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This is How I do it: Spot Conceal

Happy Tuesday girls and boys!  "This is How I do it" is back with more tricks and tips!  Thank you so much AMW readers for taking the time to email me just to show me some love!  And to those who have special requests for this portion, thank you!  I'll do my best to accommodate them because I love to share what I learn through years of makeup artistry!

Concealing - a very important yet tricky step in makeup application!  I used to apply concealer and not see any differences so I totally gave up on it!  Until I went to makeup school, my thoughts on concealing shifted 360 degrees!  It can definitely make or break any makeup look!  Bottom line though, you need to take a lot of practice to master the art of concealing.  (Personal note: I'm definitely not a concealing master, but I always strive to do my best with loads of practice.)

Just in case you wonder, yes, I have zits once in awhile.  Just in time for this post, tiny red spots appeared on my right cheek and I immediately turned this bad situation into our advantage!  The best time to share some tips and tricks on Spot Concealing.  

(I'm turning the situation into a positive one but I'm not really looking forward for more of these ok? Pimple gods?  hihihi)

Step 1:
Before you start with any makeup application, it is best to do your usual skincare regimen.  Sun block, moisturizer, primers or BB creams --- whatever your hearts desire.

Step 2:
If you are a liquid or cream foundation user, go ahead with your usual application.  If you are a powder foundation user, you can go directly to step 3.

Brush used: Estee Lauder Foundation Brush

Step 3:
Some prefer to use their fingers in concealer application, that's okay especially if you're trying to conceal darkness under the eyes.  But for this tutorial, we are focusing on "spot concealing" and from all the trials and errors I've done, the best way to spot conceal is by the use of a synthetic brush.  

Apply a tiny amount of your choice of concealer on your hand, using a brush, gently  grab some of the product with a swirling motion.

Note: You don't need to use the same brush I used in this tutorial.  Feel free to use whatever brush you own and experiment to find the best one that works for you.

In this photo: Sigma Precision Round P82 was used
Step 4:
Dab a small amount of concealer on the "spot/s" with a stippling motion.  Add more product depending on how large the surface is or how much coverage you need.

Step 5:
A large amount of concealer will be visible.  With a clean fingertip (preferably your middle finger), gently dab the concealer and gently blur out the obvious concealer marks.  (Stay away from dabbing the zit or spots.) 

Very important reminder: Dab never Rub!

Step 6:
Repeat Steps 3-5 until the spot is blurred out or better yet, if they're almost invisible!

Step 7:
Since I'm quite happy with the coverage on Step 6, set your liquid/cream foundation and concealer with your choice of powder foundation.  Since we needed more coverage, a powder foundation was used instead of the usual setting powder.  If you prefer to use the sponge that comes with the compact, apply with a "patting" motion.  In my case, I like to use the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush and apply powder foundation all over my face with a stippling motion.  Once I reached the area where the spots are located, I add more powder and gently stipple with very light pressure.

Before and After

Some additional tips:
  • You can always layer on more concealer until you're happy with the coverage.
  • Once you set with a powder foundation, it's a done deal!  Do not try to apply concealer (again) on top of the powder foundation.
  • If you're not happy with the coverage and yet, you already set with a powder foundation, pick up your choice of eye brush and grab a bit of powder foundation and gently dab the powder foundation directly on spots.  Powder foundation will give an additional coverage.
  • Piled up too much powder and your skin looks cake-y?  Fret not!  Pull out your favorite hydrating mists and spritz all over your face to lessen the powdery look.
  • When it comes to concealing, Dabbing is the key to success!  :D
Any other tips you may want to add for our readers out there?
So far, THIS IS HOW I DO IT in terms of spot concealing, it saves time and energy, and best of all?  It works!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

AMW Reviews: Sleek Makeup PPQ Me Myself & Eye

Happy Monday!  Let me guess, you're not that in a good mood as it's a Monday right?  Well, I'm focusing all my energy for a very productive week so I'm looking at the bright side!  Hope you do too! *crosses fingers* :)  Let's all wish for great week!

I've done various looks on the Sleek Graphite Palette (which I won from Cosmetic-Candy years ago) and have been raving about it each time I used it. Looking back, I didn't create a special post regarding the good quality, drugstore UK brand as I guess it's unfair how I can rave about it yet I can't seem to find a way for local readers to purchase one without the cost of shipping plus the hassle of waiting!

Guess what?  Years after, our 'beauty-related prayers" do get answered by our wonderful local resellers who were hardworking enough the bring the good stuff down here!

My second Sleek Makeup Palette to date ---

Limited Edition PPQ Me Myself & Eye 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

AMW Reports: G-Star RAW Grand Opening

What was I doing smiling at the camera wearing a denim short dressed, holding my "Hello Kitty-dressed" mobile phone with drinks and snacks from Bizu?

Well, it was the night, the much awaited night for the G-Star RAW Store opening in Manila!

That night, I saw a lot of my blogger friends which made the grand launch even more exciting!

with Tara

L-R Primer Group PR Associate Laira Legaspi, Me, Martha
Tara, Kira, Alex, Lauren and Marco

The event was hosted by Borgy Manotoc

G-Star, to those who aren't familiar with the brand, is a luxury streetwear made by denim specialist and it's a Dutch Brand.  

From its conception in 1989, G-Star has been known for its innovative and cutting edge style in the world of denim.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Everyone's excited, G-Star Raw is officially open!

"Raw, pure and functional, both the collection and the G-Star Stores perfectly reflect these values" --- I totally agree as I looked around the store.

Who says men can't be fashionable and RAW?

Denim jackets and tops for the men in our lives!

Visual display of the store
Aside from the exciting store opening, G-Star Raw also presents five Filipino ambassadors that night who embodies what the brand is all about.  The 5 Brand Ambassadors are some of the most successful in the field of modeling, fashion, film and music scene.

L-R Mike Conception, Gian Romano, Pauline Prieto, 
Sid Maderazo and Sanya Smith

 FW12 Collection for Women

More For Women collection

  FW12 Collection for Men

More for men

 Models looking RAW

I am loving how edgy these models look!
Still feminine with a unique twist!

Bloggers at the G-Star Raw Wall
L-R Martha, me, Tara, Angela and Sarah

 Me with shopping-mate Angela
 AMW wearing Denim short dress (vintage) and Ferretti shoes

The Primer Group of Companies, Asia's next retail giant, is the exclusive distributor of G-Star Raw in the Philippines.

G-Star Raw Store Manila
Unit 201 Upper Ground Floor C1
Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig

 Thanks and Congratulations to Primer Group of Companies, ARC Public Relations, Inc and G-Star RAW Manila!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

AMW Reports: Forever 21 Finally Opens at SM MOA

Last Friday, July 27, 2012.  SM MOA was creating a huge buzz as the much awaited opening of the Forever 21 Store. 

I'm one of those excited ones as SM MOA may not be close to where I live but it's the closest Forever 21 branch for me!  That means, more chances of shopping!  

A fashion show was set up for us to appreciate the up and coming collection from the brand.

Kudos to Forever 21 team for maximizing a tiny space creating a unique fashion show!

After the fashion show, the audience were asked to strut the unique runway on their own going to the Forever 21 store.  Everyone was in high spirits and I can't help but get excited as well!  

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

 Finally, the store is opened for us to take a first peek!

The 2,000 square meter Forever 21 store has done it again!  The beautifully styled mannequins and attractive displays inspires anyone  to be creative in terms of fashion!  

You can definitely find the latest trends you see on runways or magazines come to life and within reach!

Kids' section
I see a lot of kids outfit I want, but of course, they can never fit on me! *laughs*


  Some denim pieces

 Aztec Printed tops and shorts




And a whole lot more!  
(2 photos below taken from Forever 21)

Forever 21, Love 21, Heritage 1981, Forever 21 Girls, Forever 21+ and 21Men.  The store definitely has wide collection of shoes, accessories and intimates that anybody can relate to!

Forever 21 New!
Click on www.forever21ph.com, share your photos, your thoughts, and what-have-you's with other Forever 21 fans, and check out what's trending in the world of Forever 21.  You can also follow Forever 21 on Facebook and Twitter and do not forget to visit its new website www.forever21ph.com.
Have you visited the Forever 21 SM MOA branch?
Which branch do you usually visit?
I guess my answer would be SM MOA branch!

P.S. Thanks Jane Kingsu-Cheng of Forever 21 for the invite! :)

Enjoy shopping!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

Weekend Food Tripping at: Cafe Adriatico, Malate

Good morning!  It's Sunday!  What are your plans for the day?  After a long, tiring Saturday, I'm glad to have the chance to slow down and take this day off!  I'll probably sleep, eat, read the remaining Francine Pascal e-book called The Sweet Life (hooray Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield fans!).  

Food, seriously, who can resist them?  If you can, I salute you as I know I don't have the willpower!  Especially if the food is from one of my favorite restaurant called Cafe Adriatico!  I've reported my experience dining at the SM Mall of Asia branch but nothing beats the original!  The one located at Malate!

Chef's Salad
Php235.00 (approx $5.60)
Mixed lettuce with slices of chicken, ham, 
salami, cheese and hard boiled egg
My dad-in-law's favorite salad!  I can see why he loved this so much, the lettuce are fresh, the slices of chicken, ham and salami are worth chewing for! :D

Gambas Al Ajillo
Php260.00 (approx $6.00)
Shrimps in garlic - Catalan Style
Another MUST!  The shrimps served were big and really tasty!  I can't help but save up the sauce to drizzle them all over my warm cup of rice!  YUM!

 Jamon Serrano and Chicken Croquetas
Php250.00 (approx $6.00)
Spanish-style croquettes stuffed with Serrano Ham, 
chicken and mozzarella cheese
Because I've always been a fan of anything "croquettes", I immediately got attracted to the photo shown on the menu so I requested for this!  So far, the combination of ham, chicken and mozzarella cheese is perfect!  It doesn't taste like pizza like most croquettes do when mixed with cheese. 

Spareribs Adobo Rice
Php395.00 (approx $9.18)
Pork spareribs simmered in soy sauce and spices; served with rice
 A different kind of "adobo" dish, the spareribs is obviously simmered into perfection as meat is super tender and the sauce is sweet and salty giving a nice tingling sensation to your taste buds on every bite!

Php305.00 (approx $7.30)
 Homemade meatloaf served with steamed rice/garlic rice
Most "Embutido" I tried are usually dry so it's a nice surprise this order came with sauce!  The meatload doesn't have a lot of fat and tastes really good!

 Lengua Estofada
Php385.00 (approx $8.95)
Ox tongue with olives and mushrooms
Another 2 thumbs up!  The ox tongue is very tender and the olives together with the mushroom sauce gives a nice "kick" to the dish!

The aftermath!
We weren't super hungry, it's just that, all the food served were good and we enjoyed every bite!

The servers were prompt and friendly.  Ample parking space at the circle.  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card.

Cafe Adriatico 
1903 M. Adriatico St., Remedios Circle,
 Malate, Manila
Tel. no. : (632) 523-7924
Have you dined at Cafe Adriatico? 
What's your favorite dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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