Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reader's Corner: Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil Swatches

As requested by Liz of This & That...here's a swatch from my previous post....

For those who haven't read it...smile..and click here!

The eyebrow pencil color is always in pair. The pencils are defined as soft and hard. (soft would be the lighter color and hard would be the darker color)

I hope this helps :)

P.S. I have to swatch them like 4 times coz the color just won't show up on my skin (but I promise you it does on your brows). So it gets more natural in real life :)

More queries?
tell me!

Your askmewhats,

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye & Lip

** available in all beauty stores for Php329.00 (approx. USD8.00)

One of the most important make-up tool for me, is the eye make-up remover. Aside from my HG Shu Uemura Deep Cleansing Oil, I make it a point to really clean up my eyes with a good eye-make up remover. As I would say, I cannot really clean my eyes with just the cleansing oil as it does hurt my eyes.

Your askmewhats was in search for a very good yet affordable eye make-up remover and when I was in China, with all those Chinese products, I chose to go for the Maybelline brand. And it was my HG eye make-up remover for more than 5years now :)

Maybelline says ---

This 100% oil-free formula gently and effectively removes washable mascara and eye makeup without oily residue.
  • Fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested

Askmewhats says ---

  • it doesn't sting the eyes
  • used also as lipstick remover, I find this great for those glittery lipglosses that's too stubborn to remove
  • it can last for months
  • affordable (especially on sale)
  • there are some really good waterproof mascara that can't be removed with just one swipe, have to do it again and again
  • the oil and the liquid part really doesn't mix well no matter how many times you shake it....the old formula blended way much better but to be honest...I don't care as it works quite the same
Askmewhats' tip
  • Use the cotton pad instead of a cotton ball, the cotton bad has a flat surface and I find it easier to remove mascara.
  • Don't just rub your eyes with this make-up remover, gently press and hold for several seconds against your closed eyelid. Gently wipe off.
  • And don't forget to always rinse the eye area with water (some people tends to forget this)
  • MONEY SAVING TIP --- wait for sales! Maybelline will always have their 10%, 15% upto 20% sale!!! (I bought my make-up remover for Php263.20 instead of it's original price, good deal!)
  • You can stock up on it especially during sale but don't buy too many, I stock up on twos per sale day. And keep it in cool dry place (sounds like a food packaging tip hehehe)
Will I repurchase?
Yes, I've been repurchasing 2x a year!

I know you guys have your own HG make-up remover...do tell us!

Your askmewhats ,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bloody Red Nails Ready for Parteyyyy!

I attended my friend's wedding at the Shangri-La hotel...I wore a black dress with red accents so I've decided to have a nail art that's ready to party :) Here's how my nails look like and will look for the coming days :D

Ughhh..Monday again, I don't want to talk about it as I'm getting depressed just thinking about Monday :(

How's everyone ? Hope you don't get to get the Monday blues like I do.

Your askmewhats,
Nikki "the Monday hater"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Askmewhat's Portfolio Day :)

April 26, 2008 has been marked in all my calendars for the past 3 weeks.

As I stated in some blog comments, I will be having my first "portfolio" shot.

I would like to thank the wonderful Mr. Charles Lu for supplying me with such wonderful photographers --- Mr. Roy Macam and Mr. Carlo Bandoquillo. I really enjoyed this day, no matter how tired I was, I didn't feel it at all as they are not only professional but they are super humorous, friendly and down-to earth!!! I had a memorable day.

Thanks to my wonderful models Ms. Bea, Ms. Gemma, Sophia (who's doing my models' hair as well), and Grace for being such a sport and letting me do whatever I want on their beautiful faces.

And lastly, my wonderful husband, Mr. Keith Tiu....for being there..supporting me all throughout and trusting me....and just being there for me...rooting for me....muwah :x

I won't be posting any photos of my models yet, as I'll be waiting for their photos to be sent to me a week after. Can't wait...and you guys will wait as well :D

Here's just a pix of some of the "back scenes" that happened today. We started at 9:30am and finished around 4:30pm....whew...it was worth it though!

Hre's me preparing the stuffs to use...

Me, Mr. Roy Macam and Keith checking out the shots

Here's Mr. Carlo Bandoquillo with Grace and Pia helping me out with the veil
(Please don't mind the jeans hahaha)

From L-R Carlo, Roy, You're Truly and my hubby
after the loooonngggg day :D

No matter what the outcome will be, I am so happy for this wonderful experience.
Really.... I can't stop smiling...
I felt sooo complete....hehehe

How's everybody? Anything special happenin' there?

Your askmewhats,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencils

** Paul & Joe Eyebrow pencils available at Rustan's Makati for Php900 each (approx $21.00)
From top to bottom: Eyebrow Pencil no. 2, Eyebrow Pencil no. 3 and Eyebrow Pencil no. 4

This post won't be about teaching you how to draw your own brows as I've done it. To look back, click here Askmewhaters *winks*

This is about my HG eyebrow pencil. The Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil duo. What I love about them? It's like buying 2 pencils in one. I believe they have it in 4 duo shades (01, 02, 03,04).

Your Askmewhats was crazy enough to buy all 3! Numbers 2, 3, and 4. I know, this may be confusing to a lot of you who aren't familiar with Paul & Joe pencils. I'll break it down for you based on my own opinion and experimentation hahaha..that sounds so scientific!

Paul & Joe Says ---

Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil is a must for perfectly defined brows. Two complementary colours for brows, use the darkest shade to contour the arches and the ligher shade to soften and define.

Askmewhats says ---

Pros --
  • you can't go wrong with having 2 shades of pencil in one, as one always looks natural and subtle, which doesn't look too strong when applied
  • the pencil is kinda hard (which you would think would be a negative side), but I found this hard part is kinda helpful because it'll be quite difficult for you to overdo your brows.
  • the packaging is just sooooo cute! I always feel good when I use it! (no joke!)

Cons --
  • expensive for a brow pencil
  • let's say you have a favorite color out of the 2, well, because it's 2 in 1, 1 color would mean it is just around 3 inches long, so it's easy to use up!
Will I repurchase?

YES!!! Like i said, this is my HG!

Askmewhats additional tip ---

Well, since I bought 3 out of 4 colors. I think I have a little bit of "right" to discuss about these further, hehehe don't sue me!

# 01 I believe is for corrective purpose. If you have tatooed eyebrows that looks a bit bluish or something, this is great to "correct" the color of your brows

#02 This, according to the wonderful P&J staffs is the most popular color. This is great for someone who's got dark hair or dyed dark brown hair. This look so natural and I've used this to all my friends and it works well for all of them!

#03 I bought this because it is on sale and #2 isn't available at that time. Good thing I bought this, as I found this one works well on me as well! But based on my observation, this would be great for people with reddish hair or brownish red hair. As the darker portion of the pencil is dark brown with a bit of red tone.

#04 This is the lightest out of all 4 colors. I believe this pencil is called BLONDE and this is the first pencil I bought because I use this together with e/s on my brows (I just don't know why I love this extra step). Anyways, you would think this looks crazy on you as it's very light....you know what? I find this really wonderful especially for individuals who have highlights, or dyed hair in lighter colors. To people like me who have darker hair color, I use this together with a nice e/s or eyebrow powder. Love love love the finish!

This is quite long, but I hope it helps you guys, especially for people who wants to know what's the difference of the P&J brow pencils! :)

Any other questions?
Don't be afraid, ask, I don't bite...

Happy weekend everybody!!!

Your askmewhats,

Friday, April 25, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: "Cotton Candy" look

Bea girl is back! With a vengeance...sweet vengeance. After I posted my "Violet Blooms" look, some have commented that they're not into trying purples because they felt they're dark and that it won't work well on them. I tried doing my "violet blooms" with some twists (meaning, I added a hint of pink) and so far, Bea was quite happy with her makeover and I think that also helps some readers who are afraid to try out purples and pinks because they think it won't work on them. I believe it works better to Bea than "yours truly "

Hope these pix gives a bit of "push" :)
Can Bea make you smile?
She has this infectious laugh and smile, I hope she can brighten your day too!
Advance Happy Weekend to us in this crazy world of beauty....

Your askmewhats,

Tag: I HEART Beauty Secrets

A nice tag from Sasha of the BeautyBentoBox Darling, thanks so much for this, I do appreciate it! I enjoyed reading other people's secret so I believe its time all of us share! Righty?

I am honestly, seriously, lazy on doing tags, but when I'm tagged with stuffs I love to talk about, I just don't mind and expect me to blab away!

The I heart Beauty Secrets would mean I have to share my beauty secrets (if I have any) as whatever I learned, I always share it online! So good luck to me! I hope I can still talk about something new and different! hahaha If I've been repeating myself over and over again, well....just skip the paragraph! hahaha and forgive the old lady! *winks*


Anyway here they are:

My Foundation: Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation (03)

My Mascara: Paul & Joe Curly Mascara and Maybelline

My Blush: Arezia Palette blushes! (the e/s aren't that great but the blushes are!!!!)

My Eye Shadow: NYX, MAC, Kate by Kanebo, G-lish Eyescream, (and I'm still adding up from different brands, I'm sooo open for different brands for e/s)

My Day Cream: Cinique Moisture Surge Cream

My Lipstick: Lancome Pink (love love love this neutral look)

My Beauty Product Brand: Paul & Joe!!! (It's obvious with my Hauls)

My Essential Beauty Product: Moisturizer (hello, dry skin )

My Favorite Makeup Product: Powder (I can't leave home without a gentle pat, I just have this strange feeling that I look dirty and oily...oh the paranoia in me!)

My Perfume: Gucci Envy Me is my fave! Eau de Toilette but works ok

My Nails: I'm not particular with expensive or cheap brands, I go for colors on any brands and the secret would be, top it with a clear coat of Sally Hansen! (makes the polish stays longer)

My Feet & My Hands: Beauty Formulas! You can checkout my post here

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Sunblock, Facial cleanser, Facial Mist (if we're talking about beauty products only)

Woman I admire for their beauty: My mom, naturally beautiful, with or without make up! (love you mommy)

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Everyone! As I believe each individual have their own style. And I love how I learn a lot just by looking at them

My Ultimate Dream (but I do not believe in selling my soul to the devil for it): To be a make-up artist, who can make a person feel totally beautiful after a simple makeover.

How Do I Define Womanhood: Confidence, embracing whatever was given to her and WORKING IT OUT! *doing the snap*

My Favorite Fashion Publication: Marie Claire

Now, now now *devilish laugh* I’m tagging:

EVERYONE who reads this --- THAT'S YOU!!!!!

I enjoyed answering this that I'm tagging everyone as I want to know each and everyone's secret...come on...spill it..don't be shy! :P

Your askmewhats,


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tip for the Day: Mini-me Containers

Php 19.75 each plastic (for 2 containers) available at Landmark, Makati

I'm sure a lot of beauty addicts won't feel there's anything new with the photo above. Especially to those MMU addicts (hehehe) These babies are super useful. I just wanted to share with you guys that I bought this for Php 19.75 (approx $.50) at the Landmark. One pack has 2 plastic containers.

I like them because they have pink cap with them. Too bad they mixed it with the clear ones :) They could be cheap or expensive...not sure how much some of you gals pay for this...but I'm happy I bought them, they are useful for my loose glitters :D

How much do you pay for these?
Where do you buy these?

Your askmewhats,

Askmewhats Reviews: Ardell LashGrip vs. Andrea Mod Lash

Here's my "to be continued" post from Oh My Falsies post...

I have tried on Shu Uemura Lash Glue (not on pix) and it works wonders...it sticks and it is easy to peel off as well without tugging your original lashes, but I find it a bit expensive, hehehe It's actually not that expensive but of course, I'm not going to be using falsies everyday of my life so I will settle on something good and yet, affordable...

Here are my 2 hauls of Lash glue ....

Left : Ardell LashGrip available at Watson's SM MOA for Php 380.00 Right: Andrea Modlash available at Beauty Bar for Php 195.00

Ardell Lashgrip Adhesive
comes in 2 types, the black ones and the clear ones (I bought mine in Clear as I thought I can always apply gel liners.

Askmewhats says ---

  • it really does stick!
  • its easy to remove, doesn't pull out your original lashes
Cons --
  • the white part really does show! I did try to put not too much, wait for it to get a bit tacky before putting it on, the white glue didn't get transparent (or maybe I should wait longer than 3 minutes)
Overall --

For the price of Php 395.00 ($9.50). It's not too cheap, but it's not too expensive as well as this can last for quite some time. I believe I should give other lash glue a try and I can do some comparison. But basically, this is not a bad product, it doesn't sting and it is easy to remove. (that's the most important thing). For the white part? I find it not a bother as I can easily fill it in with black gel liner and the white glue will be gone! :)

Will I repurchase?
no, read further for my next review for the Andrea brand

Andrea ModLash Adhesive
comes in Black and another type in Clear but in bottle version for individual lashes

Askmewhats says ---

  • it really does stick!
  • its easy to remove, doesn't pull out your original lashes
  • it's grayish, not PURE black, but it comes off nice
  • it's CHEAPER
Cons --
  • none for now

Will I repurchase?
Yes, too bad they don't have this in clear..maybe they'll have it soon :)

Overall note --
If you can click on the picture to enlarge, you can see that both tubes looked EXACTLY the same, you know why? Because both came from the same company with same ingredients and same box wordings. I didn't feel robbed as I started out wanting the clear one (which Andrea doesn't have). I've used both and it gives out the same quality, same tackiness...

Who tried this?
How do you like it?
If not, what are the other brands you guys have tried and totally love it?

Share and make other "falsies-whore" happy :D

Your askmewhats,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh My Falsies!

**all falsies available at the Landmark

I never thought I'm a type of person who would buy falsies. Given the chance? I still don't. But why am I buying all these crazy lashes on pictures above? Well, I love putting falsies to other people and see them look totally different!!! Love it!! I just want to share with you guys the hauls I made. The first picture above would be my first haul, and the next picture would be my haul just last night.

Of course, with Falsies, comes great Lash Adhesives (quoted from Spiderman -- "With great power comes great responsibility" hahaha). Stay tune for my lash adhesives review and comparison (Yup! I bought 2, reviews will be coming up shortly)

Do you use falsies?
Do you like how you look after putting it on?
Do you put falsies to other peeps?

Spill the beans!

Your askmewhats,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reader's Corner: Prestige E/S Swatches

As promised, here are the swatches for my Prestige E/S Quads. This was applied DRY, no base, and no flash from the cam :)

You can check out the link about the prestige e/s review here


Your askmewhats,

Askmewhats Version: "Orange Juice" Look

Now now, I've done a lot of regular looks and I am challenging myself for a crazy-o look. I can't really do crazy crazy kind of look to my friend in the office as I don't want her to scare people off on her way home..hahaha so here's a loud look...

I call this the "Orange Juice" look, well, firstly, because the color dominant would be orange..and ..hmm..I dunno, I was drinking TANG that day I made the look? hahaha Here goes...thanks to Gemma my dear model for being a sport and for letting me play around with your looks, and Phia girl, thanks for the lovely hair!

Here's a closer look...

A lovely pose!

Askmewhats and the model :D

I hope you guys can see the lips (it blurred a bit but I'll still try to post it here) Since I'm doing loud colors, I'm doing it all the way and I pat on different colors of the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania and pat it to her lips...it looked WILD! And you know what I've found out? The NYX Ultra Pearl Mania can be used as lipstick as well! I kinda rubbed some of the color to my other friend with lip gloss and VOILA! Got a new lipgloss color! The color payoff is great! Be brave with mix and matching!!! Gotta love NYX!

I enjoyed this. Truly did.
Hope you guys enjoyed the post...
as much as I enjoyed sharing.

Great day everyone!

Your askmewhats,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Prestige Eyeshadow

There are a lot of palettes out there, and a lot of them don't have good color payoffs, so it puts me off to even "try" on palettes. When the Beauty Bar opened up here in the Philippines, a lot of international brands were then available and one of them would be Prestige.

Prestige isn't a luxury brand, it may be considered a drugstore brand in the US but it is "mid-range" here in the Philippines. I love brushes from Prestige. And when the Christmas season came last year, we were playing this "kris kringle" game and my "baby" was telling to everyone that whoever is her "mom", she would like the Prestige e/s! She was wanting it so much that I had to go to the Beauty bar and buy it for her.

Of course...she's very happy and of course, she wanted me to put it on her right away! Surprisingly??? The color payoff is good, I've been wanting the palette myself but just didn't have the chance to buy. And my bestfriend was the one who finally gave me this e/s quad.

Mine was in beige, reddish brown, dark brown and coppery browns.

Askmewhats says ---

  • easy to travel with
  • good color payoff, quite pigmented
  • not too expensive, Php395 (around $9.00)
  • packaging is great! not flimsy
  • this quad is more on the glittery side
  • there are some big glitters on some areas (not too consistent)

This is a great palette for those in need of different shades of browns, but like I said, they don't have the matte version, all 4 are glittery. But this is good for highlighting, contouring the eyes.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, in different shades

Want some swatches? Just let me know!

Your askmewhats,

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tip for the Day: Spatula for you and me

Thanks to Ms. Cherry Pacheco Uy, she gave me a lovely tip and I'm loving it! You can see pix above and you maybe wondering what the heck are these doing in a make-up blog. Well well, these cutey tools are not only HELPFUL but it can save your make-up from bacteria.

I have been using all the above spatulas for quite some time now (as you can see the color of it!) -- but PROMISE, I wash it religiously and disinfect it with alcohol as well. Anyways..let me give you guys a tip or 2 and these are what I learned from Ms. Cherry as well.

Based on the pix, look at it from top to bottom. Let's start from the top part...

1. Small Plastic Spatula --

this is approximately a size of a pinky and the spoon has depth, so this is perfect for mixing foundation. Why do I mix foundation? Well, as you guys know, I do make up for others and I can't buy all the foundation colors, since I've got the basics, the yellow tones, the pink tones, and a dark foundation, I mixed some of them to match the skin color of my friends. Of course., this takes a whole lot of hit and miss :) But it works, remember to take down notes though :)

2. Medium sized Spatula --

this I use often, I put the foundation (that don't need to be mixed) here and use my brush or sponge in getting some of the foundation. It works well, and for jar foundations, you don't need to dip your brush or sponge directly which is more hygienic.

3. Small spatula, rectangular head --

I love these, I bought one plastic with 3 inside. I've been using this rectangular headed spoon for my moisturizers, and put it back in my resealable plastic bags (refer to my previous post).
Another tip, instead of using your own lipstick directly to your friends/clients, you can scrape a bit of your lipstick and you can dip the lipbrush here instead of directly to the lipstick. It's cleaner this way and I believe the people you put make-up on would appreciate this as well :)

I know, there's a whole lot of uses for each or every spatulas out there, but these are my 3 favorites. I hope this is helpful for all of you out there.

All the spatulas I bought are less than Php10.00 (each) at the Landmark, Makati

Enjoy taking care of your cosmetics!

Feel free to spill in some more tips ... we can all enjoy them!

Have a great weekend you all!

Your askmewhats,

Friday, April 18, 2008

NYX Haul Swatches

Here are my NYX orders and I swatched them just for you guys who are interested to buy and found it quite difficult to choose from their variety of shades, I didn't order that much but I hope it helps! :D

Here are my 9 orders of NYX Single shadows.... (please click to enlarge)

Here are the colors swatched on my wonderfully dirty hands :) hehehe

Here are my NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Hauls and swatch...

The NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil and NYX Chrome Eyeshadows..

All of the above swatches are applied WITHOUT base and DRY! :) Hope this mini haul helps you guys :)

Your askmewhats,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The CAS Cosmetics Fair

A CAS Cosmetics Fair is what I've been waiting for. Why? Well, my favorite Paul & Joe make up will be on sale! And when I say SALE, it's big big sale!!! And you can just see how excited I look like and I've arrowed down Ms. Lanie Acedillo , Associate Chief Make Up artist of Paul and Joe and also Von, the Boutique manager of P&J Rustan's Makati branch. Everyone at Paul & Joe are so helpful and super friendly (no joke, no sales talk here ok? hehehe). And with them being uber helpful and friendly makes me go back to them! Trust me, having friendly staffs really makes me go back!

Check out my red lips, I never wore red lipstick, but for them, I would! hahaha
(in the pix also Ms. Raizelle, super helpful girl as well from Paul & Joe)

Me, doing the pouty lips, and failed, I looked so unfriendly! hahaha

And here are my hauls!!!
I bought basically 2 Duo Crayons, 1 Eyebrow pencil no. 3,
P&J Light Cream Foundation in 03, Black Curly Mascara and
Autumn 2007 Face Colour

And the pix below are my freebies (they are smaller in person, just a finger high)
Moisture Lotion, Light Cleansing Milk and the Emulsion
(can't wait to try these cutey babies)

Not shown in pix, I also got my Paul & Joe luggage! For spending a certain amount of money.
I love freebies! Really! well who doesn't? hahaha

In this fair, the Body Shop, Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up and Watercolours were also there!

Happy moment...awww. Sad moment for my wallet *sniff*

Your askmewhats,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Cherry Culture NYX Cosmetics FINALLY ARRIVED!

I have been waiting, waiting, waiting for almost a month now, for my first Cherry Culture orders. Can you just imagine how excited I was that I got the notice card and my wonderful hubby went to the Postal Office to get the package for me. He's super nice enough to take a pix of it while I was still in the office and he made such cute message to me as well (2nd photo)....


Here are my orders:
  • 3 pcs of NYX Chrome Eyeshadows
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar
  • 2 pcs of NYX Glitter eyeliner
  • 2 pcs of NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils
  • 9 pcs of NYX Single eyeshadows
  • 4 pcs of NYX Pearl Mania
And I got their usual freebie of the Cherry Culture lip gloss. My orders are well packed and its correct and complete...whew.

So happy, I was swatching and trying on it right away :D

Giddy Askmewhats,

Askmewhats Version: "Sophia Loren" Look

You guys know Sophia Loren right? And if you're wondering what inspires me to use this icon as my inspiration....you'll be surprised! Aside from her being a "style" and "beauty" icon, the reason why I chose her is because...my model's name is SOPHIA LOREN!!! (No joke!) Phia, my friend is also named after Sophia Loren, YES! That's her full and complete name. If you're wondering how that happened, well to make the long story short, her grandpa idolizes Sophia Loren and changed their family name into "Loren" ...crazy? But TRUE! hehehe Since she's got the looks and the eyes, I kinda tried out a "Sophia Loren" look on her and here's the result... (of course, I'll post the before pix first)

Before Picture...

A closer look

An overall sideway look

Hahaha, she's got her headset on as it's workday! :)
By the way, the makeover was done BREAKTIME ok?
Whoever's reading this who's my boss, BREAKTIME OK??? hahaha

Your askmewhats,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tip for the Day: Mini Resealable Plastics

I always have a mini make-up pouch inside my bag. And I don't usually use liquid foundation for touch-ups and I don't even retouch my eye make up when I'm out. But there will always be days where friends would request for a makeover and I wouldn't want to be caught using my own powder puff or sponge applicators. That is not only uncool but its unhygienic.

Here's my tip, find a resealable plastic bag (and you can choose the size depending on your preference). I bought mine at the bookstore (National bookstore to be exact) for Php 48.00 (approx $1.00). At least, people whom you put make-up on can see that it's clean and at the same time, you protect your products as well.

I hope this tip helps :)

Your askmewhats,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: TOTAL Makeover

The day was a total makeover day for Grace, she requested for a bangs cut, then she decided to have a total cut! I cut 2 inches off her hair and restyled the layers. She looked younger with her bangs but I kinda made her up with an "older" look and so far, she was able to pull it off! She's 17 yrs old by the way, and I love how she's open for ANYTHING! :)

Thanks Gracie dear for the lovely makeover day!

Here's Grace before

And here's Grace AFTER!

A closer look on her eyes...

Another pix of a happy Gracie :)

Comments? Suggestions? I'm open to hear! :)

Your askmewhats,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taking Care of My Traincase

Aside from taking care of your make-up tools, products, I believe it is also important to take care of your make-up cases, in my case, my traincase!

We ladies are lazy to take care of our make-up cases and I don't know if you've seen it at the Tyra show how much bacteria a make-up case can have! I also want my beautiful cosmetics to be scratch free.

I bought a "non-slip" mat at a hardware store. I had it cut based on the shape of my case so I can easily wash it for any powder spills. Here's how it looks like....

**less than USD2.00 at Ace Hardware

AND! Here's another thing, I don't know you guys, but when my traincase is all filled up, I felt it is a bit too heavy and I always have this feeling that it will just open up and spill out all the contents and all my make-up will be GONE! (talk about craziness and paranoia eh?). I've been looking for a nice "belt" that I can use all over my case and here's what I've found at the hardware store as well.

** approx USD4.00-5.00 at Ace Hardware

It was packed for 2 as you can extend the belt, in my case, I need only one belt for my traincase and I can keep the other for back up. It's a velcro belt so easy to adjust.

Here's how my traincase looks like when I'm traveling with it, Not bad! At least all my cosmetics are well protected.

How about you? What are the things you do the take care of your make-up? Spill it out and we'll all learn from each other :D

Your askmewhats,