Monday, March 31, 2008

Just an Ice Breaker


My Summer Ready Nails

Good Monday everyone!!! I hate Mondays!!! I really joke. That's why I make it a point to have something to hold on that case, I can't bring my hubby to the office and I can't bring my pomeranians as well! When the manicurist came, I really wanted something loud, funky and cool! Coz it's hot in Manila now and I want to feel summerish! Without further ado, here's my funky rainbow nails!

I just hope it won't chip with the way I type! hehehe

How about you guys? What do you do to forget about the Monday Blues?
Have a good week ahead everyone!

Your askmewhats,

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: L'oreal Elvive Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been an avid user of The Face Shop's Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. I got a bit tired of going around different branches to look for it and wait for the stocks to arrive as this is quite saleable (Yup, always out of stock for approx $18.00 both shampoo and conditioner).

Since the L'oreal Elseve line came out to the market, I've been eyeing to try on the products but I always got scared to! Hahaha I'm a coward when it comes to hair products, as I had my hair gone bad story when I was younger because of wrong choice of shampoo.

I went to the Duty Free Shop again recently and I saw the L'oreal Elvive line. I like the packaging better and they've got more choices to choose from! hehehe So, I gave in and tried L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shampoo together with the L'oreal Elvive Multi-Vitamine Conditioner. I wanted both to be from the same line but I kinda thought about getting the best of both worlds! Since I have Nutri-gloss from the shampoo, I might as well get more vitamins from the conditioner for my Hair! hahaha Good thinking? or not? hehehe's how the product looks like...oh yeah, both shampoo and conditioner combined price is cheaper compared to my previous one, both of this totaled around $8.50 !

I think it's safe for me to do a review now as I've been using this product for more than a month.

Askmewhats says ---

  • both shampoo and conditioner smells super nice
  • my hair is softer and tangle-free
  • cheaper than my TFS brand
  • I didn't see any "glossy" effect (well maybe I'm using both different lines?)
  • at the end of the day, my hair kinda weighed down and doesn't have the body anymore (note: I'm in an air-conditioned room almost the whole day)
This isn't a bad product, I would say this is one of the better product in the market today. But if I compare this to my Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner, TFS Changpo still would top my list. Even my hubby said my hair looks better with the Changpo line :D

Will I repurchase?
I'll try their different line, they have more I believe hehehe Or I may go back to TFS Changpo line

How about you guys? What brand of shampoo and conditioner do you use? And are you loyal with it?

Your askmewhats,

My Paul & Joe Cosmetics Haul and Makeover!

As promised, I will post a simple "Sweetie" makeover look from Paul & Joe. What I love about Paul & Joe product is that they can really cover up those blemishes, or undereye circles but it won't look cakey at all!!! They always manage to give me this "dewy" and "natural" look. Hope you guys like seeing the "fugliness" in me...boooohoooo

Trust me, I am dead tired staring at the computer the whole day and I got stuck in traffic as forgive my super "dead tired" look.....spare me guys hehehe

Sunday giving me the tricks of Paul & Joe concealer... oohhh by the way, I really LOVE the way they do brows!!! As you guys know...I'm super particular with eyebrows :D

In less than an hour, here's the final "sweet" and "innocent" look :D

I had fun...I learned a lot of tips, and I got BROKE! :( Here's my haul!!!! Will do review on these soon! But a quick peek for you reader... I got the ff --

1. Protective Dual Powder Foundation with SPF25 in O3
2. 2 x Eyebrow Pencil Crayon Duo A Sourcils (02 Duo Brown and 04 Duo Blond)
3. Waterproof Curly Mascara in 02 Brown
4. Face Color Powder in 46 Etoile Filante (light pinkish color)
5. Birthday bash freebies, includes Mallows, lollies and Paul & Joe skincare samples (Moisture Lotion, Light Cleansing Milk and Whitening Emulsion)

AND....I'm not done yet...the best part is....with purchase over Php4,000 (USD100 -almost), I got this!

I am still giddy I can't explain it! Some of the products above I've already been using, I'll do a couple of reviews on them soon!

Your askmewhats,

Friday, March 28, 2008

You're Invited to Paul & Joe's First Birthday Bash!

Join international makeup brand PAUL & JOE during its birthday bash at Rustan's Makati all March long! Here are all the goodies and treats in store.

Askmewhats dropped by night time and learned they've got sales on chosen products upto 20% off!!! I am still giddy from my make-over and purchases! Thanks lovely Sunday (the wonderful makeover guru). I'll talk more about it soon, for now...c lick here for more information.

Happy birthday Paul & Joe!

Your askmewhats,

Reader's Corner: MAC 168 and SUESH Angled Brush

This is just a quick answer to a query of Ms. Shen from Kikay Pinay

Here's the MAC168 brush you've been eyeing for face contouring...

And here's the Suesh angled brush , there's a bit of difference with their appearances. Suesh angled brush is fluffier because it's not as compact as MAC 168, but for it's really soft bristles and affordable price, I would say Suesh brush was able to do it's purpose --- BORN TO CONTOUR hehehe

The Suesh Angled brush is available in their 16pcs set at Suesh website.

Hope this helps :)

Your askmewhats,

5 Beauty Crimes I'm Super Guilty Of!

Thanks to Liz of Lizterati for tagging me...hahaha I thought I got away...

I'm not including the "not cleaning the brushes" as I think almost all of us beauty addicts are guilty of that once or twice or more in our lives!

1. I love buying cosmetics! And I don't use them all! The worst? I always tend to use the newer ones and leave the older ones in VAIN :P

2. I don't drink much water as well, my skin are sooo dry and I'm still lazy to drink water :( Good thing I have a hubby who constantly reminds me to drink water!

3. I know I should put on lotion EVERY MORNING AND EVENING due to severe dryness of my skin, but I skip on it on those lazy mornings or nights.

4. Even though a certain product/brand works well for me, I tend to be disloyal due to my "bad case of curiosity" and buy on other brandsA just to TRY, and you know what the ending would be --- WASTE OF MOOLAH!

5. I'm allergic to pet hairs, but I still won't give up my 3 Pomeranian, I don't care if I have to scratch here and there from time to time, I'm NOT GIVING UP! *snnniiffff*

Anyone can be tagged and feel free to tell me what your beauty crimes are!!!

Your askmewhats,

Threading Experience

Since I posted about eyebrows yesterday, let me just complete it with another brow issue :) hehehe THREADING!

Fabio Salsa, the first time I heard this, I thought we were talking about Food, something about salsa that was made by Fabio! Don't laugh! hahaha You can't blame me, I'm not only a make-up junkie, I'm also a food addict! hehehe

Well, I am going for a "Threading" session as scheduled at Fabio Salsa SALON after office hours. For my dear readers, Fabio Salsa Salon is part of the Franck Provost Group. And I'm not into threading, the reason why I went through all this is because of the photoshoot I'll be doing for a make-up class :) Fairy look, remember?

My threading experience with them is quite nice. I would say you will just sit down on their chair and the wonderful Ms. Celia (who's the only person in charge of threading) will do her stuff and she will take a look at your brows first and you can always tell her your concerns on your eyebrows. In my case, I told her not to make it too thin and sparse :) She understood perfectly. This was my 2nd threading experience and I would say, ALL Threading hurts, but with Ms. Celia, it wasn't that painful because she's quite experienced and she knows what she's threading for.

You guys will probably ask for the price, it is quite affordable...for only Php 165.00 ($4.00) I suggest you give them a call first (contact details further below) and book an appointment :D

FABIO SALSA Power Plant Mall
312 Amapola Street Corner Estrella Street
1200 Makati
tel no: 8981431

Your askmewhats,
Nikki (threaded girl)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

AMW Version: Drawing Your Own Brows

I have been doing make-up to other people since high school. Honestly, one part of the face that seldom touch would be their "eyebrows". I felt that if I made a mistake in plucking, shaving or even trimming it, they're gonna freak out and not let me touch my face for the rest of their lives! (paranoia!)

I myself have been doing a "boo boo" on my own brows, and when I had to chance to learn make-up? I make it a point to learn about the art of "brow-tifying"!

After months of practice, I would say I haven't mastered it but I learn a whole lot and would like to share them to you guys :D

What you need:
1. Brow Pencil - I used Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil Duo No. 4 (yup, its very light but don't worry, it'll work!)

2. Petroleum Jelly/Lip Balm - I used my old chapstick balm which doesn't work on my lips but works on my eyebrows

3. Eyebrow powder or E/S that is one tone lighter than your hair - in my case, I use MAC e/s in Coquette

Tools needed:
1. Mascara Brush

2. Eyebrow Brush

Before I did anything to my brows, here's how it looks like ---

I have 2 steps to share it to you guys, the long cut version and the short cut version, so your choice ladies!

Steps: (long cut version)
1. Clean your brows
2. Draw in the top of your brows with the eyebrow pencil - drawing the top part looks more natural (Eureka moment: Pencil isn't just used for outlining or drawing the brows, this also serves as a "Base" for the eyeshadow to stick on to your brows to make your eyebrow powder lasts longer)
3. Using your eyebrow brush, fill in the gaps with mini strokes or check-marks with an eyeshadow one tone lighter than your hair (as you all know, a black one will make you look older and unapproachable)
4. Use your mascara brush to brush off harsh lines
5. To tame your brows, use a petroleum jelly (or in my case, lip balm) to tame your brows and brush it again with the mascara brush

Steps: (short-cut, in a hurry version)
1. Clean your brows
2. Gently apply petroleum jelly/lip balm to your brows (this serves as a base for the e/s to stick)
3. Using your eyebrow brush, fill in your brows and create the shape you want
4. Use your mascara brush to brush off excess powders and remove harsh lines

Of course the long cut version's outcome looks more professional and brows looks really neat. But the short version, trust me (I'm doing this everyday), works just as well. Your choice, your brows! *winks*

Here's the AFTER look ---

For better comparison, check out this pix comparing my left and right eyebrows. Sorry, bad picture as I'm just using a camera phone :D

Hope this helps! I'm sure there's a whole lot of other versions out there, but this one works for me! So I'm sharing the info! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Office Table Looks Like this....

Just to share with you pretty gals...

When my colleagues wanted a makeover before their night out, or be it a date, or there were days they just wanted to be pretty, here's how my office table looks like (note: I'm doing this during break time ok? shhhhh)

I only bring the basics and whatever skin tone or whatever "looks" the request of my friends. No point in lugging around everything and not using 'em right?

Pardon me for all the crazy stuffs on my table!

And here's my ever lovely gorgeous brushes ...

And here's where I store my sponges, cotton buds, cotton balls, mascara wands etc...clear box so that I can see everything clearly (update: I just bought 60 pcs Triangle sponges which I kept in this box as well)

Awww, just looking at these pix makes my heart skip a beat :P

Your askmewhats,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Smashbox Skin Tint Review

** Photographed by : Keith Tiu
** bought at the duty free shop for $24.00

Smashbox Skin Tint is like the regular lip and cheek cream that a lot of cosmetics company has been doing to save time and energy for cheeks and lips make up application. What's famous here in Manila is the Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain and it has been the buzz for quite some time now. I heard they're going for the buy one take one lip and cheek stain...again.

I never got myself interested with lip and cheek tints or taints or whatever they call it. But when this lady from the DFS Smashbox counter told me about the discount I may get if I purchase $50.00 worth of their products (can't remember but something like that). So I kinda got myself into panic buying again (in case you're wondering why I'm getting more of those smashbox stuffs..sue the Smashbox lady!)

Anyways, this was like my last resort as I didn't find anything I really want from Smashbox except the Photo Finish Primer. And I got my hands into this without even testing this.

Anyways, I got home, tested it on my cheek, and I was a bit surprised how nice it came out. It is a bit "peachy pink" in tone with a li'l bit of gold shimmer on it (Hello NARS Orgasm, you the cousin?)

Here's a photo of me putting this on my cheek (Note: I don't put this much, I did this on purpose for the camera to do some justice on this wonderful product)

Blended it with my fingers...

Voila! Healthy peachy pink tone

And since it's a lip and cheek tint, let's give test this on my lips! I used a brush as I don't want my lips to kiss my face (hahaha that didn't sound right) but you got the point!

My lips are super dry (as I stated over and over again), though the color came out really nice and nude-y...I had to finish this off with....


I LOVE how it looks! I never thought a nude lipstick would look nice on me..but it did! Personally! trust me! hehehe This color is my hubby's fave...everytime we're ready to leave, he'll be like..."are you using the TINT?" hahaha cute

Smashbox says ---

SKIN TINT glides over cheeks and lips for a flush of natural-looking color, making you look lit from within. Sheer enough to risk mirror-less application, the antioxidant packed formula contains vitamins A, C, E, aloe, and echinacea to nourish skin.

Askmewhats says ---

  • It does glides on the cheek and lips smoothly
  • Does not have any yucky taste
  • natural/healthy looking
  • very convenient to bring
  • has the light amount of shimmer that looks natural and not too made up
  • it stays on your cheek, for lips, had to re-apply
  • I honestly don't know how long I'll be using this, as this is HUGE
  • For Oily Skin: I have a feeling this will be a con for some of you gals as this is cream blush, may "add" to the oiliness looking cheeks
  • I am not sure but I believe this has been discontinued (sorry)
Tip --

Apply to cheeks for a beautiful radiant glow. Start at the apple and blend upward, using fingers.
Always follow up with a clear lipgloss as I find this not creamy enough to be a lipstick

Will I repurchase?

Your askmewhats,

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tip for the Day: Home Made Brush Cleanser inspired by Koren

This one is dedicated to Iamsutil and Devi

I am a clean freak, and I am a proud owner of make up brushes (lots of them). So cleaning my brushes is really one of the most important step for me in make-up, especially I love applying make up to other people. Sanitation is super important.

Here's what I've been using for months now and so far, my brushes are in good shape. This is best used for each application but do not forget to deep clean your brushes with baby shampoo and warm water at least once a week :D

Hope this is as helpful as it was to me.
What you need ---

Distilled Water
Alcohol (70% or 91%)
Detergent (Dishwashing liquid)
Regular hair shampoo (for normal to oily hair) or baby shampoo
Leave-in conditioner (the spray-on ones)
Mixing jar
Empty bottle (to put in the mixture later on)

Here are the steps ---
1. Pour in 1 cup of water to your mixing jar
2. Pour in a quarter of a cup of alcohol, this will be your disinfectant/anti-bacterial
3. Use a 1/2 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid
4. Then 1/2 tablespoon of shampoo
5. Finally, add a tablespoon of leave-in conditioner (spray on liquid) to condition the brushes
6. Gently stir everything, do not stir fast as the detergent may start to suds/foam
7. Pour all of the mixture into the empty bottle and you can store this for future use

Voila!!! Your home-made brush cleanser Koren style. Thanks Koren of Enkoremakeup!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eureka Moment- Brush Holder

I was in continuous search for a brush holder for my "personal" brushes. I am so picky when it comes to my makeup tools. I want it to be really "cute" , fashionable and of course, affordable! I was just doing my usual rounds of "window shopping" with my hubby when I laid eyes on this cute jar with lid. Bought this at Puregold for around Php150-200.00

They have a couple of different designs and lid color but just to be part of the theme, I bought this one with the word BRUSH on it *hehehe*

And here's how it looks like with my brushes, I am still on a lookout for those cute pebbles to keep my brush holder in style and my brushes standing straight up!

As for the lid, I don't want to throw it away so I've decided to keep it and use it as my tool in brush cleaning.

The "Starbucks" bottle is my "home made" brush cleanser (inspired by Koren of Enkore). After each application, I would put in some of the brush cleaner on the lid and swirl it and clean it up using a towel :D I am so happy with my find!

I hope this inspires you guys as well to find your brush holders ...happy searching!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ajisen Ramen at Robinson's Place

I have tasted Ajisen restaurant both in China and Hong Kong and both countries never failed me. That's why when I saw a newly opened Ajisen restaurant at Robinson's Place, Ermita. I was floored! My tongue was just so excited to eat their ever famous "served with a big spoon" ramen/udon!!! My hubby and I really took a nigh off to eat out and enjoy our Ajisen-ish moment together.

You guys know how much I love tofu dishes. I always wanted to give tofu a try for any restos who serve tofu. Remember the previous blog that I want a crunchy tofu in a sauce? THIS is the one!!! Spicy Tofu is the name of the dish. The tofu was fried with pork, shiitake mushroom, and kuchay in a special Ajisen sauce. Be careful though, as it is SUPER HOT inside the tofu..hahah me and my hunger pangs! I've been so excited to taste this that I kinda hurt my tongue..just kinda! But still ok enough to do a review on the dishes! hahaha, for me, it tastes wonderful!!! Totally different from what I'm used to. Love the sauce!!! Not too Spicy as what the name implied but it has this sweet, and a bit of spicy taste. (php105.00)

A special dish called Chasiu, a special Ajisen Pork as they call it. This is totally different from a regular barbecue we Filipinos are used to. The pork are thinly sliced and you will dip the pork with soy sauce. Totally different but worth the try (Php125.00)

Kon Udon, included in their house specialty, is Ajisen Ramen with pork, egg, sweet corn, cabbage bathed in their famous miso soup. You can choose between 2 types of noodles, Ramen (Php215.00) and Udon (Php235.00).

What's the difference? Ramen is the regular noodle and Udon is the thicker version. Picture above is Kon UDON, yup, I lurve thicker noodles.

This is very tasty, I believe they use natural sea salt and their noodles are 100% whole wheat. Everything is just so tasty and very aromatic! Yummmmmmyyyyy

They've got a whole lot of food selection as seen in the menu below, Donebouri or the rice toppings (Click to enlarge and be hungry!)

The Desserts Page (Click to enlarge)

Now I'm off to eating!!! I'm hungry! *zzzzoooommmm*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tip for the Day: Liquid Liner Application and My Pick

Applying liquid liner is one of the most difficult task a person would do in their make-up regimen. People then usually ended up using eyeliner pencils as it is easier and mess-free.

I strongly recommend people to use liquid liners even once or twice in their life. Liquid liner is best for dramatic eyes and on those special occasions. I was first introduced to liquid liner by a Sales Assistant at Kanebo counter. I was amazed with its "set" look and dramatic effect that I bought it right away without even thinking that I don't even know how to apply it on my own!

I had this liquid liner poked directly into my eyes (several times, I lost count). But that didn't stopped me. And now, I am proud to say, I can put on liquid eyeliners not only to myself, but to others as well! Practice indeed makes....a liquid liner WHORE! hahaha

Note: It isn't me on the picture, I applied this to my friend Bea (Thanks Bea)
I applied thinly just above the lash line to create a fuller lash look
I reapplied to thicken the line after office hours for a party look/more dramatic look

How to apply Liquid Liner "my" way (for first timers) ---

1. OPTION 1: You can line with an eyeliner pencil first to have a "stencil" so you won't go beyond the line
OPTION 2: draw dots on top of your lids with an eyeliner pencil and "connect the dots"

2. Slowly apply the liquid liner in small strokes (do not force yourself to draw a full line at once)

3. Do not open your eyes right away, give a couple of seconds for it to dry.

4. Re-apply for desired thickness

Kanebo Kate Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown(Php 800.00 at SM department stores)
Note: this was the liner I used for the model above

Here's how the actual product looks like, nothing fancy going in here :D

If you can see how fine the brush is, I had this liquid liner more than 6months now and it still looks new and doesn't look clumpy at all!

You can create a super thin line or a thick line. See how I kept on reapplying the liner and it doesn't build up. It just dries up like a tatoo (sorry for the bad drawing hehehe)

Askmewhats says ---

  • Long lasting and it DOESN'T SMUDGE at all (trust me, I tested this on different skin types)
  • The brush is super fine which makes it easy to create a thin line
  • Though I bought mine in waterproof version, it is easy to remove at the end of the day
  • And the most amazing part? It is fool-proof, because I made a couple of "line" mistakes my first few tries, it's easy to remove with a q-tip (no make up remover needed as this dries into a powdery consistency) and you can reapply again!

None that I can think of..hmm..maybe just difficult to apply for first timers? But what the heck? All liquid liners are challenging to apply! hehehe

Will I repurchase?

DEFINITELY!!! I may try different brands of pencils, creams but I'm loyal to Kanebo Kate's Liquid Liner!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!