Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reader's Corner: Q&A

Good weekend everyone!

I have a question that I wanted to answer so everyone can read this answer as well! :) Thank you again everyone for being such sweet readers! The emails and comments that I've received are priceless! *group hugs*


"How can I create curls if I don't want to use heating tools? Any tips?"

Askmewhats answers:

Thanks for the question, I have been creating curls the natural way for years, I recently just owned a curling iron courtesy of Grace! I don't like tight curls, I like waves and natural looking curls. How do I do it?

Thanks to Paris B. for giving me the chance to guest write on her wonderful blog My Women Stuff. Here's the article I've written on "Making those Sexy Waves without the Heat"

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I will be back soon!!! And will probably do a food post if I have the chance! :)
Let me know how your weekend goes!
Do share your tips on the query from our reader :)
Many heads are always better with just 1 crazy one! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Graduation Day

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for all the sweet comments on my school post!!! This is the final school report and I hope everyone enjoyed my journey!

Our finals/ graduation day required us to do at least one look. We originally thought of doing 2 looks but doing 2 looks for 1 model is quite difficult so everyone decided to do just one. I've thought of a look that I haven't done yet for a nice portfolio. That's when I decided I'll go for Avant Garde Look.

Avant Garde Look.

What am I going to do? I was searching for a super look to challenge myself as I've always been scared of drawing! My brother is the artist in our family and I've always had him help me out in any school activities that deals with drawing!

Now this is makeup, I cannot have my brother help me out! I have to go ahead and conquer my fear, I've chosen a look done by the wonderful Julia who's super talented and she left me in "AWE" when I saw her photos! Check out her blog and you'll know what I mean :)

Here's the photo that inspired me to do the same! Check out her youtube video that goes with this wonderful look too! :)

Thanks to Julia from
for permitting me to attach her image here.

Here's my version!
I've changed the eye makeup

Done one tree

Model: Hannah

Hair done by yours truly too!
I love her smile!

The photo below was taken
Mr. Jeaves Gabiana

Products used ---

Face (Base)

MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation
MUFE Concealer palette
P&J Dual Powder Foundation no. 30
MAC Sculpt and Shape Shadester to contour

Face (Art)

Kryolan Supracolor
PAC blue e/s
NYX Mermaid Green e/s
NYX Yellow e/s
Loose Powder from Joppa in white

Stila Smudgepots in Black to draw trees
Stars from Vente store

MAC Coquette e/s for brows
CS palette black e/s
PAC e/s in pearl blue
CS palette yellow e/s
NYX Pearl mania in blue
NYX pearl mania in gold
MUFE Aqua eyeliner in Black
Stila Smudgepots in Black
P&J Curly Mascara in Black

Kiehl's no. 1 lip balm
MAC Russian Red
NYX Pearl Mania in Red

This is the famous
Stairway Shot

all graduates will have this shot! lol

YAY! We're graduates!
Basement Academy Batch 15

That's us!!!!

I am missing everyone! :)
My legs are super tired from all the walking
Weather in HK isn't that great,
but no one can stop me! :P

Keep Smilin!
Stay Happy!

Friday, May 29, 2009

MAC Russian Red Lipstick Review

Hey everyone!
Remember my old "I Wonder" post on Red Lipstick?

Just so you know, when I wonder, I really do wonder and I do take into account each and every comment like an important advise from a dear friend! Thanks for the recommendation and I'll definitely give them all a try if money is not an issue! :)

A lot of you told me to try MAC's Russian Red, and people! I do listen! :) I did some research and this lip color from MAC is known to be the best Red Lipstick in the world! So who am I to snub this color?

Care to read for my review? .......

Thank you! :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Basement Academy Day 7 Black & White Photography

Note from Author: By the time you are reading this, I am off for a short trip to HongKong! Last minute trip, but hubby will be on business trip so the wife will be going too! But just half of his business trip because I need to be back for work! I have scheduled some posts so you won't miss me too much LOL I would still love to read your comments when I come back! :)


One major reason I strongly went for the Basement Academy because of their course curriculum. They've included photographic make-up! My husband is into photography so I want to know what make-up intensity is needed for photos! I learned so much!

As we all know, the camera records a flat, 2 dimensional image so certain facial flaws are exaggerated and everything looks flat.

Black and White Photography is one topic we tackled. Though we are on a modern age, a lot of people still loves to take black and white photographs because it's classy and it lasts a lifetime.

Black and white photographs make the skin looks good but the right highlight and contouring is needed to make the person in the photo come to life!

Important tips that I learned ---
  • conceal spots
  • highlighting and contouring must be stronger than regular makeup but make sure to blend well
  • Blush application should also be stronger
  • Define the crease and outer corner of the eyes with a darker shade of e/s
  • Apply dark colored RED lipstick to enhance lip shape
Here's my work

a 15-yr old can be transformed
to a classy look

Products used ---


  • MACNC35 mixed with CG no. 1
  • MUFE Concealer palette to correct
  • Dollface Concealer palette to conceal
  • P&J Dual Powder foundation no. 30
  • MAC Coquette to fill in brows
  • P&J eyebrow pencil no. 3
  • CS 78pcs palette in matte beige
  • CS78pcs palette in black
  • MUFE aqua eyes black
  • P&J Curly Mascara
  • Falsies
  • MAC Shadester and Lightsweep
  • NYX Blush in Pink
  • MAC Russian Red

Here's her before and after shot

The Olsen Twins
They're sisters

(L makeup done by Shen)

I have to borrow her
ribbon hair band!
She's now the oldie,
I'm the youngie! lol

(look how pale I get without the right makeup
for B&W photos)

I've learned so much in this class!
Can't wait to do those looks again!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Try black and white photography!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Sexy and Dainty" Nails

Nail art post!!!

It's been awhile! I haven't gotten the chance to do my nails! So I hope you're missing my fingers because you'll be seeing a lot of them as you scroll down :)

I call this sexy and dainty nails! Sexy because the color is hot and dainty because of the flowers! It's for those ladies who look sweet and sexy at the same time! Ooohhh La La!

Here's what I came up with

Step 1:

I applied 2 coats of ELF Berry Pink

Step 2:

Apply platinum polish French Tip style and use a brush to lightly brush down the platinum color creating gradient nails.

Step 3:

You can do 2 colors but I want to have 3 toned gradient nails. After the platinum color above is dry. I applied ELF Light Red French Tip style.

While wet, brush lightly downwards. This doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 4:

Apply your preferred top coat.

Step 5:

Making sure the top coat applied is still wet, drop 5 dots of white polish. You can do as many flowers as you want.

did you know that?

Applying dots while the polish is still WET make the dots blend in with the polish creating a flat flower that looks like stickers.

It can look like this

Step 6:

Using my needle method to fix those dots that gotten near each other.

Step 7:

Apply Glitter polish (Optional) and top coat to protect your nail art.

I know it's such a long and tedious steps!
You can choose to do just gradient nails

and it'll still look lovely!

Hope you like this week's Sexy and Dainty Nails! :)
Sexy can be interpreted in any way!
You can look sexy with your nails too!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Mineraux Event

Mineraux, what is Mineraux?

Mineraux actually is a mineral company to look forward to this coming June. They are owned by Ms. Melissa Patricio-Vergara with her partners Joanna Clemente and Kristine Ongcuangco. They are 3 friends who share the same passion for mineral make-up!

I am excited to try this brand because.... It's Mineral! And it's Pinay made! Who knows Pinay skin more than Pinays right?

The launch happened at the Barcino Spanish Wine Cellar at Fort Bonifacio. I have the chance to talk to 2 of the owners Melissa and Joanna on the day.

L-R Melissa and Joanna

I like it that it felt like a gathering for friends who love make-up. It was very informal and questions are answered directly. Phoebe asked about their bestseller and we learned that the Skin Perfecting Foundation and their Bronzers are their bestsellers! Now that got me excited to try them. We were also served with wine and snacks. Isn't that great? Make-up talk, food and drinks! Now that's relaxation!

We had a chance to take a peek at their traincase full of their product lines. We had fun swatching them and oohhed and ahhhd over our favorites.

(photo above)
Mineraux Foundation

10g - Php330
20g - Php500

30g - Php600

Eyeshadow/Eyeliner/Eyebrow Minerals

10g - Php330

(photo above)

10g - Php330


Buffer brush - Php570
Foundation brush - Php570
Concealer brush - Php500

Eyeshadow brush - Php420

More Brushes

Kabuki Brushes - ranges from Php650-800

I saw a lot of beauty bloggers in the event. Hi to Phoebe and Shen!

Nikki & Jill first time to see you girls! Hope to see you again!!!
And Jamie, nice to see you again and it was great chatting with you!

Jamie and I :)

Here are the products
and online swatches

(you can click to enlarge)

I am definitely going for the Foundation!!!
I hope it works for me! :)
Comes June, let's check out their site!
want to ask more information about their products?
You can email them at

Keep Smilin'
Stay happy!

Want to see the products
up close and personal?

Smile and Click SWIPER

Monday, May 25, 2009

Askmewhats Report: Day 6 Bridal Looks

Bridal looks are dear to my heart!

The first time I told myself I want to study make-up, I chose Ms. Cherry Pacheco-Uy to be my mentor because I've seen her bridal looks and I love it! I've seen the huge transformation on the brides.

On my wedding day, I do feel a bit of butterflies in the stomach because I never look good with make-up on. I've had my prom makeup too dark and I always look like a different person when someone puts makeup on me.

But when the make-up was done! I was amazed on how much the reflection looks like ME! hahaha That's when I told myself, I want to make a bride feel super special on her wedding day, just the way I felt on my wedding day!

I learned so much on the Bridal Looks class because the teacher did not only taught us "how to put bridal makeup on" but she gave us tips on how to be a good make-up artist! I've been a bride myself so I know how it feels to look for a good makeup artist who goes along with your idea of a "blushing bride" and who understands how you feel on the wedding day itself.

There are 2 kinds of bridal make-up ---

Day Bridal Makeup : Beach weddings, garden weddings, indoor day weddings, breakfast weddings, etc...

Evening Bridal Makeup: Garden wedding, hotel weddings, etc...

As we all know, bridal makeup is similar to make-up on a regular day but a lot more definition, care and impact is taken into account as a lot of picture taking involved. Waterproof formulations work best because we anticipate a lot of sweating and tears!

Here's my Bride Model

Here's my version of a

Day Bridal Makeup

Up Close and Personal

On a Night Bridal Makeup

The outer v was darken
and more blush are added
and shimmery colors are ok
The lips are also defined

Products used ---

Thevi Liquid Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige
Mixed a bit with CG TruBlend no. 1
P&J Protective Dual Powder foundation no. 40
MAC Shadester to contour

CS 78 palette beige
L'oreal HIP in Dark Brown
MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in Brown
P&J Curly Mascara in Black

Elianto cream blush in pink
CS 78 palette blush in pink

Lush lip cream
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose

A Before and After Shot

Are you happy with your makeup when you got married?
If not, have you had your makeup done
for a special event?
What's your experience?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Enjoy the week ahead!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Hanobe Restaurant

Happy Weekend everyone!
No matter how tired I am, food is definitely something to enjoy! I haven't been eating really well on the past 2 weeks a I don't have full dinner! I leave work, go straight to the mall near the Academy, since the time is still early, I have no choice but to eat snacks instead of full meal. So after class, that would be around 11:30pm-12am, I will be eating again! LOL So my "eating" schedule got messed up!

So over the weekend, I made sure to treat myself with real food! Sit down, relax and enjoy a Happy meal, and's not Mc Donald's! LOL

There's a newly renovated restaurant in town located at Quezon City called Hanobe Asian Food House. The restaurant name sounds Korean but it's 100% Chinese restaurant!

Here's what we had!
Honeycured Pork
Not a lot of fats, very delicious!
The sauce is sweet and tasty!

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Typical fried rice
nothing outstanding
but tastes great

Kidney dish *lol*
That sounds gross right?
But it's stir fried pork kidney
It tastes good to most people lol

Tofu and Fish Fillet

Love it that it was served on a clay pot
I love the taste of the dishes cooked in a pot
The tofu is very juicy
and the fish is fresh

Shrimp Salad Roll

Yes, I am allergic to seafood
but I can't help but take a bite
as it tastes wonderful!
Love the big shrimp inside
with mix of fruits and cream

Oyster Cake

I am not an oyster lover,
I've given this a try and I don't like it that much
sorry :(

Everything costs around PHp1,300 (approx $27.00)
The place looks wonderful
It's jampacked with customers
My only complain is they serve the food
Super Slow!
You get to eat one dish, WAIT, then eat the 2nd dish
and WAIT again!
So if you're super hungry, think twice!

How's your food tripping?
What are you planning to eat?
Me, I want to eat Korean dish again!!!
Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!