Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Simply Thai

Happy Sunday AMW Readers! :)  Yesterday, I was at the "Lights, Camera, Airbrush Workshop" for GlamBox Cosmetics and had loads of fun sharing my thoughts together with Sophie about airbrush and staying beautiful in general!  I will share more about the event soon!  Thanks to Valerie and Andrea for inviting Sophie and myself as their instructor for such lovely event!

After the event, the girls (Phoebe, Jheng, Shen, Jamie and Sophie) have decided to head on to Greenbelt 5 to have dinner at their most recently raved restaurant --- Simply Thai.

Choo Chee Kung + Roti
Php195.00 (approx $4.40)

Phuket Kung Sarong
Php375.00 (approx $8.70)
Noodles wrapped in a good-sized shrimps! 

Tom Yum Talay
Php160.00 (approx $3.70)
Mildly spicy! Has good amount of seafood.

Nam Prik Catfish
Php320.00 (approx $7.45)
Chopped Catfish mixed with chili, garlic and onions and a whole lot more!
Love the crunchy texture at the same time the flavorful taste of catfish!

Moo Ping
Php240.00 (approx $5.60)
Thai BBQ Pork Loins marinated in simply Thai Special sauce 
served with Thai BBQ sauce.
My favorite!!!

Cha Plu Panang Beef
Php380.00 (approx $8.80)
Thick sauce, mildly spiced and the beef cutlet is easy to chew!

Pork Confit with Chili Caramel
Php310.00 (approx $7.21)
 Tendor pork served sweet and mildly spiced, best eaten with Thai Jasmine Rice!

Lamb Shank Musssaman
Php565.00 (approx $13.14)
The texture is flakey, reminded me of the local dish Adobo Flakes.

Restaurant is used to be Terrace At  The 5th!  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments plus 10% service charge.  Servers were very attentive and the restroom, if I may have to add, is clean!

Simply Thai
G/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(632) 729-0860

I'm off for a short trip tomorow :) Hope you enjoy your Sunday and rest well to jumpstart yourself for a fun-filled week!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

AMW Reviews: TEARS Glam HD Powder Foundation

TEARS, is a cosmetics brand owned by famous Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo.
I have tried their eyebrow pencil and I was impressed with its quality and they are cheaper as compared to other Korean brands like Etude House, SkinFood, The Face Shop, Missha etc...  I believe the store was on store wide sale when I visited the shop thus the inexpensive price range!  

I went back to the store to hoard on the TEARS Line & Mode Autobrow, I took a bit more time to look around and saw a powder foundation called Glam HD!  

I asked the SA to help me apply the darkest shade (yes, darkest!) which was number 23 Natural Beige on half of my face as I walked around and test the foundation.  The weather was cool then so I really can't tell.  Since I'm there and I won't be returning, I bought it right away because it's expensive for a HD (High Definition)! 
Now that I'm back in our dear hot and humid and crazy weathered country, I've tested and used this a couple of times.  I'm ready to reveal my thoughts.....

Tears Glam HD Two-Way Cake says ---
Sorry, can't find their website and the details on box is in Korean.
SPF25 PA++
Available in 3 shades: 13(Light Beige), 21 (Beige), 23 (Natural Beige)

AMW says ---
  • Very nice "chic" dark blue packaging.  Shape is unique.
  • The "sponge" compartment has holes for the sponge to breathe.
  • Huge mirror!!!  
  • I think they sell refills!  Even if not, the size of the refill is similar to Revue (Japanese Brand).
  • The texture of the powder is smooth and easy to apply on skin.
  • Evens out the skin.
  • Gives light to medium coverage.  
  • Absorbs the oil after application.  Skin looks fresh and matte.
  • After application, settles into the skin and blends in with the skin color.
  • I've used this for photos with direct flash, my face still looks a bit lighter than the neck but not too much as compared to regular powder foundation.  
  • Packaging could get a bit too bulky if you have small purse.
  • Since the packaging is a bit glossy, I can see fingerprints after every use!  It irks me :(
  • Only 3 shades to choose from.
  • Dry skinned individuals may "flake" a bit especially on the sides of the nose.
  • Not available locally or even in other countries!  Have to purchase this in Korea or through resellers.
I haven't tried enough High definition (HD) powder foundation so I really can't compare this to other brands!  This isn't a "To die" for product, MAC Studiofix Powder Foundation has better coverage. Keep in mind for the price of Tears Glam HD Powder Foundation, it's 3x cheaper than MAC and the product performs as it should.  It has oil-control function, evens the skin tone and sets the liquid foundation quite well.

  • If you want a bit more coverage, use a sponge for application.
  • To be used as setting powder, use a big fluffy brush to apply all over face adding more on areas that you know will oil up.
  • Do not drop the compact!  
  • Wash the sponge before use.  Wash the sponge as often as 2-3x per week if you're using this on a daily basis.
  • Dry skinned individuals: Moisturize really well prior to using this foundation.  This product "sucks" oil.
  • Oily skinned individuals: You can still use your favorite oil-control face primer prior to usage.  If you plan to re-apply, blot your face with a tissue paper or oil-blotting paper so the oil from your skin won't transfer to the sponge.  May cause bacteria build-up.
  • If you have friends traveling to Korea, you can ask them to help you purchase, available at MyeongDong area.  They won't miss it as the store is huge!
  • Re-use the packaging by purchasing refills even from different brands as long as the pan size is similar!
Will I repurchase?
For personal use, I won't.
For clients with oily skin, ok as setting powder!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Normal, Oily-skinned individuals who likes the oil-control plus the smooth and light feel of the powder foundation.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Tears store around 13,250KRW (Php530.00/$12.30).

23 Natural Beige
Freshly applied looks lighter than my skin color 
but it settles after a couple of minutes. 
(I am not acidic)

Applied all over face with sponge, I look fresh! 
If you get the chance to click to photo to enlarge, 
you'll see that the sides of my nose dried up a bit!

Gorgeous case which I wouldn't mind to re-use!
I have a couple of Revue refills that doesn't have a house! :)

Liked any HD Foundation product that's inexpensive?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

AMW Reports: Paul & Joe's Summer Collection and I got the Pouches!

Every since I discovered the beauty of SALE (which started long, long time ago!), I also discovered my capability to hoard and stock up (which started when I got a job)  The first ever cosmetic brand that I was willing to spend my hard-earned money on?

You guess it right! Paul & Joe!

Nobody paid me to love this brand.  It must be the gorgeous packaging, the "classy" feel, or it could be the product itself ---- the natural beauty that comes from within.

I used to be updated with the collections from Paul & Joe, but since I haven't been going out much and if I do, it's usually work related, I wasn't able to take a sneak peek on what's out there!  Thanks to the Paul & Joe Newsletter that I got Issue no. 21 which features Blue Heaven for Summer! 

Paul & Joe's 2011 Summer Collection
You can check out more details of the products and prices HERE

And guess what I got from this collection?  No, it's not make-up, but 2 cute cosmetic pouches printed with the Whale Design as part of the Paul & Joe collection!

The smaller pouch, I like to put my mascaras, eyeliners, primers etc... I love that it opens up wide so its easy for me to get whatever product I need!

Closer look at the zipper, there's a cute gold plated whale design!

For the bigger pouch, it has 2 zippers with similar whale design!  This looks small but it can carry a lot of stuff!


This is where I put my airbrush products!  On the other side of the zippered pouch, I usually put my powder foundation, setting powders, loose powders etc..

Feel free to add up Paul & Joe Philippines via Facebook so you get updated on their sale schedules or learn about the freebies you can get from make-up purchases!

I actually got myself a Paul & Joe Luggage 3 years ago!  It pays to be a loyal customer!  We get some "cute" perks!

What's your favorite Paul & Joe product?
My vote still goes to the Paul & Joe Dual Protective Powder Foundation.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

AMW Reports: Estee Lauder's Pure Color Event

Do you remember my previous contest from Estee Lauder?  If not, feel free to smile and click HERE.
Estee Lauder came up with Pure Color Lipstick.  Estee Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux introduces these to unite fashion and technology!  

The actual launch actually happened  last June 23rd. Unfortunately, busy-bee AMW needs to be someplace else so I wasn't able to go!  I actually used a bit of my mental telepathy and telescopic powers to see what happened to the event and report it to you guys.  :P Just joking, I actually got the scoop straight from Estee Lauder's Brand Coordinator Liz.

The launch was hosted by four iconic femmes at the Opus, Resorts World's restaurant lounge.

Beauty Queen Priscilla Meirelles
Pop Songstress Isabella Ledesma-Gonzales

Sportscaster/TV host Cesca Litton

Fil-Korean Radio Jock, TV Host and Journalist Grace Lee

I was told that each of the lady host represents the brand's thematic color palette - Coral Red, Plum, Nude and Pink.  That's a very cute idea!

There are a lot of press people, fashion and beauty bloggers, stylists and makeup aficionados who graced the event!


Congratulations to Team Estee Lauder Philippines for the successful event amidst the downpour! I've actually tested the lipsticks in person and they feel great on lips!  Really moisturizing and the colors are gorgeous!

Can I share to you how AMW can also enjoy the product of fashion and technology?  Check this out!

 Cute right?
But wait til you scroll down....

My very own Estee Lauder USB!

Ah, simple things in life can put a huge smile on my face!
Thanks Liz for the gift!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Studio SnR and Majolica Majorca Gives: A Personal Make-Up Affair --- CLOSED!

A 4-hour paint and play workshop from Majolica Majorca?

Who wouldn't want that?  I am so excited for The Beauty High Tea Series as shared to me by Studio SnR's Sydney!  The first series as discussed on my previous post called Studio SnR x Shu Uemura which I heard, the 20 slots are almost filled up!  So hurry and give them a call if you want to be part of this!

And what got me even more excited?  They are willing to give 1 slot to ONE lucky AMW Reader for FREE!  The fee costs Php3,700 and the workshop is on August 11, 2011. 

FREE!!!! Oh my goodness, I even want to join my own contest!!!  Before you...and I get super excited, read on the mechanics and please follow instructions!  It's easy! 

 **photo from Studio SnR and Majolica Majorca
  1. Comment ONLY if you can make it to the August 11, 2011 workshop.  It'll be a waste if the winner cannot make it.
  2. Again, if you are SURE you can make it to the said workshop date, comment with your Name and Email address.
  3. Answer this: "Why do you want to be part of this make-up affair?" (sell yourself to us!)
  4. Please keep in mind to post only 1 COMMENT per reader.  (Note: Comments do not appear right away as it needs to be approved by me.)
  5. Like Studio SnR Workshops Page and add them as a friend . (They did not ask for this but I am grateful to them for giving us 1 free slot so I'm doing this as a gratitude!) 
  6. Contest starts today ends August  6, 2011 (11:59pm).  Winner will be announced here and will be sent an email to confirm attendance.
  7. One winner will be chosen by people from Studio SnR. 

If you think you can't wait for the announcement of winners and you want to join the workshop, book NOW until August 8, 2011 and get the chance to avail 10% discount.  Groups of 3 by the way can also avail 10% discount!

Here's what to expect ---
  • Take home a Majolica Majorca make-up set, Hygiene Tools and GCs (redeemable at the counter).
  • Coffee, tea and treats will be served.
For more details, you can contact them via email or call them at (632) 584-5988.

Goodluck!!! *sprinkles fairy dusts*
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Something New: Nivea Visage Sparkling White + 2 Body Products

There's something new going on with Nivea!  Nivea Sparkling White Line plus Nivea Extra White Body Milk and UV Protection Body lotion!  I've been seeing them on shelves and the packaging drawn me to talk about it!

Nivea Extra Whitening 
Inner Cell Repair Body Milk

Nivea UV Protection Body Lotion

Nivea Visage Sparkling White
Whitening Scrub

Nivea Visage Sparkling White
Whitening Foam

Nivea Visage Sparkling White
Whitening Day Cream

Now, where's the night cream?  It'll be great to have Nivea Sparkling White Night Cream :P
Anyone tried any of the product line? 
What's the feedback? 
Now it's time for me to "Ask You What's The Best in this Line!"

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AMW Reviews: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio BL310 Punky Blues

Shiseido, the first time I met you, I was in Hong Kong and I left my whole skin care regimen back home (stupid me) and I hurried to Bonjour to purchase samples sizes! (ahhh! tactic!)

Shiseido Brightening Cleansing Foam
Shiseido Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion
and the Spot Serum!
You were housed in a tiny bottle and I don't know if I'll survive for 2 weeks!  Yet, a miracle happened!  Using these on a daily basis --- day and night, my skin looks WONDERFUL!  I remember seeing my grade school friend whom I haven't seen for YEARS told me I looked "happy" and "blooming"  <--- that's from her ok?

Going back, I've known all along that the brand has its own make-up line!  It was never a priority for me to look into their cosmetics line because I've labeled them as the "skincare expert".

Today, I will be reviewing the FIRST of the 2 Shiseido cosmetics I own!  Honestly speaking, I wasn't that excited to use this product as I thought it's just the usual "overpriced cosmetics that doesn't perform!" 

Thank God I was wrong! :)
Read on, as I hit myself with a book!....

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio says ---
  • Alluring combinations, Endless Variety.
  • True Intense Color
  • Silky-smooth texture.
  • Long-lasting
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested
  • Available in 10 shades.

AMW says ---

  • Sleek, simple palette that's easy to take along.
  • Packaging includes Manufacture date which makes it easy to  keep track on when the product expires.
  • The mirror that comes with the compact is HUGE! 
  • Free brushes are all useful!  Made with quality.
  • The shades are unique and I can't seem to find instant "dupes".
  • Has a silky-smooth texture that's easy to apply.
  • Pigmentation is surprisingly good, I used this without an eye primer and it stayed for the whole day!  (Note: My lids aren't oily)
  • 1 gram of eyeshadow for each shade which equals to 3 g, the content will last for a long time!
  • If used all together, the pink and blue combination doesn't look like I stepped out from the 80's!
  • Each shade can be used on their own (don't forget the eyeliner!) so you can create various combinations! Or you can use all three at the same time and it'll match!
  • No brain-er palette for newbies!
  • Again, since this is a palette, you may like 1 or 2 of the shades and may probably have a similar shade on the 3rd! 
  • Pricey at first glance.
I am impressed with this palette!  The quality of the shadows are good, even better than some eye shadows I've tried!  My favorite part is its texture, silky smooth that applies smoothly and the effect is not too heavy yet  not too sheer!  The color pops even without an eye primer!

  • If you're not comfortable using eye shadows, here's a tip: The medium shade can be applied ALL over the crease, the lighter shade can be used to "highlight" or you can apply it at the inner corner of the eyes or the mid-section.  The darkest shade is always there to deepen the crease!  
  • Never drop the palette! 
  • Feel free to use the sponge applicator and brush that comes with the palette, it's work-able!
  • If you have oily lids: Do not forget to use an oil-control eye primer!
  • Blend! Blend! Blend!  No matter how pretty the shades are, if harsh lines are visible, it's not that pretty!
  • Purchase a palette shade that you know you will use a lot!  There's no point spending on an expensive palette and leave it until its expiration!  Ex: If you know green looks great on you, purchase a palette that has a green shade!  If you're a brown/beige person, then go for that palette!
  • Wash the free brushes that comes with the palette before you use!
  • Try to apply the shadows differently each time until you find a "style" that works best for you.
Will I repurchase?
I wouldn't mind other shades!  Would love to include Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio inside my make-up kit!

To whom do I recommend this to?
The palette "Punky Blues" is great if you're not afraid to wear bright colors!  For the rest of the population who wants the toned-down look, the trio comes with other shades the complement each other as well!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Rustan's for Php1,998.00 (approx $46.50)

Shades as seen on palette
L-R Denim Blue, Light Denim Blue and Baby Pink

Swatch on hand without primer
Photo taken without direct flash.

Here's how I used all the colors 
(of course there are various ways out there!)
1. Applied the Light Denim Blue on the inner corner and the other thirds of the lids going a  bit beyond the crease blending the edges.
2. Applied the baby pink shade on the middle portion as seen on diagram.  Also apply the same shade on the inner lower lashline.
3. With a smaller crease brush, apply this shade on the outer-v and use this to line the lower lash line as well!

Here's the final look with 
thin eyeliner and 2 coats of mascara!

Have you tried Shiseido cosmetics?
What's a "must" Shiseido "makeup" item a girl should own?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!