Sunday, October 31, 2010

AMW Reads: For the Month of October

This month, has been very meaningful!  The start of the month was like a fairytale for me!  My dream to travel Korea came true!  I've been watching Korean series as early as 2002 when I first watched "All About Eve" in China on TV and decided to purchase the whole VCD (yup, that old) *laughs* series and watched it in Mandarin!  My Mandarin definitely improved and it was in Winter when I watched it!  I was tucked under heavy blanket with a portable heater beside me as I sipped on my favorite green tea (I wasn't a coffee adddict then) and swore not to make friends with Kim So Yeon as Huh Young-M.  Bad bad girl!

 **photo taken from google image

Well, for this Month, a couple of my friends who adopted me shared the same love for travel!  Not all of them traveled though but there are a couple of posts that reminded me of my travel as well!  Ahhh, where will my next adventure be???

PB of My Women Stuff went "Ni Hao Shanghai!".  I missed this place when I read her post as I've been in Shanghai for a couple of times!  The most recent one was 2 years ago when I visited my brother who works as an architect there!  Funny thing, my brother gave me a call as I was reading her post and invited me to visit him again this coming February.  Told him I have to save up first and will visit him later than the said date!  Oooohhhhh, "Xiao Long Bao"!  I want to eat!!!

Jenn of Lipglosseater on the other hand says "She's Back!!!" when she came back telling us stories on her recent Bangkok, Thailand trip!  Gosh!  I went to Bangkok several years ago and I wasn't into makeup back then!  I am literally salivating with her NARS haul plus the food she tried!  I wasn't a pig back I am!!! :)

Connie of Skin Deco stayed in Malaysia but her recent post on "Squish Boob: It's Monumental" made me want to visit Kuala Lumpur all over again!  I went with my friends in College and we've seen basically most of the tourist sites!  But now that I've got wonderful friends there, I'd love to see what I missed in KL! 

Not everyone have the luxury of time and money to travel, that's why establishments that has "travel theme" would be great for people to experience "travel" at the comfort of their own country!  

Xin of Prettybeautiful blogged about an Air Travel Concept called Brow and Waxing Destination! Themed rooms are a great hit nowadays!  I've dined into restaurants locally that has private function rooms with theme as well!  I wish more and more establishments will adopt that same idea down here! That'll be fun!

Since we're still talking about travel, I've always been a light packer but I've always carry a tiny sample size of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup at night!  I'm almost done with it so I'm worrying what I need to bring on my next travel as most of my makeup removers are full size!  Bee of Beetrice's Reviews talks about Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets and I find its such a great idea for travel!  I don't wear much makeup during travel so these types of makeup removers will do the trick!

Traveling light will never be light if you're into different shades of lipsticks even during travel!  I usually carry just 1 or 2 tubes of lipsticks and I'm fine with it!  To some who likes more, Eli of So Loverly talks about Bobbi Brown's Lip and Cheeks To Go palette and I find it quite sleek and perfect for travel!

And packing on a tiny eyeshadow palette wouldn't hurt especially if you're into pastel colors!  Yani of Red Luxcious Lips found three nice shades from Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio in Opera and she used it in such a lovely way!  You must check her created!  Her eyes are gorgeous!

I am seriously excited on my next travel adventure!
I've got a couple listed down on top of my head but for now!
I have to work work work to earn earn earn and travel travel travel
(That sounds like a song right?)

Happy Halloween!

 **photo taken from google image

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Weekend Food Tripping at: Johnny Rockets

When Johnny Rockets opened its first restaurant in the Philippines, the "Back to the Future" style diner has always been on my "must visit" and "must-try-the-hamburger" place!  Seldom do I set food around Eastwood Libis, but once I did, the dance number from the Johnny Rockets lady outside the restaurant with my favorite songs from the past puts us on spot and we have to give this restaurant a try "now or never" style!  We weren't that hungry but what the heck?  It's burger!  It's calories worth to intake!  *hehehe*

I literally walked back time and thought about the times my mom and dad were dating as we wait for our food to be served!  Everyone's on their costumes and the songs played are dance music from the past!  No need to put Php1.00 as the songs were playing nonstop!  It must be a perfect timing for us to visit the place!

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich with Side Salad
Php405.00 (approx $9.40)

The Original Hamburger with Unlimited American Fries
Php285.00 + Php50 (cheese) = Php335.00 (approx $7.80)

I have to share this very cute sexy Coca Cola glass!  Hubby loves it so much we have to ask the waiter if they sell this!  Unfortunately they won't! :(

Both burgers tastes okay, I would say I can get similar burger experience at other burger joints!  What's impressive and original are the ambiance and the staff service!  I love how groovy they are! Check out the groovy wild hair of the waiter right behind the blue balloon! :)

And you know what adds up the charm?  They serve you fries with a nice "Ketchup-y SMILE"

Johnny Rockets Philippines
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda
Libis Quezon City
Tel. Nos: (632) 470-2208/ (632) 470-2117

Have you tried Johnny Rockets burger?
Which is the best tasting burger for you to date?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Happy Weekend Food Tripping!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Panic?"

When I first received my tube of Lucas' Papaw Ointment from a dear friend last year, I've read raves about this miracle ointment!  I've only used this on my lips like a petroleum jelly and I thought that's all I would use this for!  

Who would have thought I'll be using this again?  When this happens.... (Beware: Gross photo perfect for Halloween)

I may be a dedicated blogger but trust me when I say I did not do this on purpose just for the sake of review!  *laughs*  This happened 3 days ago when I was rushing to curl my hair for a special function to attend!  Lo and behold, the curling iron slipped and fell straight on my leg! (FYI: Curling iron on maximum heat setting)  Imagine those cartoon moments that goes "EOooooOOAAAWWWWWcccCCChhhhHH!!!!???"  Yup!  That's me! 

I quickly scanned around my room in search for a toothpaste!  I saw my Close Up White Now toothpaste but thank goodness my mind was still working as I don't want to put blue stuff onto the burn, I can't seem to find my regular toothpaste!  The burn can actually go up to my "common sense" and put it to HALT!

For a split second, there was a tiny divine intervention, I remembered the Papaw Ointment and even bothered to check the description at the back....


A local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash.  The ointment helps to relieve and cleanse.
I applied it directly onto the burn!  You know what?  I do not have a stash of huge band aid or even a gauze bandage!  So I managed to slip into my dress and you know what shocked me?  Even with the clothing rubbing directly against the burn and wound, its not as bothersome as I would've imagined!  

I brought the Lucas Papaw Ointment and reapplied every hour and managed to survive the day like nothing happened!
What about taking a shower?  I can't survive going out without taking a shower so I went to a local drugstore to purchase Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Adhesive Dressing with Pad.  This costs me Php150.00 (approx  $3.50) and it's worth every single penny!

I took a shower and it stayed with me for 2 days!  I can even prolong the usage of this but I am just not comfortable seeing "blood stains" creeping out of the pad!  

So I changed it and tried using a gauze which works well too!  Minus the waterproof function though!

The paste-like texture of Lucas Papaw Ointment works like a charm!  I am now saving this up!  I am definitely not expecting for another burn but this one definitely is a gem in my medical kit!  Sorry lips, there are many lip treatments out there but there's only a few of you that works like a charm with emergencies like this!

I've had bad burns before and 2 weeks isn't enough to heal!  With the magical ointment, my burn may still look bad but I can feel it's healing!  After 4 days of constant application....  (Beware again, still a photo for Halloween)

*sigh* Tips for everyone:
  • Have a medical kit within reach inside the house
  • Do purchase gauze and big sized adhesive bandages
  • Whether you've been handling hot tools or dangerous objects for the longest time, accidents still do happen so always be careful!  (I have to admit that I was daydreaming while rushing at the time this accident happened)

I'm leaving you with an I Wonder thought:
"Do You Panic in Emergencies Like This?"

I'd love to hear some stories from you and how you handle it!

I used to be a "Panicker-Nikkers" but wow!  Times have changed and I've obviously changed!  Since my mom's "bad operation" incident last year, I found myself self-composed at times like these!

Have a safe Halloween!
Happy scaring!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

AMW Reviews: GlamBox Mink Lash

If lashes can walk on their own and jump onto my eye, I'll wear them everyday!  I am born with non-existent lashes, as you all know, as I've always been complaining!  Though I'm proud of each and every part of my body that God created, there are some days I wanted my lashes to be "at least a tiny bit " visible especially on photos!  

This blog post is not a  post of me finding lashes that can walk on its own!  Though it'll be wonderful if there's such thing!  Today, I'm blogging about a new lash brand that's so comfortable to use and very natural to look at!  The name itself sounds chic and pricey, but what's the real deal?

GlamBox Mink Lash
GlamBox Mink Lash says ---
Soft, lightweight, velvety, flexible and natural-looking, every GlamBox Mink Lash gives you the look and feel of luscious celebrity lashes that were once exclusive of personalities like Oprah and Madonna.

GlamBox Mink Lashes are made from individually selected mink furs that have been harvested by gently brushing live farm animals.  They are not chemically treated or dyed to ensure the velvet appearance that can only be found in mink fur.  They are sterilized and are hypo-allergenic.

AMW says ---
  • Packed in a very professional packaging you can tote along.
  • The packaging can be used as "lash storage"
  • Comes in with clear instructions printed at the backside of the lashes. (you can click photo to enlarge)
  • It's shape and form remains the same even after several usage.
  • Seriously lightweight, once applied correctly, I don't have the heavy feel like most falsies would give!
  • Looks very natural!  
  • Once applied correctly, can brighten up the eyes and eyes look huge!
  • Can be reused up to 20 times as long as you take good care of it! (worth the investment)
  • Made from 100% real mink fur (as stated by the company), that shocked me a bit at first but glad to  know the company does not support animal testing and they are harvested by gently brushing live farm animals!  No animals were harmed making these falsies! 
  • Hypo-allergenic, contact lens users can use this without irritating the eyes!
  • The glue that comes along with this has already dried up.  So first time users, I suggest to purchase a lash adhesive separately.
  • Pricey at first glance and pricey if you ruined the lashes at first use!  Practice first with inexpensive lashes before you use this!
If you wear false lashes a lot of times, this is a great investment as it is very natural to look at, does not feel heavy on your eyelids and does not irritate my sensitive eyes!  I love the fact that this is easy to clean and I've reused this for a couple of times and the lashes remain new-looking!

Tips (from GlamBox and AMW)
How to use?
  • curl your lashes with an eyelash curler
  • cut lashes at the ends to suit your eye lash line size
  • gently shape the band of the lashes with your fingers to give it a curve.
  • click HERE on how to apply falsies
  • as much as possible, no need to apply mascara to prolong the life span of the mink lashes.  You can choose to apply mascara on your real lashes prior to falsies application.
  • I suggest to purchase your own glue, a good one would be from Ardell or Andrea instead of the glue that comes with this.
How to remove?
  • Apply some eye makeup remover to the eye lash area, wait for a few seconds to allow adhesive to loosen up.
  • Start by removing the corner of the lashes from outside, gently pulling it out.  If you find it difficult to pull out, dab on the area again with a makeup remover to loosen glue.
  • Use a gentle eye makeup remover that's safe for the eyes.
  • Never pull lashes too hard as it may ruin the "shape" of the falsies.
How to store?
  • Wash lashes using a gentle makeup remover to take out dirt.
  • Soak the lashes in water for about 5 minutes to soften the rest of the adhesives.
  • Use a pair to tweezers to remove excess glue if needed.
  • Store lashes in the original packaging to retain its shape.
  • If I plan to store the lashes for longer period of time, I apply tiny dot of eyelash glue on both ends of the lashes and stick it back to the packaging to maintain its shape!
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  For my personal use!

To whom do I recommend this to?

Girls with short and sparse lashes or even girls blessed with good-looking lashes are both welcomed to use this!  It adds up to the charm of your eyes minus the fake lashes look!  I can even suggest this to first-time-false lash users because it does not make you feel sleepy like those heavy lashes I've tried!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Glambox Cosmetics Website for Php1,500 a pair (approx. $35.00)

Photo taken before and after GlamBox Mink Lash, photo may not be taken the exact angle and distance but you can see the difference of eyes with falsies as compared to none!

I am keeping track on the total number of times I will be able to reuse the GlamBox Mink Lash!  If I can wear this for at least 10 times, I consider it a great investment!  Php150.00 (approx $3.49) /usage isn't bad at all!  If I can use it for 20 times Php75.00 (approx $1.75) /usage is even better!

I'll report back!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent for review purposes.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experience.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

AMW Reviews: Close Up White Now

I had the chance to chat over Skype with MICHELLE PHAN!  Yup, THE Michelle Phan who's a Makeup Guru on Youtube!  Why?  Because I was told that she discovered something that can prettify people and it's not even makeup!

 **photo from google image

Everyone who knows me personally knew how much I love to smile!  I don't say "Keep Smilin', Stay Happy" for nothing!  I do have tiny set of teeth!  So tiny that my dentist thought it was my original kid's teeth!  This tiny set of teeth came a long way, I've smiled to a lot of people and I did manage to make some people feel good and comfortable!  So taking care of my only set of teeth is very important for me that I make sure to use the right kind of toothpaste!  

I have used quite a number, most major toothpaste brands out there, I've given them a try!  When Carla contacted a couple of us Beauty Bloggers to talk about this new brand of toothpaste Michelle Phan discovered, I gave it a yes to talk to her and ask about it!

Michelle was sent with the new Close Up White Now toothpaste from Unilever Philippines.  She never heard about the brand as they don't have it in the States.  She thought it would just be "another whitening toothpaste"!  But after first usage, she got impressed!

Aside from the toothpaste, I got into details about her personal life as well (It was a childhood dream of mine to become a reporter!)  *laughs*  I learned that she wants to visit Boracay as her boyfriend loves the place!  I also learned that she's super busy since her Lancome opportunity that she does not have the time to really relax!  She came down with a Chicken Pox by the way when we had a chat with her that's why we weren't able to do a video call!  It was all good though, she's nice and down to earth!

Ok, back to the toothpaste! How do I find the toothpaste that Michelle Phan has been raving about?

Close Up White Now says ---
Close up White Now is the newest variant of of Close Up.  It has Blue Covarine foam that instantly whitens teeth, after just one brush, giving you that extra confidence boost to get closer.

White Now's Blue Covarine Foam creates an instant visual effect that you will see after just one brush, making your teeth look whiter and brighter and it is proven to be 100% safe.

The whitening effect lasts up to 3 hours on top of the instant whitening effect, White Now also has a progressive action that whitens teeth over time, after continuous use.

Close Up White Now also has liquid mouthwash formula inside, with fluoride for strong teeth and refreshing flavor to give you fresh breath for hours.

Ingredients: Sorbitol, Water, Hydrated Silica, PEG-32, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Flavor, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Saccharin, PVM/MA Copolymer, Trisodium Phosphate, Glycerin, Lecithin, DMDM Hydantoin, Mica, CI74160, CI77891.  Contains Sodium Flouride.

Size: 100g tube
AMW says ---

  • The gel-like texture with blue foam is quite unique
  • Has a slight minty fresh feel after brushing.
  • Teeth has a very clean feel
  • Teeth looks a tiny bit whiter after 3 days of usage (illusion of whiter teeth)  (morning and night).
  • Has fluoride which also strengthens and protects the teeth.
  • Price is affordable for a whitening toothpaste.
  • For those who want the really strong minty taste, this toothpaste isn't the one!
  • I have a feeling this whitening effect is not permanent though, will report back
  • Thanks to reader Anna for this, it does stain my toothbrush!
The Close Up White Now toothpaste is actually considered a makeup for your set of teeth!  I can actually see it's whitening effect!  Your teeth of course is not magically whitened in a short span of time, from constant research, I've learned that Close Up White Now's blue foam formulation forms a blue veil on the enamel, thus reducing the appearance of yellowness of the teeth and creating an optical effect of whiter set of teeth!  Indeed acts like a true makeup!  

On the other hand, it's prolong usage gives a positive result of a true whiter teeth!  Not the "I-have-wear-shades-because-your-teeth-are-too-bright" but it's a nice "clean" look that obviously makes a difference after constant usage.

  • For children, use with supervision of an adult!  Use only a pea size amount.
  • Do not swallow toothpaste, always rinse and spit out after use.
  • If you have weak or sensitive gum, alternate the usage of this toothpaste with another variant for sensitive gum and teeth!
  • Never be in a hurry when brushing your teeth.  Brush all areas of your teeth including the gum and tongue.
  • Brush with light pressure, do not hurt your gum and teeth by brushing too hard.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Close Up suggests this toothpaste to be targeted on Female market with age range of 20-30.  In my opinion this works for both male and female who likes to have whiter teeth even from the 20s up to their senior!

Where to purchase and how much?
Php65.00 (approx $1.50) for 100g available at Supermarkets, Department Stores and Drugstores locally (Philippines).

Well, my teeth aren't that yellow to start with, 
but it obviously helps to flash a brighter smile!
(AMW after 1 week of Close Up usage)
(Makeup tutorial HERE)

Have you seen this toothpaste around?
I'm actually on Pepsodent for a while and it's nice to use this for a change!
After this review, I may alternate my Pepsodent and this Close Up White Now!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent for review purposes.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experience.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AMW Bulletin: Sunsilk's Expert Makeover Promo, Forever 21 Sale and Binky Burrow!

Dear Philippine Readers:
Another AMW Bulletin!  Wow, the month of October isn't over yet but so many happenings around the corner!  Let me share to you what I think may interest you!

Anyone can get the chance to meet the Shape & Lengths Expert Teddy Charles, the Smooth Hair Expert Yuko Yamashita, or the Hair Fall Expert Dr. Francesca Fusco in the Sunsilk's Expert Makeover Promo.  

All women between 18-25 years old are invited to tell the world why they deserve to get a makeover from the hair experts' salons in New York, Tokyo, or Paris.  Aside from these, there are also special categories being awarded every week.  iPod Shuffles, Canon IXUS Cameras and iPod Touches.

How to join?  Checkout the Hair Experts Facebook page for contest rules.

Forever 21 will be joining the Megamall Pre-Holiday Sales this holiday weekend of October 29 - November 1, 2010!  
10% off on regular items, with your SM Advantage, SM Prestige and BDO Rewards Cards.
0% interest for 6 months installments. (this promo will last until the end of the year)

And before I end this post, I chanced upon a cute multiply site selling cute stuffs!

*sigh* So many things to check out, so little time!
Where are the "multiplying" machine to multiply myself when I needed it? :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay informed!

AMW Reviews: Montagne Jeunesse Cherry Tonic Spa Fabric Facial

I am on a facial mask mojo nowadays don't you think?  The funny part, it isn't because of the Land of Masks Trip (Korea), I was into face masks even before my Korea trip!  I have a lot of masks to try since I've been sent a couple for review plus the freebies and purchases I've done in Korea!  I can review masks for a month!  *laughs*  I won't do that though, that will bore your brains out and you'll probably pull my face out!  *laughs*

Masks aren't new to me as I've tried them quite a number of times, though not frequently, I remember those days I put them inside the fridge and share this "cold" facial moment with my mom and sis! 

I've tried the mud version but I've always been leaning onto the fabric facial masks because its non-messy and I just want to doze to sleep right after the facial mask session!  Washing my face would keep me energized and I don't want that prior to sleeping! 

When I was sent a couple of masks from Montagne Jeunesse for review, I took the Cherry Tonic Spa Fabric Facial out from the bunch right away and gave it a test!  Though I am not into cherry flavored anything, I put my sensitive nose on hold and gave this a quick test!

Thank goodness the scent isn't overwhelming and I am quite surprised with how nice my experience was!

Montagne Jeunesse says ---
Experience our vibrant Spa Facial Tonic.  This 5 minute miracle packed with crushed extracts of Cherry and Aloe Vera is perfect for uplifting tired or lifeless skin. Embrace the fruit fusion and revive your skin!
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Derivative Free
  • No Added Parabens
AMW says ---
  • Easy tear packaging
  • Mask is not dripping wet nor dry
  • Cherry print on mask is really pretty!
  • Mask is thicker as compare to other masks I've tried
  • Non-messy application
  • Can fit to any face shape
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Gives a nice radiance
  • BUAV approved, Vetegarian Standard and they used all natural ingredients as seen on packaging at the pack.  Illustrations at the back portion are very easy to follow!
  • If you're not into anything cherry, this may irks you a bit!  But I found the scent disappears a bit after usage! 
  • Have to be consistent in usage to see results!  SO again, not for the lazy bums!
Best mask to try if you're looking for the "refreshed" and "brightened" look!

  • Make sure to wash your face well prior to mask application.
  • It is very easy to use these fabric masks, but if you want some tip, you can start pressing the mask on the nose area first then put the rest onto your face pressing down a bit.
  • Try to relax and close your eyes while waiting for the 5-10 minutes timeframe
  • After removing the fabric mask, massage any excess tonic left onto your skin until it gets absorbed!
  • Try to choose the best variant of mask for you and do this at least once or twice a week to see results!
  • Never reuse facial masks!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who feels like they have dry, lifeless and dull skin!  Best for busy girls or boys (yes, even the guys out there can do this quietly in the comfort of their homes) because this works well after mere 5-10 minutes!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Watson's, Landmark department stores, Gaisano Metro Group, Gaisano Regional for Php77.77 (approx $1.70)

A photo of AMW seriously relaxing!  This was a ninja shot by the very good Mr. AMW!  I was joking him that it wasn't a good angle at all!  *hahaha*  Anyways, the mask fits my face perfectly though comparing to other face masks, there's a crack in the middle of the nose area.  I like the regular "cover the whole nose area" mask!  It's a minor thing though!

Had this on for good 10  minutes and I was waken up refreshed!  Embarrassing to admit but I'm in my jammies already!
Note from author: This mask treatment was done a couple of weeks prior to my Ultimate Diamond Peel treatment.

Do you also complain about dull and lifeless skin? 
I am starting to! 
Have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent for review purposes.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experience.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion)

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to us!

October 27, 2007 --- The special day Mr. and Mrs. AMW tied the knot.  I can still remember that very special moment when we laughed so hard on the "kiss the bride" part.  With all honesty, it was funny and awkward as we looked like 2 ducks quacking their heads back and forth!  How ironic as we were girlfriends and boyfriends for more than 11 years on that fateful day!  Given the chance, I won't change a single thing about my wedding day!

How's married life treating me you ask?  WONDERFUL!  Our friendship grew stronger and thanks to Keith there isn't much adjustments!  He remained the same and he surprised me even more with all his support and love!  Everyone who reads my blog knows he's with me most of the time....

Helping me out taking photos for this blog!  Helps me carry my heavy makeup and hair stuff during my gigs!  Wait for me somewhere when I have events to attend or at times, he works as an on-site photographer without any complaints!  He's also the extra "son" to my family for being such a caring son-in-law!

 He's my date, my travel partner, my confidant, my best friend...

With him, there's no dull moments because he laughs at my corniest jokes!  I can make crazy faces and do seriously demented actions and he still finds it cute!  *gosh*  At times, I wonder what he sees in me!  *LOL*

Nothing beats having a strong shoulder to cry on when I am at my weakest point..even when I try to hide my fear under a big smile, he'll tell me it's ok to cry and be weak.  He tells me I am not alone in this cruel world...

I love it when I wake up each morning and sees his face, I may used to be a grumpy girl in the morning but that grumpy girl has long been AWOL because I wake up with a huge smile seeing his face!  

The only negative thing I can say about this marriage...well..we are sleep deprived!  Time flew by so quickly as we share our daily thoughts and happenings!  Trust me when I say we both can be "non-stop talker and listener"!

 3 years flew by so quickly and I would not be surprised if I'm wishing him Happy 30th Anniversary!  I can see myself breezing through life with him...

If you ask me why I'm such a cheerful and positive person?
I have to give credits to Mr. AMW on that!  That's to him for vacuuming out all the negativity in my life and bring out the sunshine in me!

Happy 3 Years Wedding Anniversary to both of us...
Happy 14 years of US!
(Eeeekkk on this photo, but worth the memories!)

Love you Keith!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!