Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AMW Discoveries for the Year 2010

Dear AMW Readers:

Happy end of 2010 and cheers to a better 2011!!!  I had a wonderful year because my mom is getting better and this was the year I get to meet more people---  bloggers, readers, etc... and a lot of them turned into real-life friends!  The year may be ending but I want to share some product discoveries for the year 2010!  I am excited for more products coming up for the coming years and I can't wait to share the discoveries with you.

(Note from Author: You can click on the name of the product to go to link wherein you may find details or reviews of the said product)
Pressed Powder Discoveries ---
These are 2 of the pressed version face powders I've been toting along with me whatever bag I use!  They are staple for retouch!

Face Masks Discoveries ---

Various Facial Masks 

This year has been a facial mask year for me!  Remember my I wonder moment when I asked you if you use facial masks?  My answers is...I do!  I think it was because I was gifted many facial masks from beauty blogger friends and at the same time, I've been sent a couple of face masks for reviews!  Let's not forget, I hoarded on a lot of facial masks during my Korea trip because they are very inexpensive there!

Brush Brands Discoveries ---

Aside from my MAC, Suesh, Everyday minerals (EDM), Ecotools, Essense of Beauty (EOS) brushes that I came to review on the year 2009, there are more brush brands that I'm glad to know of and I am proud to say, these brushes can be easily purchased locally and they are definitely made with quality and the price is just right for the smart shoppers out there!  

Sigma Professional Brushes

Leow Cornell 38-Maxine Mop

Bedazz Stippling Brush, Bedazz Angled Brush and Bedazz Blending Brush

Charm Pro
I have so many brush queries and it seems like a lot of you are getting to learn the importance of owning a good set of makeup brush for a good make-up application!  So proud of you!   What's the best?  It all boils down to your usage, your makeup style, your budget and of course, your overall preferences  I strongly suggest you to check these brushes out personally via friends or probably get to know their bazaar schedules to see them up close and personal before you spend your hard earned money!  Agree? Agree!

Mascara Discoveries ---
Everyone knew how lazy I was when it comes to mascara, I can go for full made-up look minus the mascara!  I guess its just disappointing to apply coats and coats of mascaras and see no difference at all! 

This year, there are 2 mascara brands that changed my mind, I am reaching out for mascara more often because of the gorgeous effect it gives to my short, puny lashes!!!

Inexpensive Eyeliner Discovery ---
I am a gel liner user for years because of the fact that it stays the whole day without smudging!  Given a choice, I'd rather use pencil eyeliners but I steer clear from it because it tends to smudge and disappears in the middle of the day!  

I've found a good eyeliner brand that stays in the name of Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes but I chose to keep them inside my Makeup Traincase for clients instead of using them for myself.  (I'm a cheapo that way) *laughs* 

When I was invited by the good people of Elianto Philippines to check out their shop in Trinoma,  it was a perfect time for me to get to know more about their products other than nail polishes!  It was because of that I got to know Elianto Stay On Eyeliner pencil which I found really inexpensive and works like a very expensive eyeliner pencil!

Makeup Brush Cleanser discoveries ---
I've always been a smarty pants when it comes to money saving!  That's why I seldom purchase makeup cleansers around as I make my own "Home Made Brush Cleanser"!  But recently, I have been doing a lot of makeup gigs wherein I need to spritz on my brush with a brush cleanser after every client and I came to realize that my homemade brush cleanser does not dry up as fast as those commercially sold brush cleanser!  Don't get me wrong, I still use my homemade brush cleanser but it's a different story when I'm on a strenuous makeup gig!  Here are 2 products worth looking into...

Parian Makeup Brush Cleanser

HD Makeup Quick Drying Professional Brush Cleaner Sanitizer

**I actually prefer to alternate both brands because my nose tends to get too tired of a scent if used for prolong period of time, both scents are acceptable and I like the quick drying effect of these two, lets not forget, how clean my brushes are after several spritz and swirl!

For the Men Discovery ---
My husband loves the L'Oreal Men Expert line and he will help me out reviewing more of their Men Expert products!

Anti-Aging Moisturizer Discoveries ---
I am loving how certain products can keep your skin smooth at the same time blur a bit of your facial lines!  There are 2 products I call "winner" for 2010!  One is not made for the mature skin but I am saving it up for my mature skinned clients because it really works!

GoodSkin Labs Tri-Aktiline Total Face Instant Line Reducing Moisturizer

GoodSkin Labs Smooth-365 Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum (review coming up soon!)

Inexpensive Eye Primer Discovery ---
I have been a believer of Urban Decay and Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primers!  I do not use them much as my eyes does not oil up at all!  Thanks to fellow beauty bloggers who raves on Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, I was able to grab some during my Korean trip and found this to be inexpensive and effective!

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Eye Concealer Discovery ---
There are a lot of concealer discoveries for the year 2010!  The reason why I included this product because this is one product I haven't taken the time of the day to even look at it way back it was launched!  This product deserves a space in this post because I found this to work for any type of skin!  Whether you have dry, oily or normal skin, this gives out a very natural "brightening" effect on your under eye area!  I also like using this to brighten up the brow bone area, the bridge of the nose and the corners of the mouth for that very fresh, well-rested look!

The Body Shop Lightening Touch

Inexpensive Eyebrow Pencil Discovery ---
I seldom use eyebrow pencils when it comes to makeup gigs because using a brow powder and a brush is quicker and mixing up the right shade of brows is easier! I can mix light and medium brow powder to get the shade I want compared to owning gazillions of different shades of eyebrow pencils!

Eyebrow pencils last longer though so it was a great discovery for 2010 to find good and inexpensive eyebrow pencils via Korean Brands!  I have a whole lot more Korean branded eyebrow pencils to test but the first brand did not fail me!

Tears Line and Mode Autobrow

Hair Treatment Discovery ---
I have tried so many products on hair treatment, out of all, the one that deserves a space here is quite pricey.  I tried to choose the most inexpensive brand as possible but when it comes to immediate effect, this one is the ONLY product that gives me the immediate effect and prolong moisture my hair needs.

Yes, the brand is from Kerastase, the leading hair care brand!  Out of many Kerastase variants I've tried, I've finally found THE ONE that works and suits the needs of my hair!

Kerastase Nutri Thermique
Though most of the variants work, this one is the best because it immediately lessen the frizziness of my hair and the effect was there for more than weeks!  I am referring to the at-home-treatment mask, I did not use any special equipment but I just left this on my hair for a good 5 minutes! 

Body Scrub Discovery ---
I am not a fan of body scrubs, everyone who reads my blog knows that!  My skin is very dry to start with and using anything that's rough and scrubs off the first layer of my skin is a turn off for me!

Kustie Strawberry Body Butter and Scrub

When I was offered to try Kustie, the fact that I can give away some products for my readers gave me the push to say yes to try out this product (yes, I love you all dearly).  Good deeds brings back good stuff!  I ended up loving the body scrub because it moisturizes my skin on first scrub and using the butter after the scrub is a match made in heaven!

Tech Discovery ---
I've always hated touch screen phones because I panic at times when I text and I memorized the regular text keyboard for the longest time and changing it to "point point point" "dot dot dot" on screen is never sexy for me!  But this year, its all about change and moving out of the comfort zone!

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica

IPhone 3gs
This was gifted to me and I am actually liking this because it's easy for me to receive and send emails wherever I go!  Where did my first touch screen go?  To Mr. AMW!!!  Its safe with him together with the rest of the gadgets he lug around wherever he goes!

IPod Touch 4th Generation
It was difficult to think about another tech-related gift for Mr. AMW!  Thanks to my Twitter friends as I was able to finalize my Christmas gift for the best AMW supporter and fan of all time -- his name is...Keith!  He told me it wasn't a necessity, but seeing the huge smile on his face every time he watch his favorite Cartoon series, update his emails when WIFI is available, and play his favorite Apple games....it's all worth it!

Random Discovery ---
A tiny product can be deceiving to the eyes but it's a major discovery I should have discovered years ago!  I don't like changing my bra straps into clear as its a huge hassle especially when I'm in a hurry in the morning!  With this new product that I've found in the name of...

Intimate Bra Converter

Wearing razorbacks during summer is as easy as 123!

Huge *WHEW*!!!! I managed to share some of the discoveries I made for the year 2010!  I can't believe it took me almost an hour doing so!  *laughs* Oh well, its worth sharing and I hope you can share me your Ultimate Discovery for the year 2010!

It could be food, clothing, make-up, skincare or anything under the sun and moon!  *lol*
I'd love to hear from you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. How sweet of a Christmas gift! I still remember that one Christmas Den's surprise me with the first gen of Ipod Touch... it's sweet! I am sure Keith feels the same too!

  2. awww etude ^_^ mentioned more than once. that's kewl.

    do you think you'd come out with worst products of 2010?

    happy holidays ^_^

  3. Ems! Aawww masarap nga ang feeling to get something Tech-related no? :) Miss you!

    Marge, well, this list is actually not the BEST for 2010, it is just discoveries done by yours truly. About the worst..hmm, you got me thinking, I don't think I'll be able to form a list as it'll be just a couple of products.....*still thinking* what's yours?

  4. I discovered Human Nature's Strengthening shampoo. It really works, since I just gave birth and my hair was falling like crazy. The Peppermint scent even reduced my dandruff and itchy scalp. :-)

  5. miss nikki I have a question po...kasi po I'm also a blogger yet I'm not that experienced in make up can you give me some tips about blogging about make up? thanks so much! I have actually been reading your blogs since sept. this year..I really like it ^_^

  6. I'd love to see your best and worst purchased for 2010! :P

  7. Thank you for sharing your beauty discoveries of the year, there are some great products in your list.

    And what a lovely present you gave Keith, he must love it! :)

  8. Ceemee, I heard nothing but great stuffs about Human Nature! :) Thanks for sharing your 2010 discovery!

    Phtoescape's world, oh wow, tips on blogging about Makeup? All I can say is just blog whatever you want to write , if you have passion for makeup, then focus on it and talk about it :) There's no rules kasi in blogging, it sets your individuality and your personality shows on each post :) Goodluck!

  9. Pammy, lol! I have to start thinking of the worst! Seriously, I am quite lucky to have purchased mostly good stuffs, I guess I am very keen in researching first prior to purchasing anything!

    Gio, thank you for appreciating my list and I'm glad he loved my present! :) It was well thought and of course, I saved my hard earn cash on that :) He's worth it!

  10. I want to try that Neutrogena foundation, I hope it's good with the oilies. Love this post of yours, thanks for sharing.

  11. I really love the Neutrogena foundation but I cant find it anywhere, sa watsons sabi ng sales lady discontinued na daw. They released a new fine fairness line but no sign of the foundation.
    So sad...

  12. thanks for sharing your discoveries! and what a great gift you gave nikki! happy new year!

  13. ooops sorry if i mistook the list a best. they seem to have had more pros than cons kasi eh.
    while for my list prolly on the top 2 would be the elf studio volumizing and lengthening, kuno, mascara and the Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power-Cleanser.
    ey, ning, happy new year ha. ingat


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