the owner of Makeup Mix Shop, a special thanks for sending this package again! I finally received this!!! Just so everyone know, I bought these from her months ago and my first package was gone in space! Toma was nice enough to update with me about the status on my package. After a month, she was kind enough to resend my orders! Thank you so much Toma, I finally got it!!! I can't wait for my Ecotools brush order!

Here's what I got!

  • LA Art Deco Glitter Red Polish
  • LA Art Deco Red Polish
  • LA Art Deco Pink Polish
  • LA Art Deco White Polish (2)
  • LA Art Deco Black Polish (2)
  • 3 NYX Concealer in a Jar Beige
  • 1 NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium
  • 3 MM Mineral as freebie (Visesh, Tuta and Jadoo)
I definitely will enjoy these Art Deco Nail polishes, the first silver and gold I got was from Ahleessa (thanks girl, because of you I appreciate how good these polishes are for nail art and French Tips!)

I will be enjoying these hauls!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!
Stay Happy!