Monday, August 31, 2009

Askmewhats Version: Majestic Smokey Eyes

Happy Monday everyone!!! A lot of you are home, sleeping in, resting!!! It's a Philippine Holiday today and I'm going to be at work! :( So I'm creating a look for a reader who requested for this way back!

Dear Nikki,

I've been wanting to do a smokey look for myself but I am scared of making my eyes look too dark and dramatic! I wanted a smokey look that doesn't look too scary. HELP!

A., this look is dedicated for you and to the rest of the population, like me, who aren't comfortable with smokey eyes as well. SHOCKER right? Well people who knew me knows that I'm into neutral and natural look rather than dramatic. But it doesn't hurt to shock the hell out of the people you meet right? Once in awhile..once in awhile :)

Here's my Majestic Smokey Eyes
inspired by Majestic mineral e/s from Joppa

AMW Diagram

Step 1:

Apply a dark base, in my case MAC's Shadestick in Sharkskin on the crease area going a bit beyond. Doesn't have to be perfect and blend it well with a taklon brush or your fingers.

Using a flat shader brush, pat on Matte Black E/S just above the Sharkskin base. I am using Jessie Glova's 28pcs neutral palette with my MAC's 242 brush. Patting motion.

Step 2:

Flipping the same brush on the other side, pat on Joppa's Majestic mineral e/s (or any loose e/s that looks like yellowish gold dust) on the crease area only. Again, using patting motion!

Step 3:

Using a blending brush, brush on a matte neutral color a bit lighter than your skin tone on the browbone area gently blending on the inner corner of the eyes.

Using a big fluffy brush, start to gently blend the harsh lines from the black e/s going beyond the crease area. Do this gently so you won't make your e/s fall out. Blend until there's no more harsh line!

Step 4:

Tightline with Urban Decay's 24/7 eye pencil in Zero (black), include upper and lower lashline.

Step 5:

Apply Urban Decay's 24/7 eye pencil in Yeyo (white) on the inner sides of the eyes to create a nice pop.

Step 6:

Using any liner brush or pencil brush, smudge the black eyeliner with a matte e/s to "set" the liner.

Do not forget to fill in your brows with your favorite eyebrow pencil, curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara. I am using Clinique's High Impact Mascara

Here's a dark smokey eyes that has
a nice pop of sunshine! :)

And what's on the rest of my face?

For the face:

Ellana Intensive Mineral Foundation in French Vanilla Latte
using EDM's Flat Top Brush

For the cheeks:

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Blush in Gentle Pink
using Charm Blush Brush from the Charm Travel Case

For the lips:

Kiehl's Lip Blam #1
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose

Smile your week away!

Thanks for the request, I do take some time due to cropping and taking of photos! But I am seriously loving it and it's great to share some ideas yourself!!! What's the best smokey eyes that doesn't look too "wham! bam! boom!" for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: If You're Craving for Italian Dish

Happy weekend friends! I had a very loooonnggg day yesterday! And I got wet twice!!! Long story! I hate getting drenched in the rain and you have to get in an air conditioned restaurant! Brrrr

Anyways, my weekend food tripping talks Italian... Delicioso!! There are 2 restaurants that serves quick Italian food I've tried over the weekend! First stop:

aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante

Baked Zitti With Hungarian Sausage
Php235.00 (approx $4.80)

When I crave for pasta, I crave for it BIG TIME! So I want my order to come in BIG servings! Baked Zitti with Hungarian Sausage is the perfect dish for me to fill up my tummy space! The hubby loves the Hungarian Sausage, I love the Pasta! That's sharing!

Glorietta 3
SM Mall of Asia
Visayas Avenue
SM Pasig


If I'm located inside malls, a quick fix for pizza and pasta (aside from Sbarro) is Chef d' Angelo! Chef d'Angelo according to their site is an Italian-American fast service restaurant which first opened at Robinson's Place Ermita! I remembered dining there with my colleagues and going back to the office late as it's always jam packed and you have to wait for your seats! Now I'm glad they have branches in almost all malls! :)

Great White Pizza (seafood)
Php220.00 (approx $4.50)

It's quite small to look at but it's full to the bite! I love the Great White Pizza and the Big Five Pizza (for Meat Lovers). I don't mind eating them for snacks! Yes, SNACKS! No dieting on weekends!

Spaghetti Carbonara
Pp148.00 (approx $3.00)

I am not impressed with this, but it's something worth trying! I love the garlic butter toast that comes with the meal and I love it that they don't scrimp on white sauce! I hate dry pastas!

SM Malls (selected)
Robinson's Malls (selected)

Are you into Italian dish recently?
What are you craving for this weekend?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Stay Magnifico! *kissing fingers*

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

Happy Saturday morning everyone! I am off to the hospital for my mom's checkup this morning! I know it'll turn out good! :)

I have another MAC SF Powder Foundation, MAC Blot Powder Pressed "packaging look-alike" for review...the MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder! Do I like it? Is it worth it? Read on!

MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder says ---

Micro-fine, sheer and silky. Pressed for portability. Goes on lightly. Won't shift your shade or leave its mark. Lets skin's natural vitality and freshness glow through. Comes with its own suede-finish sponge. Blurs lines. Makes skin look flawless.

net weight: 12 g/0.42 oz

Askmewhats says ---

  • never cakes even if you retouch many times a day
  • though I don't use the sponge, it's actually nice and made of good quality!
  • great to set liquid/cream foundation, does not change the shade as the powder is quite sheer
  • soft and non drying
  • no heavy feel
  • no breakouts and allergies (for me)
  • for someone who wants full coverage, this has light coverage
  • does not cover redness
  • for super oily face, does not control oil as much as you would want!
  • a bit pricey for a pressed powder with sheer coverage
  • other brands can do the same function at a cheaper price

It took me quite some time to review this as I've been comparing this with MAC's Blot Powder. What's the difference? Coverage and that's it! MAC's Select Sheer as it's name imply has a sheer coverage as compared to MAC's Blot Powder Pressed which does control oil better but no coverage at all.

I've used this multiply times on my client by dusting it lightly all over the face to "set" the makeup, I go down to the neck and also the shoulders, chest and back! Why do I do so? I want to make my client looks clean and yet isn't obvious that they have foundation on their body! It works that way!

Do I love this? I personally use the MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF) for retouch!

  • do not purchase the powder base on the number you use for the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I am NC20-25 and I purchased NC15!
  • use a brush to set your foundation or application rather than the sponge that comes along with it
  • if you are looking for full coverage, purchase the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation instead of this
  • want natural look? Cover your flaws with your concealer of choice before you use the MAC Select Sheer!
  • use a big powder brush to set your foundation, use a kabuki brush if you want a bit of coverage
  • never apply too much in one application, can make your face look unnatural and powdery.
Will I repurchase?

No, so many setting powder at the moment! And other brands can do the same function.

Where to purchase and how much?

At MAC counters for Php1,300 (approx $27.00)

Select Sheer Pressed Powder
close up in NC15

Close up on the sponge included

No Flash

With Flash

Anyone who's using this, do holler!
I'd love to know how you find this product!
I could be missing something

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Clinique Bonus Time!

Dear Philippine Readers:

It's Clinique Bonus Time Again!
Receive a 6-piece gift set for a single minimum purchase of Php3,500!

Gifts include travel sizes of ---

**photo from Clinique Philippines

All About Eyes Rich
Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx
Fresh Bloom in Peony
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Super City Block SPF25
Take the Day off Cleansing Oil

What's more, step up your purchase to Php4,000 and receive this trendy travel bag!

**photo from Clinique Philippines

That feels like Christmas!
I love bonuses!
And since it's payday!
This is the perfect timing for anyone who wants to try the 3-step skin care system
and get loads of great samples, what a great way to try on new products!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!

Ivoluxe Seductive Lips Winners!

Thanks everyone for joining the Ivoluxe Seductive Lips Contest! I enjoyed reading everyone's pick of lipstick shade!!! I've finally picked up 3 winners via random generator! Congratulations to:

1. Kessa Thea
2. Margarita

3. Kat

I will email you girls for shipping information! I will do more contests in the future! Watch out for the next contest...soon!!!

Warm hugs to everyone!

Askmewhats Reviews: Amu'in Alaga Hand Sanitizer

In today's time, nothing beats being healthy! If only we could go around in a huge bubble to protect ourselves from the germs we touch! What do do then?

I always carry a small bottle of alcohol around, I also carry my wipes! What else could the germ-phobic ask for? Something more.........

Alaga "Soothe/Care"
Hand Sanitizer

**photo from Amu'in

Amu'in Alaga "Care" Natural Hand Sanitizer says ---

Protect and cleanse your hands with this fragrant blend of Lemongrass hydrosol, Lime and Sweet Orange Essential Oils in Ethyl Alcohol.

size: 50ml


Askmewhats says ---


  • bottle: very handy, made from recyclable materials
  • not tested on animals!
  • smells wonderful and relaxing
  • does not sting
  • does not dry up my skin
  • the spritz type packaging makes the product lasts longer
  • non-sticky or greasy
  • if you love alcohol scent the way it is, this may not be for you!

This is a convenient way to santize my hand! 2-4 Spritz, I am ready to go and I smell the wonderful scent of Lemongrass, Lime and Sweet Orange, blended together forms a very light whiff of "comfort".

When I do makeup for my clients, I always use regular alcohol or alco-gel which is quite overwhelming to the nose! I want my clients to "know" that my hands are sanitized but I don't need to burn their noses with strong alocholic scent!

This product came in perfect! Clients see that my hands are sanitized and their noses are thanking me for the relaxation! :D

Everytime I feel stressed at work, I would spritz this a couple of times on my hands, and follow it up with the Amu'in Alaga Hand Lotion, closed my eyes and relax for a couple of seconds! I love it that I'm having my own "aromatherapy" anytime..anywhere!

  • use within 12 months after opening
  • for pregnant women, try to steer away from this product (safety precautions)
  • take this along in your bag to spritz on your hands, or areas you would love to sanitize! Doesn't hurt that this smells great as I use this on public toilets!
  • always sniff the scent prior to purchasing, I could find this scent relaxing for me, but NOT for you
Will I repurchase?

YES! I am so excited to review this as I love this product!

Where to purchase and how much?

Click HERE for all listing of places to purchase.
Php155 (approx $3.15) for 50ml

I'm happy the products are quite easy to purchase as they're available in major shopping places! I will definitely stock up on these!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Win Ivoluxe Lipstick Contest - Ends Tonight! (Contest Closed!)

Dear Philippine Readers:

Seductive Lips by I Nuovi Professional contest ends tonight!!!
3 winners will be randomly drawn and winners will be announced tomorrow!
You still have a couple of hours left!

Click HERE to join and goodluck everyone!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


Askmewhats Reviews: Clinique Repairwear

Happy Thursday! Today is a skin talk day! I will talk about the Clinique Repairwear line that I've tried a couple of months ago! I just had the chance to type in the review as it does take me a longer time to write a review on skincare products! A lot of organization of thoughts are needed! :D And recently, I don't seem to have that!

I've used this right after I finished up my Clinique's 3-step program. I actually was left with a Clinique Clarifying Lotion so it's a perfect timing to try the Repairwear Contour Firming formula and Repairwear Intensive Eye cream!

Note: I used both of these products together with a Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2.

**photo from Clinique site

Repairwear Contour says ---

This patented formula boosts skin ability to increase skin density. Skin looks more sculpted & defined along jaw line & cheek bone. Helps skin fight against external aggressors. Leaves ski brighter, firmer & younger-looking. Allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

Askmewhats says ---

  • moisturized my skin instantly
  • I find it easier to put on makeup in the morning as skin is still supple and moisturized
  • has added benefit of collagen!
  • has a nice brightening effect on my face right after usage
  • skin does feel firmer after a month of usage!
  • no allergies or irritations
  • no breakouts
  • jar packaging can be further improved

I love this product! I can easily choose this over my Clinique's DDML! DDML has been my favorite moisturizer for years! But I like it if a new product can give the "moisturizing" factor plus the added benefits!

What I love about this is that it has the capacity to "lift" and "sculpt" my face after continuous use! Do not expect any magic though but I like it that the product does not feel greasy and it works so well to moisturize the skin plus the added Collagen!

  • use a spatula to grab the product, do not use your fingers!
  • apply on clean hands and rub the product between hands to warm the cream
  • gently apply all over the face starting from the cheek area
  • apply the neck area as well
  • always apply using upward motion

Will I repurchase?

Yes, I plan to use this as I'm done with my Clinique's DDML!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Rustan's Clinique Counter for Php3,100 (approx $63.00) for 30ml
Php3,950 (approx $81.00) for 50ml

Here's a close up shot on the product

Here's how I apply my
Clinique Repairwear Contour

Step 1: Grab product with a spatula on clean dry hands
Step 2: making sure your face is clean
Step 3: apply gently all over the face starting at the driest area
Step 4: Voila! Moisturized skin and wake up with a firmer texture!


**photo from Clinique site

Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream says ---
  • An anti aging eye cream that moisturizes while it helps repair skin's appearance.
  • Light activated spheres boosts natural lipid production or barrier repair.
  • Powerful antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, rosemary extract and a special blend of teas, protect against environment damage.
  • Opthalmologist tested.
Askmewhats says ---

  • a little seriously goes a long way
  • this absorbs to my eye area so well!
  • my eyes do not puff in the morning
  • texture is very light and not heavy
  • no allergies or irritations
  • jar packaging can be further improved
  • pricey for an eye cream that you won't finish up as you use only a little
  • does not remove bags, dark circles or fine lines immediately <-- do not expect this on all eye creams!

The Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye cream has a "cream-gel" texture as opposed to the gel texture I love from Clinique's All About Eyes. But for it's creamy texture, I love this that this isn't heavy at all! It absorbs quickly (seriously! Less than 1 minute!) and it also gives out a "brightening" effect like that of the Contour Firming Face Cream!

I wouldn't say that after a month of usage that my lines around the areas disappeared, again, do not expect earth shattering changes as I believe most eye creams do take effect after longer period of time!

  • use spatula to grab the product, do not dip your fingers!
  • use morning and night, depending on your eye preference. I prefer using this night time only.
  • use your ring finger to apply for lesser pressure
  • apply in gentle patting motion, do not rub!
  • be careful not to get this product into your eyes

Will I repurchase?

Yes! Although Clinique's All About Eyes is my ultimate favorite! I am liking this because of the added benefit again!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Rustan's Clinique Counter for Php2,300 (approx $47.00) for 15ml

Here's how I apply my
Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream

Step 1: Grab the product with a spatula and transfer to your ring finger
Step 2: Gently dot on the undereye area,
I actually include the sides and also the brow bone area
Step 3: Continue patting til the product absorbs
Step 4: Moisturized eye!

To my reader who asked about Clinique skin care products, I hope this mini review helps!
If you want to search for other product reviews, you can type in on the search bar
or go to the right hand side of this blog to the "LABEL" area and click on the brands for reviews!

Thank you to my dearest online friends who are emailing and leaving sweet messages, keeping me updated on their product experiences! I am really happy to know you all!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MUFE Eye Seal

Good morning!!!! Are you smiling today??? Funny thing, I know I am, this has been one of the challenging week but I found myself..smiling and enjoying every moment of the day. I guess I am FINALLY learning how to take one step at a has to go on..I don't have to carry all the burden on my shoulders..I can put some inside my makeup traincase and leave it at home! Great idea! :D

Remember my post on finding the best eyeliner that stays??? If you have short term memory like I do, please refer my post here, but I know everyone has great memory...except me :( !

Today, I am not saying I found the best eyeliner pencil! I am saying, that I've found the best eye sealant that makes my pencil eyeliner, or eyeshadow-turned-to-eyeliner stays longer and best of all! Smudge-proof and waterproof!!!

Makeup Forever Eye Seal says ---

An alcohol-free liquid that sets and waterproofs all powdery makeup and pencils.

It is formulated to increase the intensity of makeup colors and pearl effects as it instantly waterproofs your makeup.

How to use
  • Put a few drops in a cap or bowl.
  • Fill the brush with the liquid and apply it over powdery makeup.
  • Draw the line immediately and let dry.


Askmewhats says ---

  • you can have more choices of eyeliners as any eyeshadow shades can turn into eyeliner with this wonderful eye seal
  • creates waterproof eyeliner, lasts the whole day
  • a little goes a looooonnngggg way! No matter how small the packaging is, it will last!
  • simple, no fuzz bottle
  • no more smudging and smearing!
  • great to apply on lower lashline too!
  • can be easily removed with your regular makeup remover
  • to people who have SUPER sensitive eyes, be careful, as anything you put onto your eye could irritate it.
  • NONE, that's IT! Maybe just the fact that I have to wash my eyeliner brush more often as it can turn my brush into a hard stone!

I seriously haven't tried any eyeliner pencils that does not smudge on me. Gel liners can do the trick but not everyone is into gel lining or liquid lining their eyes, pencils are still the best but it can smudge like crazy especially on humid weather!

After using this MUFE Eye Seal, I am starting to love my pencils again! It seriously makes my "supposedly waterproof" eyeliners into "certified waterproof" eyeliner pencils!

  • use a small cap to do one drop and dip your brush to it, do not pour this directly onto your brush as you could waste a lot of product
  • one small drop is enough for both eyes
  • the brush hair will harden after using this Eye Seal, so make sure to clean your brushes upon each usage
  • always check signs of irritations, after application, if you feel a tingling sensation, itchiness or pain, remove the product immediately
  • want to "double waterproof" your eyeliner pencils? Dip your brush with this Eye Sealant and line through the pencil liner with the eye seal for longer wear
  • do not apply on waterline as it could irritate your eyes
  • solution dries pretty quickly so you have to work fast!
  • want your eyebrows to last longer? Dip your brush with this eye sealant and "seal in" the brow color
  • never pour this liquid directly to the eyeshadow on the pan! it will ruin your eyeshadow as it can harden it!
  • as usual, put on the date on your first usage to monitor expiration (I am very particular with any face or eye products on expiration dates!)

Will I repurchase?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Where to purchase and how much?

At MUFE stores for Php1,250 (approx $26.00)

Size as compared to my small hand

Still unsure of it's size? Compared to a q-tip
(q-tip comes in 1 size only, so I hope this is a nice comparison lol)
How creative can I get? :P

A close up on the bottle
Looks like the head of Visine

Just a bit larger

Top view on the hole

I will show you some photos on some eyeshadows I've used as eyeliners swatched on hand to see how pretty it gets. I'll do a revisit in the future for the waterproof, smear-proof, smudge-proof power of this Eye Seal! It has to be further know my keen, watchful eyes...nothing can be missed! :D

Here are some random products I've tried to test the MUFE Eye Seal. I've used 2 kinds of eyeliner brush from Charm and some random eyeshadow both loose and pressed.

No base
Used a small drop of MUFE Eye seal on each color
swiped 2x

  1. from Arezia palette light brown e/s
  2. MAC pigment in Vintage Gold
  3. Coastal Scents Blue Diamonds Shadow
  4. Laura Mercier Blue Sky Quad using darkest color
  5. Arezia e/s in green
  6. Arezia e/s purple
  7. Arezia e/s red
(note: nos 3 and 4 looks like the e/s smudges, but it actually didn't, its my fault!
It was the way I applied the liner I wasn't careful!)

I actually tried to smudge them with my fingers, it didn't budge!
I washed my face and hands, it stayed put!
It was easily removed with my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil :)

Now, it's time for me to be creative and bring out the different colored e/s to create colored eyeliners! Whoopyyyyy!!!

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Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!